Monster Integration (Web Novel)-Chapter 3815 Clearance

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Chapter 3815 Clearance


The roar of the monster was abruptly cut off by the large beam of light that decapitated it.

Most monsters are intelligent, they know not, to mess with the ship, but some are idiots like this one. It had tried to attack the ship and ended up paying the price.

Its body didn't even touch the water before a couple of monsters jumped out of the sea and tore it apart. There was a minor fight between the monsters and the pieces, but it ended in a few seconds.

In a few minutes, I finished up the breakfast, before walking inside my suit.

I washed the dishes and entered the practice room, where I started to dance very slowly, while powerful energies entered inside me and filled that solution, that constantly entered my body through the thinner-than-hair tubes.

It had been three and a half months since the ship started the voyage and I have to say, it had been fun so far.

I have been working nearly every hour. Going out only a few times a week and I have made amazing improvements. So much, so that I am now, close to completing my inheritance.

I have been working with eight of my clones in time dilation.

I have also made good progress in the dance of uksanavor but haven't reached completion. I would have, if not for the limit increasing due to the completion of the first level of the talaras constitution.

Still, the progress in both is quite good. I am quite confident, that I would make a breakthrough in the Earth Sovereign before the ship reaches the destination.

The dance lasted for nearly an hour before it finished. I rested for a minute, before I walked into the shower.

'Preparations are complete,'

I was middle of the shower when I heard the voice from my clone. Hearing that, my expression turned serious, but I didn't immediately get out of the shower.

I stayed there for fifteen more minutes before I came out.

I walked back into the living room and sat comfortably on the couch. I didn't immediately close my eyes. There are complicated thoughts swirling in my mind; the risk, I am about to take, the cost of it, and memories that are attached to it.

It was a few minutes later when I sighed and closed my eyes.

I appeared in my core beside my clone, who was looking ahead. At the slime, it is one of the three slimes I have.

Unlike the two which are floating in dense power; this one is on the ground. Spread on a formation circle, with seventy-three crystal balls inside it; each ball has essences and other resources.

I am trying to level up the slime at Sky Sovereign.

The slimes play an important role in my practice. They are the reason; I have made such a fast improvement with the dance. The solution played the part, but the results, I have wouldn't have been possible without the smiles.

I want to continue receiving these benefits, but wouldn't be after I make a breakthrough into Earth Sovereign.

I would become strong enough that its needles wouldn't be able to effectively deliver the solution into my body. To make the slime work as they are working now, I would need them to be at Sky Sovereign.

It is not an easy task; these slimes are bred specifically for this purpose and while research shows they could be leveled up, there is a secret method for it.

I have been working for years to unlock it. Gained quite a lot of data and created a method of my own. It didn't give me complete confidence, but I had no choice but to do it.

I have found everything, I could. In the past few months, I had barely made any progress. I have already waited enough; I need to try it.

It will be a success or failure, but whatever the result. I will get the data, I need.

"Start the breakthrough," I said after a minute of thinking.

I have already waited months for this; the clone had gotten the data months ago, but seeing it is not enough. I had asked it to dig even deeper. It did, but found nothing much, so I finally asked it, prepared for the breakthrough.

It is the only way I would get more data.


The formation buzzed, and a moment later; the slime shone brightly, with the spheres inside shining even more brightly.

Seconds passed, and nothing happened when finally, thousands of tiny tentacle tubes went toward the spheres. Seeing that, a smile couldn't help, but appear on my face.

It is an important step. If it hadn't happened; the breakthrough wouldn't have moved forward at all.

Those tentacles breached the spheres easily and started to suck the resources from them. However, not all only 63% of them, which is better than I had thought.

As I had said, we didn't have complete data about the slime breakthrough. So, we prepared everything; we guessed it might need the data we had.

I thought it wouldn't take over 50% of the things, but it had taken more.

It is absorbing things pretty slowly, I thought it would be faster. I didn't mind as long as everything went smoothly and till now, things are going smoothly.

The chart in front of me shows its vitals and they are good. At least that is what I think.

I don't know, how the vitals of it should behave.

The breakthrough in the monsters is different. Some monsters, make breakthroughs within hours, where their vitals go crazy, while some monsters take months to go through the process.

Most species of slime, complete their breakthroughs within a day but some hibernate and take months.

It had genes of both slimes and a few other things.

As I had, they had specifically bred these things and would require a special method for it. I would have tried for it, but I don't know the name of the freaking cultists who had captured me.

Tor refused to tell me; saying I don't have a clearance.