MTL - Jagged Germany-Chapter 1799 .End of this testimonial!

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  Thanks to the support of book friends, this book is finished today. Although the results of this book are relatively poor, I still thank the book friends for their support all the time! Thank you all!

  This is the first time Lao Yu wrote the theme of foreign history and military affairs, and at the same time, he started writing hastily after the last book was harmonious. So many places are not as expected that the whole book is not written well. In the end, the more Lao Yu wrote, the less he felt, and he had to end up with a dog's tail. I am very sorry, and please forgive me.

  Lao Yu is now preparing a new book, and the new book will change the theme again. I hope that book friends can continue to support Lao Yu. Since 2013, Lao Yu has been writing about modern warfare for five years now. Many book friends are tired of reading, and Lao Yu himself is tired of writing. Therefore, the new book will be completely different, it can be regarded as a new attempt, I hope book lovers will like it and continue to support Lao Yu!

  Thank you book friends for supporting Laoyu all the way for so many years, I hope everyone can continue to support Laoyu to go on! Thank you all!