Ms. Doctor Divine-Chapter 1991 - : Bai Ruiguang’s Thoughts 2

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Chapter 1991: Bai Ruiguang’s Thoughts 2

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Bai Ruiguang forcefully pushed Hong Fang away, his expression filled with disbelief.

“What right does he have?” he wondered.

After pushing Hong Fang aside, Bai Ruiguang barged in, shouting, “Miss, I still have something important to tell you!”

Hong Fang, Wu Zimo, Wu Ziming, and Fu Huarong hurriedly moved to stop him, fearing that Bai Ruiguang would disturb their Master.

“Bai Ruiguang, what do you think you’re doing?!” Wu Zimo questioned, confronting him directly.

“I have something to say to her,” Bai Ruiguang replied indignantly, attempting to continue his intrusion.

The four of them persisted in their efforts to halt him.

Wu Zimo began channeling his spiritual energy, ready to forcefully remove Bai Ruiguang from the premises.

Just then, Gu Chaoyan appeared, exchanging a glance with Wu Zimo, silently urging him not to resort to violence. He withdrew his spiritual power, refraining from further aggression.

“What is it?” Gu Chaoyan frowned, her expression no longer ordinary.

Bai Ruiguang had crossed a line, displaying a complete disregard for boundaries. He seemed oblivious to what was appropriate or inappropriate.

Gu Chaoyan felt nothing but disgust for such an individual.

“Miss, my earlier invitation was to have you visit the Bai family and see for yourself. I admire you, but I wouldn’t dare to be impolite. Therefore, I wanted to extend this invitation to you, so you can witness the environment of the Bai family. Since you’re unwilling to come, I have no choice but to express my intentions verbally,” Bai Ruiguang explained anxiously. Hong Fang and the others exchanged puzzled glances.


This Bai Ruiguang wanted to be their master’s husband!

Hong Fang and the other three stood in front of him, afraid that Bai Ruiguang would do something.

“They already have a master’s husband.” Gu Chaoyan said coldly.

“What?” Bai Ruiguang looked at them in disbelief.

Other than the four trash, there were only her two maids and no one else.

What was going on here anyway?

The four of them nodded.

They had seen him before.

At that time, the four of them had not yet become disciples. When they were being pursued by a white monkey in the mountains, it was their Master and her husband who came to their rescue.

Master’s husband was even more handsome than Bai Ruguang, and he exuded a calm and composed aura, never displaying a smile

Beside Master’s husband stood numerous men dressed in black, indicating their significant influence and power.

They were truly a well-matched couple, unlike Bai Ruiguang.

“Bai Ruiguang, don’t even entertain the thought. You are not worthy of being our Master’s husband. Our Master’s husband possesses immense power and strength. Only he is deserving of her,” Fu Huarong, usually a man of few words, couldn’t help but speak out against Bai Ruiguang.

Bai Ruiguang’s intentions were far too obvious, and they wouldn’t allow him to succeed.

“Huarong is right,” Wu Zimo chimed in.

After all, Master’s husband had also saved their lives. How could they let Bai Ruiguang entertain the idea of marrying their Master?

“You four pieces of trash! How dare you claim that I, Bai Ruiguang, am unworthy?” Bai Ruiguang exclaimed angrily, showing no regard for their opinions.

Gu Chaoyan unleashed her spiritual power. Though Bai Ruiguang managed to dodge the attack, he appeared disheveled with his hair in disarray.

“You!” Bai Ruiguang glared at Gu Chaoyan, seething with anger. How could she treat him in such a manner?

“They are Gu Chaoyan’s disciples. Regardless of their actions, outsiders have no right to deem them useless..”

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