MTL - After the Rebirth, I Counterattacked and Became An All-around Boss-Chapter 500 ending

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  Chapter 500 ending

   Xuan Jing ran closer, only to see that Qinglong was also there, "Brother Qinglong!"

  Qinglong smiled and nodded.

   "Sister! How are you thinking?" Xuan Jing blinked her evil eyes, which were full of anticipation. Now he will come to ask every day, maybe one day my sister will agree.

   "Don't even think about it." Ling Mochen pulled Mu Xi into his arms. Another person who misses his wife.

   "Little kid, you can go back." Mu Xi said with a serious face. She is not a flirtatious person, her heart has already been filled, without the slightest gap.

   "Sister!" Xuan Jing immediately blushed.

   "If you still recognize me as my sister, you will be obedient." She couldn't bear to hurt the little boy, but she couldn't give him a glimmer of hope.

   "Sister, is it because I'm not good enough? I can change it." He only needs to be with his sister. He liked his sister since he was a child, so he worked hard to make himself outstanding. It wasn't until he heard the news of his sister's death that he began to give up on himself.

  Mu Xi shook his head, turned to look at Ling Mochen, interlocking his fingers, "My heart has no place."

   Xuan Jing's eyes were gloomy, and he lowered his head in disappointment. He knew, he always knew, but he wanted to try if there was even a glimmer of hope.

Qinglong reached out and patted Xuan Jing's shoulder, "Okay, okay, what's so good about her? There are many women who are gentler and prettier than her in this world. Tomorrow, you and your brother will go back to Qinglong Realm. Hold a beauty pageant banquet, where the ring is fat and the swallows are thin, and the fish and the wild goose fall, you can have whatever you want."

   Xuan Jing's eyes were red, and she took a peek at Mu Xi. Seeing her indifferent face, her heart became more bitter, and she nodded angrily, "Okay, my brother will go back."

   "That's right! Why give up the whole forest for one tree." Although the tree is unique, it doesn't belong to them.


  Time flies, and another month passes in a blink of an eye.

  Mu Xi handed over all the affairs of the Phoenix Realm to Feng Yue'er and an elder she trusted, so Ling Mochen left the Phoenix Realm. They planned to return to Earth, where their families were still there. When they went back this time, they just wanted to ask their family members if they would like to go back to the God Realm with them.

  Standing at the door of the house, Mu Xi stepped forward and knocked gently on the door.

  Ye Ling stepped forward to open the door, and when she saw the person outside, she immediately cried out in surprise, "Xi'er, you are back!"

   "Mom!" Mu Xi stepped forward and hugged Ye Ling.

  Ye Ling laughed happily, "Won't you leave when you come back this time?" These days, she has been looking forward to Xi'er coming back soon, and she has a good news to tell her.

   "Let's go in and talk, where's Dad?"

   "He's out busy, Mo Chen, come in and sit down." Ye Ling greeted Ling Mochen.

   "Okay Mom!" Ling Mochen followed the two of them and closed the door.

   "Mom, are you pregnant?" Mu Xi knew Ye Ling was pregnant when he saw Ye Ling.

  Ye Ling nodded shyly, always a little embarrassed in front of her daughter and son-in-law, "It's been more than a month? When do you and Mo Chen plan to have a baby?"

   "We are not in a hurry." Mu Xi put his hand on his stomach, and a happy smile flashed across his eyes.

   "You are not too young, hurry up."

   "Mom, we will leave soon when we come back this time."

   "Are you still leaving?" Ye Ling looked at Mu Xi in surprise. She thought they would stay when they came back this time.

  Mu Xi nodded, "Are you and Dad going with us?"

  Ye Ling frowned, pondered for a moment, "I'll ask your father." She didn't want to leave here, and now she was living happily.

   "Yes." Mu Xi didn't force it. Everyone has their own choice.

   Chatted with Ye Ling until the afternoon, before Mu Xi and Ling Mochen got up to leave.

  Ling Family

  Master Ling was walking in the garden, and when he heard the housekeeper say that Ling Mochen and Mu Xi had returned, he immediately ran out in surprise. He hadn't seen the two children for almost a year, and they finally came back.

   "Grandpa!" Ling Mochen and Mu Xi saw Mr. Ling, and quickly walked up to him.

   "You two still know to come back?" Mr. Ling made a serious face on purpose.

  Mu Xi and Ling Mochen looked at each other, "Grandpa! We were wrong!"

   "This is not an example." Mr. Ling couldn't help laughing anymore. How could he be angry when he finally brought the two children back?

   "Grandpa is duplicity." Ling Moye teased with a smile.

   "Stinky boy, do you owe Bian?" Mr. Ling walked over sharply.

  Ling Moye was shocked immediately, and quickly raised his hands in surrender.

  Mu Xi and Ling Mochen stepped forward, each helping Mr. Ling to the sofa and sitting down.

   "Where have you been for more than a year?" Mr. Ling made several phone calls, but he couldn't reach them. He was really worried that something would happen to them, but fortunately they came back safe and sound.

   "Grandpa! We have something to tell you."

  Master Ling nodded, "Speak!"

   Everyone also stared at Ling Mochen, waiting for his next words.

  Ling Mochen raised his hand and formed a sound-blocking formation. Now except for a few of them, even if someone eavesdrops, they can't hear their words.

  Master Ling and the others looked at Ling Mochen's actions in surprise.

  Ling Mochen slightly raised his lips, "Xi'er and I are not ordinary people, we are people from the God Realm." He explained the matter concisely.

   Everyone stared at Ling Mochen blankly, unable to digest his words for a long time. Is this too fantasy? If they didn't know Mo Chen well, they would really think he was crazy.

   "Brother, do you mean that you and sister-in-law are gods?" Ling Moye's eyes flicked back and forth between Ling Mochen and Mu Xi. The eldest brother and sister-in-law are excellent, but how could they be gods?

   "You can say that." Ling Mochen nodded.

   "Then can you prove it, such as changing something." Ling Moye looked expectant.

  Ling Mochen raised his hand, and a white water polo appeared in his palm. The water polo slowly rotated and became bigger and bigger.

   "This is amazing!" Everyone's eyes widened in shock, and their hearts were shocked.

  Ling Mochen put away the water polo, and waited for everyone to calm down, "We came back this time to ask if you would like to return to the God Realm with us."

  Everyone was taken aback for a moment, and turned their attention to Mr. Ling.

  Old man Ling pondered for a moment, and then slowly said: "No, I'm fine like this. If it's convenient for you, just come back and see the old man more often." He is used to this kind of life and doesn't want to change anything.

   "We won't go either." Father Ling and Mother Ling also said. Here they have too much to fit.

  Lan Moyou pursed his lips, "Then I won't go either." He actually wanted to go, but his parents and grandpa stayed here, so he couldn't just leave.

  Ling Mochen didn't force it, and took out the elixir and handed it to Grandpa Ling, "Grandpa! This elixir can strengthen your body and change your physique."

   "Good!" Mr. Ling happily took it.

  Ling Mochen gave another bottle to Ling's father, Ling's mother, and Ling Moye.


  The night was charming, Mu Xi and Ling Mochen walked in the garden holding hands.

   "Xi'er." Ling Mochen stopped.

   "Yes." Mu Xi looked up at Ling Mochen and smiled brightly.

   "You said you were going to give me a surprise, what kind of surprise?" When she just came back from Ye's house, she said that she was going to give him a surprise when she came back.

   Mu Xi stood on tiptoe and leaned into Ling Mochen's ear, "I have a baby!"

   "What did you say? You have a baby?" Ling Mochen was taken aback, looking at Mu Xi excitedly, his eyes full of surprise.

Mu Xi took Ling Mochen's hand and put it on her stomach, "It's been a month." When her mother asked her before, she wanted to say it, but she decided to tell the child's father first . I'll tell mom about them tomorrow.

   "Great! We have a baby, hahaha." Ling Mochen happily took Mu Xi into his arms, and hugged her tightly.

  Looking at Ling Mochen who was smiling like a child, Mu Xi also had a bright and happy smile on his face.

   Not far away, old man Ling, father Ling, mother Ling, and Ling Moye all smiled happily as they watched this scene. yes! Great!

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  (end of this chapter)