Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss-Chapter 714 - : 714 Meeting Up

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Chapter 714: 714 Meeting Up

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At seven o’clock, the sky was already dark. Meng Si waited for a long time in the largest private room of the Red Gate Restaurant, but Tan Rou didn’t come. She waited for another hour and ate two plates of snacks, but Tan Rou still did not appear.

“What happened?” Meng Si couldn’t wait any longer. She paced around the room and kept asking her assistant where Tan Rou was. “Go outside and see if Tan Rou is here.”

“Miss,” the assistant replied helplessly, “You ask me to go out every three minutes. I’ve already checked dozens of times. Tan Rou didn’t show up. Maybe she won’t come.”

Meng Si refused to give up. “I’ve prepared so many things. How can she not come? Give her another call. I don’t believe that she won’t pick up.”

Ever since Meng Si had called Tan Rou in the morning, she had been unable to get through. Either no one picked up, or the call was hung up after it rang.

“Miss, I’ve already called five different numbers, but no one picked up. She might really not dare to come.” The assistant didn’t want to wait here any longer. It was Saturday today, and she should be resting. In the end, she was dragged here by her boss to work overtime. Just thinking about it made her very angry.

“Then keep calling. If you can’t even get her on the line, then why do I still need you for?” Meng Si was about to die from anger. The time she agreed to meet Tan Rou was 7 pm. It was already past 8 pm, and Tan Rou was still not here. Was she going to wait here until 12 pm?

At about 8:30pm, the person Meng Si had arranged downstairs finally sent her a message, saying that Tan Rou had come in.

Meng Si was very excited. She hurriedly instructed her assistant, “Hurry up and confirm where Zhuang Liu is!”

If it wasn’t for Meng Si’s relatively high salary, the assistant wouldn’t have wanted to do this job at all. Meng Si was simply too annoying. Not only did she go to Zhuang Liu’s company every day to harass him, but she also sent people to always keep an eye on his company. As long as Zhuang Liu arrived at the company, Meng Si’s people would simultaneously send the information to her. They were the ones who did all this work. 𝒇𝒓𝙚𝙚𝒘𝙚𝒃𝙣𝓸𝓿𝙚𝒍.𝙘𝓸𝓶

“Miss, CEO Zhuang hasn’t gone out since he went to the office in the afternoon. Moreover, the light in his office has been on, so he’s still in the office.” the assistant said.

Meng Si was delighted. “As long as Zhuang Liu doesn’t come, Tan Rou will die!” “Miss, didn’t you say that you would just teach Tan Rou a lesson?” The assistant was a little troubled. “Why did you want her to die?”

If Tan Rou died here, she could not escape responsibility. Furthermore, Meng Si’s identity was different from hers. If Meng Si insisted that she was the one who killed the person, then she would be dead meat.

Meng Si rolled her eyes at her. “I’m just making an analogy. I didn’t say that 1 had to kill her. I know that murder is against the law.”

The assistant heaved a sigh of relief. “Alright, Miss.”

Meng Si took out her makeup bag and started to touch up her makeup. She had to be prettier than Tan Rou. It was so hot outside. Tan Ron’s makeup must have smudged.

However, Tan Rou did not put on makeup. She had already wiped off the lipstick she had put on today. In the afternoon, she had used ice to reduce the swelling on her lips. Now, there were no traces left.

“999? She really knows how to pick a room number.” After Tan Rou found the room number, she opened the door and entered.

Meng Si had already touched up her makeup. She sat by the window and put on an arrogant posture. “Didn’t the Tao family teach you any manners?” (f)reewe(b)novel

Tan Rou pulled out a chair and sat opposite Meng Si. “What manners?”

Meng Si felt that Tan Rou was too vulgar. How could such a vulgar person be worthy of Zhuang Liu?

“The rules of being punctual!” Meng Si said mockingly, “You’re indeed a wild girl from a small place. You don’t know the rules at all. I told you to come at 7:00, but you dragged it out until 8:30. Don’t you know the time?”

Tan Rou did not seem to mind at all. “Miss Meng, you don’t seem to know the rules of inviting people too. People usually invite guests a few days in advance. You’re treating me to dinner tonight and only informed me this morning. Aren’t you afraid that I won’t have time?”

Meng Si wanted to catch her off guard. If she had asked Tan Rou to come earlier, Tan Rou would definitely have been prepared. She would only have time to prepare if she had asked her to come over at the last minute.

“It’s your honor that 1 invited you over for dinner!” Meng Si didn’t even look at Tan Rou. She wouldn’t want to waste her time having this meal if it wasn’t for Zhuang Liu..

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