Mr. Nian, Your Wife Refuses To Be The Substitute-Chapter 1292-END - The grand finale (1)

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1292 The grand finale (1)

Ning Qing was at a loss for words.

“Aren’t you afraid that I won’t be able to control myself and will try to snatch the wedding away?”

Ning Qing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. you won’t.

He was too lazy to talk nonsense with her. He put away his frivolity and said seriously, ” Alright, alright. I’m just joking with you. I hope you’ll be happy.

Ning Qing smiled, a little touched. I know. I will.

After chatting for a while more, he promised her that he would come back to see them after a while and hung up the phone.

Ning Qing smiled and silently said in her heart, Gu nanzhi, you have to be happy too.

Then, she turned around to look at the man who only had eyes for her and threw herself into his arms.


On the other end, Gu nanzhi hung up the phone and stared at the screen in a daze.

Behind him, the woman was wearing an apron and holding a dish that didn’t look too good in her hand. She looked at him anxiously. nanzhi Yingluo.

Hearing her voice, he came back to his senses and his face turned cold.

Seeing her appearance, he even showed a bit of disgust, ” Li Miao, what are you trying to do today? ”

Li Miao held the plate in panic and gave a fake smile,”I ran ran, I just wanted to try to cook for you ran ran.”

“I don’t need to.”

Gu nanzhi interrupted her. Her eyes were sharp and filled with sarcasm.

you’ve tried every possible way to marry me, and now you’ve got your wish. Don’t do these things that you think will move me.

The woman’s face turned pale.

Gu nanzhi tugged at her tie mercilessly.

“Since you can even accept a secret marriage, you should know that no one will sympathize with you except the people in this courtyard.”

He walked past in a hurry, as cold as the night wind.

Li Miao didn’t have time to say a word before she saw him leave in a hurry.

That pair of almond-shaped eyes that were like a deer were covered in tears, aggrieved and hurt.


On ning Qing’s side, she had a lot of things to deal with after the wedding.

However, when news of ning Qing’s disappearance spread from the Lou family, third great uncle and a large group of elders came to find a letter on the table.


A month later.

On the private waters of a small island Resort, a cruise ship was parked on the blue sea, rippling with the waves.

The sky was clear and the sun was shining brightly.

The woman with a good figure was wearing a swimsuit and a scarf. Her short hair was clean and neat, dripping with water droplets, and her huge sunglasses could not hide her dazzling and exquisite face.

There was a pair of big palms on her thin waist, which were rubbing carefully, as if to declare sovereignty.

Ning Qing took a sip of fruit juice. Her voice was a little lazy. don’t you think we’re being a little irresponsible? ”

Nian lie kissed her neck. you’ve done enough for the past two years. It’s time for you to rest.

What’s the big deal with running away once?

“But the two kids don’t know where we are.”

Nian lie raised his eyebrows. they have parents to take care of them.

Ning Qing turned around. you’re treating my parents like nannies? ”

Nian lie held her in his arms seriously, his dark eyes deep. of course not. It’s just that I think you need to rest and focus on your body and mind.


Ning Qing was speechless and looked up at the sky.

There were no clouds for ten thousand miles, and it was as blue as the ocean.

She suddenly felt relieved.

“Forget it, I’m already out. Let’s have fun.”

Nian lie steadied her face and planted a deep kiss on her red lips.

She smiled and hooked her arm around his. Nian lie.


Looking at this man who was as usual, ning Qing chuckled. You Must Love Me forever.

“Alright,” he said.

“You can’t lie to me.”


“Even if you want to lie, you’ll have to lie for a lifetime.”



A cool breeze brushed past their faces, and seagulls flew past. Their chirps were carried far away by the sea breeze, along with the waves.

In this world, everything could be changed, and everything could be erased by the secular world, including human nature.

However, some people’s love was destined to last forever.

Because only love, in this world, would never be extinguished.