MTL - Crossing the Happy Daughter-Chapter 1676 Fanwai Jiu (End)

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   Chapter 1676 Fanwai Nine (End)

  Long Wenfeng and Long Wenke are one literate and one martial artist, they are the right-hand man of the sage Long Wenbin, and Long Wenbai is the money bag of the imperial court.

  Long Wenke's 50% of the dividends left 20%, and the remaining 30% was used as infrastructure funds, so the emperor Long Wenbin may be the most comfortable emperor in history.

   The three brother-in-laws are also military generals, and they are the kind who are loyal and invulnerable to the sword of the Dragon Guard.

  Long Wenfeng has always been in charge of financial power in the Ministry of Household, and based on the law books he read in the concubine space before, he has re-enacted a series of laws to make Longteng's laws more complete.

Long Wenfeng now has four sons and two daughters under his knees. Together with Pan Xiaowen, they take care of their grandfather and grandmother in Qing Wangfu for their father and mother. The Qing Wangye and Qing Wangfei never imagined that they would never see their sons and daughters-in-law again. .

   Fortunately, with grandsons, granddaughters-in-law, great-grandsons, great-granddaughters, these filial sons and granddaughters, they lived happily. With the supplements left by Yunyi, they lived a long life.

  Long Jingrui and Yunyi have never heard from each other. Long Jinglin and Zhang Shulan will often take their children back to the house to see their father and mother and concubine, and honor their elder brother and sister-in-law.

  The Great Victory in Beimo was celebrated on the 80th birthday of the lord, and the Holy Lord Long Wenbin issued a decree to grant amnesty to the world, reduce and exempt taxes for one year, store knives and guns, and recuperate.

   sent someone to take the Supreme Emperor Long Jingyang back to the capital to take care of the old age.

  Canonized Prince Qing as Emperor Taizu, Princess Qing as Empress Dowager, Father Wang Long Jingrui as Supreme Emperor, and concubine Zhan Yunyi as Empress Dowager.

  Sage Shang Long Wenbin also decreed that Long Jinglin was canonized. This only uncle was the king of the county and gave him the mansion of the county king.

   At the same time, he also decreed that his grandfather Zhan Chengqing was named the first-class Rongqing Marquis, and he was given the mansion of the mansion, and his grandmother Lin Jiaxin was posthumously named Mrs.

   Canonized his uncle Zhan Yunpeng as the heir of Rongqinghou Mansion, and canonized his aunt Qiao Mengwei Zhan Qiao as a third-class gentleman.

  The imperial decree stated that the gate of the Uncle Huaiyang was not opened for three days, and the servants in the mansion would hide if they could, for fear that they would make the master unhappy again and become a punching bag.

Zhan Chengye overturned the chess game in the study, and kept scolding Feng Shi. At this time, he still had to find someone to take the blame. If you hadn't been pampering her, a lady who dared to do those things would really help her. The exhibition industry is sad.

  Zhan Yunchang did find a job in the Ministry of Punishment, but since his second uncle was canonized as Marquis of Rongqing, he has no face to go further, and his colleagues are always happy with him.

   He really couldn't stand that kind of atmosphere. Whether they meant it or not, he always felt that they were mocking him. He wasn't busy with errands anyway, so he just asked for leave to stay in the house.

Long Wenbin did not forget a few younger sisters to support his family. He canonized Huo Jinze, the eldest son of the Marquis of Zhenguo, as the Marquis of Dingyuan, Lu Chenhao of the General House of the Protector as the Marquis of Jing'an, and Fu Linyu, the deputy lieutenant of the infantry, as the Marquis of Xuanping, and the three sisters were also canonized. For the super first-class princess.

   also did not forget those ministers who had meritorious deeds, and rewarded them for their merits one by one!

   Since the battle of Beimo, the surrounding countries have also been intimidated. Nearly half of the city in Beimo has been occupied, and it has become a vassal of Longteng. It has successfully deterred the two countries of Dongjun and Yunli.

  Longteng has also entered the prosperous age of Dragon Teng since then, the country is prosperous and the people are strong, the country is prosperous, the people's faces are filled with happy smiles, and they live a happy life in peace and contentment!

  Long Wenbin stood on the tower of Tingyuxuan in the palace, looking at the prosperous world outside the palace, with a gratified smile on his face.

   Finally, he has lived up to the trust of his father and mother, and the future of Longteng will be better and stronger!


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