Monster Factory-Chapter 665: Take this land.

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Chapter 665: Take this land.

Based on the share of plasma batteries purchased in batches by the General Assembly Department and the number of Goshawk drones, it is estimated that the Huge Industrial Monster can obtain an additional ton of Metallic Dysprosium every month.

In this way, there is a total of four tons of Metallic Dysprosium per month, which is sufficient for the consumption of any country; either from Japan or South Korea in the international market, but here in the Huge Industrial Monster, it's still a drop in the ocean!

However, producing an additional 10,000 Shi Lei cars every month is a milestone worth celebrating.

So, after seeing Director Kang and his party leave, Ye Qing planned to specially ask someone to take a bottle of good wine and leave it for him at lunchtime in the cafeteria to celebrate this arrangement.

When the call was made to the propaganda department, Ye Qing planned to ask Yun Shi to accompany him during lunchtime and planned to ask her if she wanted to be transferred to the secretary's office.

In the end, it was the employee who answered the phone two days ago who also answered him today. She told him that after the two days off, Yun Shi still had things to do at home, so she asked Director Yang to give her a few more days off.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Qing smiled stupidly.

In just over a year, he developed the habit of being served by others. You should know that before that, even the meals were cooked by himself, and his work clothes were broken, and if he could make up for it, he would have them ironed himself. Now, even while drinking a cup of tea or taking a bottle of wine, he wants others to serve him. Has he become lazy?

Ye Qing looked around in his mind, it's not that he's become lazy now.

Compared to before, he found himself busier. At least he could sleep until he woke up naturally, now he only gets seven to eight hours of rest a day. As soon as he opens his eyes, he must wash first by taking a shower to cool off, because there are many things waiting for him.

"It's better not to be lazy."

Thinking of this, Ye Qing happily picked up the phone and called someone else to accompany him to lunch.

After a few drinks at noon, Ye Qing didn't even bother taking a lunch break and rushed back to the factory.


The General Assembly and the General Staff lingered until this morning, on the one hand, they had to determine more detailed parameters of the around Mechanics. On the other hand, they had also been waiting for the secret lab to rush them a small batch of mechanical eagles to take them back to the General Assembly Department for assembling reconnaissance equipment. Of course, the experimental mechanical goshawks were delivered to them at the airport this morning.


Ye Qing has now returned to the factory to build a small bionic flying drone production line. Just after he had sorted through the documents on the desk and he was about to start drawing, the house phone rang. The number was from the newly established construction department, he answered the phone, and Wu Xiaofan, the director of the construction department, said he had something to report.

Two minutes later, Wu Xiaofan came to the office in a hurry.

"Mr. Ye~ Yesterday, I submitted the Bayu City Energy Service Center construction plan. Have you studied it?"

"Yes." Ye Qing found out the construction plan of the Bayu City Energy Service Center from the memory book document. At present, half of the nearly 100-seat energy service center plan Huge Industrial Monster has officially started construction. Other places may not have a deep image, but Bayu City is one of the four municipalities directly under the central government in China, and it is also an important transportation hub and economic center and trading in southwestern China.

The construction of an energy service center there is of great importance in the strategic plan for the Shi Lei car to radiate across the country. This is why Ye Qing carefully examined the Bayu City Plan yesterday.

The plan's energy service center mainly focused on the sale of Shi Lei automobiles at the beginning, so in terms of site selection, the focus was on the city of Bayu, located by the Tianjiang River, and in Bayu City, there is a new world-class automobile market town, it is located in Tanjiawanzhen square.

The new automobile market town in Bayu City is a major upgrade on the basis of the original exhibition centers, for example in the one at Bashan Street there were 4S blinds and at the shopping street, there were had Lanhua Auto Parts. Bayu City is an international city, one of the four municipalities directly under the central government in China, and is the most economically developed city in southwest China.

There were 424 professional 4S auto stores and thousands of auto trade companies in Bayu City. However, there is no representative automobile city that concentrates on many high-end car brands and serves high-end vehicles. These high-end brand cars are like the sand-strewn in the many automobile cities. Here, two sell Mercedes-Benz and one sells Maserati. If consumers want to buy a luxury car without confirming the model first, it is estimated that they have to go around the whole auto town of Bayu City before they can see these luxury car brands.

The emergence of Tanjiawanzhen International Automobile City has solved this embarrassment. At the same time, it also became the Bayu City International Automobile Exhibition Center, the most internationalized and attractive automobile exhibition city in the southwest. The main body was built here where many frontline international brand cars have settled.

Here, all imported brands. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Masa, Ferrari, Porsche, Renault... Yes, there is no national car brand here, and the ambitious Huge Industrial Monster is aiming here. In accordance with the principle of building the best 4S, they aim at Tanjiawanzhen Automobile City, which is currently the largest and best land for sale. Of course, ambition alone is not enough, but also strength.

In Tanjiawanzhen International Automobile City, no domestic car brand has settled before. On the one hand, the conditions are not there, on the other hand, cramming with these top-tier international car brands is a self-inflicted act, not just embarrassing for the store. I'm afraid that even customers will feel embarrassed when entering this store.

But the Huge Industrial Monster has already obtained this qualification, simply because the quality of the high-end version of the Shi Lei has reached the entry-level of luxury cars, and because of the current popularity of Shi Lei cars in all the country.

Of course, this is also related to the country's strong support for the new energy vehicle industry project. At the same time, the entry of a national brand is itself a matter that can make citizens proud. Counting again and again, in China only the Huge Industrial Monster can fulfill the conditions.

The company sent a few there early to support the land preparation. Ye Qing already finalized the plan yesterday, and today should be the auction day for the land in Tanjiawanzhen.

"Boss, just now the staff there called to report to us and tell us that this land has been targeted by ten companies. Initially, we assumed 100 million Yuan allowed us to win this land, but now it seems that the budget needs to be greatly improved, and we need to use Plan II." Manager Wu said with a wry smile: "The auction will be at 2:00 p.m., and our employees entered at 1:30 p.m., and when they are entered they found there were many foreigners present at the scene. ~"

"~ They said that representatives from the Automobile Union of Stuttgart came. It seems that they want to build an automobile technology exhibition center. Boss, the auction is about to take place. - we need to adjust something..."

"Stuttgart?" Ye Qing pinched his chin, isn't it the brightest among the four major auto industry cities in the world?

Detroit's old auto empire was in decline, but Stuttgart remained thriving.

"That is to say, now our Huge Industrial Monster will compete with a large number of aliens for land?"

"Yes, Boss." Manager Wu nodded: "In Tanjiawanzhen International Automobile City, only our Chinese car brand is present, and all other competitors are all foreigners."

"The location of Tanjiawanzhen International Automobile City cannot be abandoned. This is related to the image of our Huge Industrial Monster in the whole southwest region. The original plan was 100 million, so it will be tripled,"

Ye Qing was reminded of yesterday's data. Tanjiawanzhen is in Bayu City and is adjacent to the Tianjiang River, and across the river from Tanjiawanzhen is the prosperous Jiulongpo, but it is not a commercial area. Huge Industrial Monster Co., Ltd. prepared a budget at the beginning, and it suited the construction of an energy center and a service area. The initial estimated value of the land was 70 million, and it's basically no problem to prepare with 100 million. He did not expect that there are so many top-tier international car brand enterprises that entered the auction on this land and laid eyes on this land. The amount to buy this land is 300 million, and Ye Qing was absolutely 100% sure that he can earn this land.

After all, in terms of cash and financial resources, Huge Industrial Monster Co., Ltd. ranks first and no company in China dares to claim first place.

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