Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss-Chapter 186 - 186 Wei Ling’s begging for forgiveness

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186 186 Wei Ling’s begging for forgiveness

Chen Yi was convinced. She nodded and agreed. “Fine, I’ll find a chance to talk to your dad about this.”

Tan Jing was also happy as well. This wasn’t a big deal; it was just a small matter as long as Chen Yi could persuade Tan Song to find a doctor and cure Old Master Lu.

This would then give her more confidence to date Lu Qing.

She would be married off sooner or later. Even if the Tan family wouldn’t be giving her their fortunes, they would definitely hand it over to their son-in-law to manage. In addition to the Lu family’s background, wouldn’t she be able to get whatever she wanted?


Tan Jing’s plan was perfect, and this caused him to forget about the plan that had failed that afternoon temporarily.

Tan Rou’s cheating incident had come to an end.

The next day, there was still a whole day of exams, and Tan Rou arrived at the exam hall early as usual.

On the third day, because of yesterday’s incident, the students couldn’t hide their excitement when they saw Tan Rou. They quickly ran over and started gossiping with her. “Tan Rou! Did you hear? Wei Ling is getting expelled!”

Someone watching by the side quickly sneered, “Oh my God! Once she gets expelled from our school, there will be no other school that will accept her. I thought she came from a rich family. Why didn’t her family use their connections?”

Someone quickly retorted, “Wasn’t Director Wang’s condition tragic enough? The principal is handling it personally. Now that things have gotten so out of hand, how are they supposed to use their connections now? Plus, her family isn’t that well off. Haven’t you seen how she’s been sucking up to Tan Jing? Well, I guess now even the Tan family has abandoned her.”

Tan Rou didn’t expect the punishment to be announced so quickly, and she was still confused, “How did you guys know? I didn’t see the announcement.”

One of them smudged as they informed Tan Rou about it. “There are no secrets in this circle. Our family can be considered close to the Wei family. We heard that Wei Ling’s father went to the Tan family last night, but no one answered him. Wei Ling’s mother almost passed out from crying.”

Tan Rou didn’t know how she should be feeling. Wei Ling had been placed in such a position because she deserved it. It wasn’t surprising that the Tan family abandoned the Wei family. Those who depended on others should be prepared to be abandoned.

Tan Rou was not a saint and would have any compassion for Wei Ling, but she couldn’t help but sigh. Wei Ling had almost abandoned the dark side and wanted to jump to the other side. She was a smart girl and knew what she was supposed to do.

Unfortunately, her family was the one who dragged her down this time.

Tan Rou didn’t say another word. When the students saw Tan Rou wasn’t interested, they left for a few minutes.

Tan Rou had successfully finished her exam. There was still a lot of time left, so she sat in her seat in a daze.

After the incident, Tan Rou didn’t think there was a need to pretend any longer. She only wanted to give Tan Jing a hard slap in the face when the results get released.

Many students thought Tan Rou was not in the mood to take the exam after being wronged, so she quickly finished the questions. Little did they know that there were major differences between people, and all of the questions were a piece of cake for Tan Rou.

After the exams, school ended earlier than usual. The school gave the students a break in advance, allowing them to go home to rest and recuperate. Classes resumed the next day figure rushed over as Tan Rou left the classroom.

Tan Rou would not as cautious when she was in school. After all, she was surrounded by ordinary students. Tan Rou was startled by the people who suddenly appeared. She subconsciously took a step back and put on a defensive posture.

Then, she took a closer look and saw that Wei Ling had become much more haggard.

Wei Ling was in a sorry state. Her hair was dishevelled, and her face was covered in tears. She rushed over to Tan Rou and was about to kneel.

Wei Ling burst into tears. “Tan Rou! I was wrong! I really know I’m wrong! Please plead for me!”

Tan Rou frowned and stopped Wei Ling from kneeling. “What are you doing? Don’t be like this!”

Wei Ling burst into tears. “Tan Rou! I’m sorry! I made a mistake! Please have mercy on me. I’m begging you!!”

The students heard the commotion and gathered around, whispering to each other as they looked at Wei Ling’s miserable state.

Wei Ling’s usual arrogance from how she thought she had the best support was gone. She no longer cared about her reputation and did not care about how others would ridicule her.

She cried and grabbed Tan Rou tightly. “Tan Rou, you’re a magnanimous person. Please forgive me. Could you please beg the principal to forgive me?! He would listen! I can’t be expelled from school. My dad said that the Tan family doesn’t care about us anymore. He would disown me as well. He wants to send me abroad to some godforsaken place, so I can live and die alone. I can’t do that, Tan Rou! Please save me!”

Tan Rou felt helpless. She pulled Wei Ling from the ground. “Don’t be like this. Let’s talk things out first. If you really want my help, you shouldn’t have threatened me to help you in front of everyone in school. You were the one who did it, and there’s nothing I can do to save you now. But I’m willing to listen to what plans you may have. Why don’t we talk someplace else?”

Wei Ling sobbed and looked at Tan Rou helplessly as if she was looking at her only saviour. She quickly nodded her head after hearing what Tan Rou suggested.