Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss-Chapter 278 - 278 Full Marks

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278 278 Full Marks

The questions for the physics competition were issued by the City Hall, and the papers were also collected back to be corrected. So, the results for it would not be released so quickly, but the monthly exams were different. Their monthly exam papers were corrected very quickly by their teachers.

Some of the impatient students in the class had decided to skip lunch and head over to the office to check their results. Although the language papers were the ones that they sat for first, there were essays to be corrected, and so the results would only be released later on. Physics and mathematics were different. It would be easier to correct these papers, and so the results for these would also be released first.

“Congratulations Tan Rou.” Xu Yan came back from the office and went to Tan Rou’s seat, “You got full marks in physics and math again.”

Li Li was excited, “That’s great!”

Tan Rou remained calm. She knew exactly how many points she had scored on the test and was not anxious about it at all. Other than the language and English essays she was uncertain of, the others would not be far away from her expectations.

But she still thanked Xu Yan for telling her the news, “Thank you, class monitor.”

Li Li asked, “Class monitor! How did Lu Qing do on the exam?”

Not far away, Lu Qing heard his name and instantly turned his gaze over. He knew he didn’t do as well as Tan Rou’s exams but he was still looking forward to it.

“Currently ranked second.” Xu Yan looked at quite a few of his classmates’, among them was Lu Qing, “Full marks in math but four points deducted in physics. It was a pity.”

Lu Qing answered with a short ‘Thank you.’ He was already happy with the scores that he got.

“But …” Xu Yan turned his attention to Song Lin, who had just returned from reading the results and was now sitting in his seat in a daze, “Song Lin doesn’t seem to have done too well.”

Everyone knew about the bet between Song Lin and Tan Rou. Even though Xu Yan didn’t like Song Lin, he had also checked Song Lin’s results.

“Physics is not Song Lin’s forte and this time the physics questions were difficult. The math education abroad is not at the same level as the ones we have here. So, I think Song Lin has been carried away by the foreign education in the past six months. He barely got a hundred in math, 107, which is not his normal level.”

Xu Yan said: “According to his previous performance, even if he doesn’t get full marks, he should have scored more than 130 marks.”

“Pfft -” Li Li couldn’t hold back her laugh as she said to Tan Rou.

“I can already imagine him running naked on the playground in his underwear.”

Xu Yan said in a stent tone. “Strictly speaking, wearing his underwear does not mean running naked.”

Li Li slammed the table and laughed, “Class monitor! What you say is actually true!!”

Their voices were not small and fell into Song Lin’s ears. He was embarrassed and annoyed and stood up violently, yelling at Tan Rou and the others, “There are still a few subjects left, what are you excited about? It’s not certain who will win or lose yet!”

Tan Rou did not want to talk to him childishly. So, she took out her homework and started working on it but Li Li couldn’t hold it back anymore.

“It is true that there are still a few doors not out, but …” Li Li counted on his fingers, “Xiao Rou has scored two papers with full score. You are already short of 26 on one paper and short of 43 on another. That’s nearly seventy points all together. This is inclusive of a core subject. Since we still have four more results left to be released, if we estimate it according to what you have scored now, there would actually be a different of 200 marks between you and Tan Rou!”

Song Lin’s face turned gloomy. “What nonsense?!” He rushed over and wanted to teach Li Li a lesson.

Tan Rou stood up with a swish, “Song Lin, Li Li was just talking about it. Are you angry because you think you can’t pass the test?”

Song Lin stood still, feeling embarrassed. “The results are not yet out. Don’t be too full of yourself just yet.”

What a coincidence, another one of their classmates, who loves checking their results, came back and shouted, “Tan Rou, you got a perfect score in chemistry again!”

Tan Rou smiled and gestured for Song Lin to go to the office, “Song Lin, it’s time for you to go.”

But, he didn’t have to check his results personally, his ‘good buddy’ came running into the classroom, “Song Lin, I saw it. You did good in chemistry, you got 92 points.”

Song Lin’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot. As their results got released, his results were worse than Tan Rou and the difference between them became even bigger.

“Song Lin,” Tan Rou said provocatively, holding her arms, “You like to stand up for people and be in the limelight, I’ll give you the chance to do so. I hope you’ll wear your favorite bottoms when you come to school tomorrow, don’t wear too childish ones.”

Song Lin scolded angrily: “You are indeed shameless, why do you have to stare at other people’s bottom? Is this some kind of fetish?”

Tan Rou was not annoyed and continued, “It’s okay not to wear bottoms, like the class monitor just said, wearing bottoms does not count as running naked. You can try to go completely naked.”

Xu Yan silently walked away. He had nothing to do with this.