Monarch of Time-Chapter 864 Going all out (2)

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864 Chapter 864 Going all out (2)

''That brat has a death wish? He wants to fight Mao Huang with his bare hands?''

''Is he crazy? Does he think he is a peak sixth stage body refiner?''

''What a fool. Even a peak sixth stage body refiner would suffer if they took on Mao Huang's sword like that!''

The surrounding Dao Kings began to mumble among themselves when they saw this scene in front of them, as their eyes were still intently focused on the 2 figures that were about to clash with each other.

At the same time, the yellow-robed young man with the black sword, Mao Huang sneered when he saw Shun Long's actions, before he said in a cold voice

''Since you are so eager to die, let me send you off-''

However, before he could actually finish his sentence, Mao Huang's words were abruptly stuck in his throat as his eyes widened in disbelief.

In fact, it wasn't just Mao Huang but every single Dao King present who couldn't believe their eyes at this moment, as they all stared at Shun Long with expressions of shock plastered on their faces.

The instant that Shun Long punched out with his right hand, pitch-black scales immediately appeared out of nowhere as they immediately covered his entire fist along with the rest of his body, stunning every single person who laid their eyes on them.

Staring at these beautiful black scales that made Shun Long look like a mix of both human and magic beast alike, the Dao Kings present were all momentarily taken aback.

However, what had surprised these Dao Kings the most wasn't just the change in Shun Long's outer appearance, but the aura that he had begun to emit the moment his body was covered in these black scales.

Sensing the terrifying aura that Shun Long was now emitting that was similar to a king of magic beasts that was slowly waking up, the surrounding Dao Kings were all stunned, while even those peak rank 9 Dao Kings who weren't interested in Shun Long's fight previously, had now all turned their gazes towards him and Mao Huang.

''This aura... is this a bloodline? How is this possible? How can a bloodline be so strong?''

''This type of pressure... don't tell me that this is an immortal-grade bloodline!''

''An immortal-grade bloodline? Who the hell is this kid?''

''Wait a moment! Didn't this guy use the Dao of Space earlier? So he has a supreme Dao AND an immortal-grade bloodline? Just who the hell is this kid? I refuse to believe that he really is a nobody!''

At the same time that the surrounding Dao Kings began to talk among themselves, one of the peak rank 9 Dao Kings who was watching this scene, whose aura was even stronger than the yellow-robed young man's that Shun Long was facing right now, stared at Shun Long for a few moments in silence before he mumbled to himself in a pondering manner

''An immortal-grade bloodline and a supreme Dao huh? Even if he is just an early-stage Dao King, the 'White tiger chamber of commerce' shouldn't have excluded his information on purpose. Since they didn't include it within their information jades it's more likely to assume that even they weren't aware of it either... How interesting!''

At this moment, Shun Long who had already activated his dragon's bloodline and was about to fight with Mao Huang was completely unaware that he had simultaneously managed to attract the attention of an even more dangerous person.

Although Mao Huang was also a peak rank 9 Dao King and was someone who was strong enough to act arrogantly in front of others without a need to care about their strength or background, in front of this black-robed young man, he actually knew that he wasn't much different from any average late-stage Dao King.

In fact, if Shun Long had noticed this black-robed young man, he would also be able to easily recognize him thanks to the information he had received from the 'White tiger chamber of commerce'. After all, according to the 'White tiger chamber of commerce', this man was one of the 100 strongest Dao Kings that had entered the 'City of Immortals'!

At this moment however, Shun Long's attention was focused completely on the black sword in front of him as his fist finally met with Mao Huang's black sword! bed𝚗o𝚟𝚎𝚕.𝚌𝚘m


The moment Shun Long's fist that was covered in black scales met Mao Huang's sword, a large shockwave erupted from the center of the impact, pushing Shun Long and Mao Huang back for dozens of meters before they could finally regain their footing!

''Oh? He actually managed to take it head-on?'' The black-robed young man who was leisurely watching the fight between Shun Long and Mao Huang raised his eyebrows in surprise, as he stared at Shun Long's fist with a look of clear curiosity in his eyes!

''Is this real? That kid really managed to resist Mao Huang's attack with his bare hands?''

''This isn't possible... Even if he has an immortal-grade bloodline something like this shouldn't be possible!

Mao Huang is a peak rank 9 Dao King and that black sword of his is a 1-star weapon! Even if it's not a peak 1-star weapon, it should

be able to easily cleave in half any early-stage Dao King regardless of their bloodline! No matter what, even an immortal-grade bloodline shouldn't be enough to allow this kid to bridge the gap between himself and Mao Huang!''

''Not possible? Look at his fist! Even after taking on Mao Huang's sword attack, that guy was barely harmed! Only some of his protective scales seem to have been chipped off and there isn't even any blood coming from his hand! There is definitely something special about that bloodline of his!''

At the same time that the surrounding Dao Kings erupted in discussions, the yellow-robed young man, Mao Huang stared at Shun Long's fist with a stunned look on his face, before he slowly turned his gaze towards his own sword.

''Ha..haha..hahahahaha!'' After a brief moment of silence, Mao Huang suddenly started laughing like a madman, before an evil smile that was akin to a devil's eventually appeared on his lips, as he stared at Shun Long who was standing a few meters away from him and said mockingly

''Who knew that today, I, Mao Huang would actually get to kill not just one, but two pieces of trash with immortal-grade bloodlines. Hahahahaha! It must be my lucky day!''

Mao Huang then pointed at Shun Long's right fist that was now missing some of its protective scales after clashing with his black sword and continued

''Although your bloodline seems to be different from that bastard's, it's too bad that it wasn't enough to save you either! Hahahaha!''

Without any hesitation Mao Huang then kicked the ground, as he thrust his black sword forward for the second time, aiming to pierce through Shun Long's chest!

Of course, at this point, Shun Long understood that the person that Mao Huang was referring to as a bastard was clearly Jiang Chen who must have already used his bloodline during his fight with Mao Huang previously!

However, even though Jiang Chen's bloodline originated from a 'mythic-rank' magic beast, the 'Demonic Crow of Darkness', the purity of his bloodline was nowhere near close to Shun Long's and was naturally not enough to let him stand against a peak rank 9 Dao King like Mao Huang.

And yet, contrary to Mao Huang's expectations, instead of falling back, Shun Long just glanced at his 'injured' right fist that was only missing some of its protective scales, before he mumbled to himself in a calm voice

''Time Reversal!''

The protective scales around his fist seemed to have regenerated almost immediately, before Shun Long clenched his right fist for the second time, allowing it to meet with Mao Huang's sword directly!




Under the eyes of the surrounding Dao Kings, Shun Long's fist that was covered in dragonic scales collided with Mao Huang's sword time and time again, matching Mao Huang's attacks blow for blow!

After the first attack, Mao Huang had already begun to infuse his Dao of Fire into his every slash, and yet the advantage he gained against Shun Long had barely increased and wasn't enough to take his life.

However, after exchanging more than 100 blows in the span of a few minutes, everyone began to notice that the damage on Shun Long's body had started to accumulate, while even the speed at which his black scales were regenerating had slowed down significantly.

Naturally, Mao Huang had also noticed this detail and he wasn't going to leave any leeway for Shun Long to survive!

He could already feel that although this person in front of him was just an early rank 3 Dao King, he was actually strong enough to pose a threat even to a peak rank 9 Dao King like him!

Raising his black sword above his head, Mao Huang slashed it forward using all of his strength as he shouted in a cold voice

''Brat, it's time for you to die!

Saint high-grade martial skill, 'Flame Emperor's sword'!''