MTL - Hogwarts Card System-Chapter 149 Snape beats the peacock

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  Chapter 149 Snape violently beats the peacock

   It's almost Christmas holiday, so there are a lot of parchments for messages on the bulletin board. These are some comments from students.

  Ted finished his morning practice that day, went to the auditorium for breakfast with Neville, and saw Luna sticking parchment on the bulletin board.

   "Huh? Did you lose something too?" Ted asked curiously.

  Generally, stickers are posted here, all of which are lost and found, notices for missing objects, notices for pets and the like.

   As a result, Ted saw that the good guy was a foot-long parchment with a long strip of item names.

   "You lost so many things?" Ted asked.

  Luna blinked, looked at the notice board, and said softly: "Everyone always jokes with me, XZ up my stuff, it's going to be a holiday, I have to ask them to return it to me."

  Luna's expression was flat, but Ted and Neville's expressions were not so good.

  This is bullying!

   "The first-year girls' dormitory is so evil? I see, I will ask for you and ask them to return the things to you."

   Ted then asked Hermione to help find out what happened.

  It turns out that Luna is often the object of jokes by her classmates because of her weird behavior. People call her crazy girl Lovegood behind her back.

  Classmates are always stealing her stuff like her weird Butterbeer Cork String Necklace and carrot-like blimp (cherry-like fruit) earrings...

  In short, she became the object of everyone's teasing and ridicule.

  So, she is a Ravenclaw, but her best friend is Ginny from Gryffindor.

  Humans are social creatures, so they will always be hostile to maverick individuals, and isolate or even bully individuals in the name of the collective. This is a manifestation of lack of tolerance.


  In the Ravenclaw common room, a group of Ravenclaw students in grades one, two and three, there are about twenty or so.

  Ted stood in front of the bust of Ms. Ravenclaw, with a serious face.

   "I never expected to hear such a thing in the Eagle Academy where we pursue wisdom. I always thought that it would only appear among the Slytherin group of guys who engage in opposition and division... This is a shameful campus bullying!"

"Look at those legal loopholes and financial criminals in Azkaban, more than 80% are from our Eagle Academy. And most of them are also sent in by wizards from our Academy! Loopholes in the rules, self-proclaimed smart people."

  "We pursue wisdom and respect knowledge, but I think we should seriously reflect on whether we really have extraordinary wisdom when we stand in front of the statue of Ms. Ravenclaw..."

  "If we can't even accept and tolerate the classmates we get along day and night. I think we will not only deviate from Ms. Ravenclaw's path, but also humiliate the school of Hogwarts!"

   Ted talked for ten minutes, and everyone present knew what happened.

   Several first-grade girls were on the verge of tears.

  Freshmen enter school and suddenly come to an unfamiliar environment, and there will indeed be group behaviors.

   And the performance of this behavior also includes exclusion.

  A maverick girl like Luna is usually a target of xenophobia. Freshmen huddle with this exclusive behavior.

  Ted already vaguely has the meaning of this generation of student leaders, and his prestige is very high. Therefore, the internal meeting of the lower grades of the Eagle Academy was very successful.

  Afterwards, Ted comforted Luna: "Many wizards are not wise enough, even those assigned to Ravenclaw..."

  Such as Quirrell, such as Lockhart, such as the beetle reporter Skeeter...all graduated from Ravenclaw.

   "Don't pay too much attention to these, this is just a little embellishment in a long life. Everyone should live as themselves, right?"

  The little girl blushed, nodded half-understanding, and thanked Ted.

   Her things have been returned by the naughty classmates, and two of them apologized.

  Hermione inspected her face: "You are quite good at comforting people!"

  Ted: Don't you know me yet?


   It's mid-December, and the weather is getting colder and colder. The weather has been bad these days, gray and snowy at any moment.

   Ted They all put on thick winter robes and scarf gloves.

  Harry has given up night travel, after all, the invisibility cloak does not protect against the cold.

  But Jerry still finds time every night for a little bit~ he can be called a Hogwarts night walker.

At breakfast this day, Jerry said to his friends in a strange way: "I was in the main tower last night and found a lot of spiders crawling out of the window from the cracks in the window. It's going to snow in this winter. Aren't you courting death?"

  Hermione looked at Ted curiously: "Don't spiders need to hibernate?"

  Ted nodded: "Yes, spider species that don't need to hibernate can't survive winter at all. Strange phenomenon..."

   "Hey!" Ron yelled in pain, "Can we not mention the spider? I can't even eat any more." He took a bite of the chicken leg, and one bite was a third.


  Ted knew that this might be because the basilisk was active and alarmed the spiders in the castle.

  They even go against their nature, preferring to die in the cold rather than stay in the castle. It really is a natural enemy!

   It is said that it will die if you look at the basilisk, and the spider has eight eyes and no eyelids, so it cannot close its eyes or turn its head away. So the basilisk became the natural enemy of the spider.

   It's somewhat outrageous, but it's understandable in the magic world.

   No one mentioned the spider anymore, because tonight at 8 o'clock was the first public event of Professor Lockhart's Dueling Club.

  All interested little wizards can participate.

   Lockhart directly consulted Dumbledore to hold a duel club in the auditorium.

   What a big scene!

  Now, although it is still morning, Lockhart has already started to dress up in his office. He has picked seven or eight sets of wizard robes and kept changing them, and then there are bow ties, hairstyles, and perfumes...

  He is still practicing his smile in front of the mirror. Highlight a specialty.

  Right now, Lockhart is complacent, with a trace of nervousness, and his emotions are quite excited, with a feeling of giving up.

  Lockhart: Do you dare to make gestures with me? !

   After seven o'clock in the evening, dinner is over.

   Many little wizards stayed in the auditorium directly, waiting for the opening of the big show.

  Although Lockhart is a bit hip, but school life is really boring.

  Little wizards lack entertainment methods. Now that there is such a large-scale reality show to participate in, even if you feel bad in your heart, you can't let it go.

  Look at the excitement, the commonality of human beings.

   It was almost eight o'clock, and there were quite a lot of people in the auditorium. It looked like there were about a hundred people.

  This is already the number of students in the fourth grade.

  Like seniors in the fifth and sixth grades, they are more academically demanding and disdain Lockhart even more, so not many come.

  As the time approached, the little wizards were restless, whispering to each other, laughing and cursing.

  At this time, the door of the auditorium opened.

  Lockhart, who was wearing a burnt purple robe, took the lead and strode in. He opened his arms as he walked, and the bangs on his forehead were blown by the breeze, which was very exciting.

  The little wizards were just about to laugh, or clap or something. He saw Snape following behind him, walking silently, and his robe didn't move much, just like the one who floated in.

  The expression on Snape's face was as if he had just eaten a giant monster raw, disgusted and disgusted.

   "Ha! Hello, students~ I am your dear Professor Lockhart!" Lockhart opened his hands wide, and made a poss in a neat appearance.

"Recently, some bad things have happened. So Dumbledore entrusted me to start a dueling club, to teach you a little extra knowledge. So that you can protect yourself calmly under any circumstances, just like me~ "

  The intentionally elongated tone is like singing an opera. Who knows how long he practiced in the office.

  His expression was as if he had already lost his way alone, and Dumbledore had to visit the thatched cottage to invite him out of the mountain.

   Lockhart tore off the expensive robe and threw it towards the girls in the crowd.

   "Then ~ start!"

  Lockhart: Shit, I'm getting hot!

  Following his voice, the long tables in the auditorium suddenly came together and turned into an extra-long and wide platform with a layer of carpet on it.

   This scene is still very handsome. Lockhart had the house-elves rehearse five or six times.

  Lockhart jumped onto the platform, at least his movements were relatively sensitive.

   "Next, let me introduce my assistant—Professor Snape." He stretched out his hand, gesturing for Snape.

   While Snape still had that gloomy expression, he walked slowly onto the platform.

  He folded his arms on his chest, still holding his wand in his hand, and a black robe shrouded his surroundings like a cloud.

  Lockhart didn't care, and continued his performance: "Professor Snape generously agreed to help me give you a demonstration, of course, I will never hurt him~" Lockhart grinned.

  Ted and the others under the counter were blushing as if they had eaten chili peppers.

  Neville lowered his head in embarrassment. He was so embarrassed for Lockhart that his feet were already digging through the floor.

  Harry sneered at Lockhart, and whispered: "Although Snape is not very good, but at the level of Peacock, I doubt whether he will die on stage!"

  The Gryffindor boxing champion felt that in this round, it was best to decide the outcome as well as life and death. She is terribly annoyed by flower peacocks.

  Ted laughed: "Didn't Professor Lockhart say that he would never hurt Snape, which shows that his perception of himself is still very accurate."

  Hermione snickered when she heard this.

  Ron muttered with an ugly face on the side: "It's best to die together!"

  Jerry patted Ron's shoulder vigorously, and suppressed a smile: "My good brother, what I said touched my heart.

   Soon, the two started.

   First walked away with their backs to both parties, turned around and raised their wands to salute.

   After all, this is a duel, with a bit of aristocratic style, it should look good, and it's a bit aggressive.

  If it's a life-and-death battle, it's natural to strike first. It's best to sneak attack, if you can poison it, you can poison it, and if you can arrange the dump truck in advance, you can arrange the dump truck to kill in advance. Just implement the concept of unlimited fighting!

  The two of them distanced themselves, posed in a posture, and raised their wands.




   "Disarm~" Snape's incantation was almost inaudible, as if it was completed with a buzz.

  Lockhart may not even have reacted, because he was hit without changing his body posture.

  The whole person flew upside down three or four meters, and fell on the platform with a "plop", his eyes staring blankly at the sky...

   Fortunately, the carpet is thick, otherwise it would be easy to fall to death~

   His wand was already flying high, then fell into the crowd. Ron bowed his head to look for it, and kicked it directly if he wanted to find it!

   The scene was quiet for a while, and some distracted little wizards didn't even see what happened, and the duel was over.

  He was still a good student who wanted to be a professor, so he approached Lockhart and called softly: "Professor? Professor Lockhart?"

  Professor Lockhart, you are not dead, are you?

   "Uh~" Lockhart gasped and groaned, as if he had recovered.

  He pretended to be unrestrained, but struggled to sit up: "Ah! I just gave you a wrong demonstration just now, and you should be careful of being attacked like me in the future. If I'm serious..."

  At this time, he saw Snape's eyes, and the wand stretched out in his hand - if a fart popped out of his mouth, he would duel again!

   Lockhart quickly shut up: "Next, let you experience it for yourself and start the duel!" He hurriedly slipped off the platform.

  Everyone looked at each other: Huh? Why did you ask us to duel, and you didn't teach anything? Are you here to take a shit? !

  (end of this chapter)