MTL - Lucky Girl: Take the Space To Escape From the Famine-Chapter 416 Extras

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  Chapter 416 Extra Story

  In the year 341 of the Yuan Dynasty of the Southern Xiao Kingdom, Princess Xuan, who had already entered the ancient times, passed away in the palace of Xuan Wang. After Wang Xuan spared no effort in handling the future generations, she also died of illness seven days later beside the coffin of Princess Xuan.

  Although the two have always had no children or daughters, they lived a life that the world envied.

   Weak water 3,000, all only take one scoop to drink.

  In the eyes of the world, King Xuan and Princess Xuan are symbols of love, and even the lanterns of the Qiqiao Festival are engraved with their deeds everywhere.

  Yin Miao woke up again and found that she was lying in the bedroom at home.

   "This child can't get up yet. This is her first interview after graduating from college, so I don't know how to prepare early."

   A familiar voice came from outside the door, but Yin Miao still couldn't react.

   Is this Wei Ruyi?

   "If I can't find a job, I will support my daughter for the rest of my life. Besides, my daughter Bingxue is smart. Those companies must be rushing to get her."

   After hearing Yin Bowu's voice, Yin Miao suddenly sat up.

   She is really back!

  This is her last world!

  Yin Miao excitedly put on the plush slippers and ran to the living room, shouting, "Dad... Oh no, Mom and Dad!"

  In the world of Nanxiao Kingdom, she always called them parents.

   "Aha, don't you just get up? Come and have breakfast."

   Yin Bowu glanced at Wei Ruyi proudly, and set breakfast for his daughter.

  The scallion pancake made by Wei Ruyi is the taste that Yin Miao misses the most.

In the TV news, a subway accident was reported. In the picture, someone with blood on his upper body was carried out. Although he had been beaten with a mosaic, Yin Miao, who saw this scene, accidentally dropped it in her hand. spoon.

   "What happened to Miaomiao?" Wei Ruyi asked, sticking her head out of the kitchen.

   "Mom, what day is it today?"

   Yin Miao asked.

   "Isn't it written on the TV, March 21st, I'm really sleepy!" Wei Ruyi muttered.

  “March 21st…”

   Yin Miao murmured, the news was exactly the same as what she had seen before, the person was not injured by the fall, but was bitten by a zombie!

   She almost forgot, she came back, so she has to experience the end times again!

   "Mom and Dad, I'm going to the toilet!"

   Seeing her daughter hurriedly running away from the dining table, Yin Bowu muttered, "It seems that I'm really sleepy, and I forgot where the toilet is..."

  Yin Miao burst into tears of joy after confirming that her space had also returned. As for the fact that the space had returned to its original appearance, it was no longer important, at least if the apocalypse really came, she could still do a lot of preparations.

  Out of courtesy, Yin Miao still planned to go to the interview that she had already agreed to after having breakfast.

  While sending his daughter out, Wei Ru thought Yin Miao suddenly stopped in place.

   "What's wrong? Forgot to take something again?"

   Wei Ruyi was about to continue scolding, but saw Yin Miao's tears silently falling.

   "Why are you still crying?"

   Wei Ruyi was taken aback. She had never seen her daughter look like this before, which reminded her of her daughter who lost her beloved when she was a child.


  Yin Miao lowered her head and changed her shoes to go out. She just suddenly felt empty in her heart, as if someone was missing in this scene, and she suddenly remembered someone's voice and smile...

  Everything was the same as before. Yin Miao successfully passed the interview that day. She did not reject the interviewer's invitation, because her arrival time was half a month later, which did not affect her next plan.

   She went home after the interview in the previous life, and this time she did not intend to do so.

   "Well, when I go back, I will buy vegetables, so Mom doesn't have to go out."

  Yin Miao called Wei Ruyi and told her not to go out as much as possible. Although Yin Bowu had to go out for work, it was relatively safe to drive back and forth, but she still called Yin Bowu.

   "Okay, if you can't get anything, just say something, and Dad will drive to pick you up."

   Yin Bowu was a little surprised that his daughter called him to pay attention to safety.

"it is good."

   Yin Miao hung up the phone and decided to go to a nearby village to buy some things she wanted. The city stopped selling live birds early on, and she could raise live animals in her space.

   Shang WHO Ruyi and Yin Bowu were both killed by zombies for saving her. Thinking of this, even Yin Miao's heart was still empty, but she still walked towards the rental car...

After a whole day, Yin Miao has gained quite a lot. Although she now only has some money she saved from part-time jobs in college, chicken and ducklings are very cheap in the countryside. She even bought a piglet with a male and a female. cub.

When she returned to the city, the neon lights were already flashing. When night fell, Yin Miao returned the rented car to the car dealership and planned to take the bus back. In this way, even on the road, she could use her mobile phone to shop online. supplies of supplies.

  If the apocalypse comes as scheduled, human civilization will soon cease to exist. At that time, zombies will be rampant everywhere, and survival will be a problem. She has to stock up on more supplies for her family.

   Regarding the system, she tried to call it a few times, but she never heard back. Thinking about it, it made sense. After all, she has no system tasks to do, but thanks to the system for giving her a portable space.

   There were not many people on the bus. Yin Miao had placed nearly 20 orders of supplies on a shopping website, but the bus stopped at this moment.

   "Another car accident? There have been too many car accidents in the past few days. The current driving school is not good enough!"

   The bus driver in dark blue overalls complained dissatisfiedly.

   "Road rage, there were two other cars that crashed this morning, and the driver of the Dick got out of the car and bit each other."

   In front of Yin Miao, an uncle who was half bald on the top of his head spoke up, and there were also passengers around him. At this moment, the rear of the bus was suddenly hit by a car behind, and there was a bang.

   The bus driver scolded and walked down. As soon as the door opened, many passengers also got off to see what was going on. Yin Miao didn't intend to go down, but she still followed after seeing several mothers holding their children walking down.

   "What's the matter, you, my car is parked here, what did you hit?"

   The bus driver said angrily to the person in the black car behind him. The person in the bus didn't get off, but rolled the window halfway down. This time the bus driver got even more angry and stepped forward and took a picture of the window on the bottom half.

   As night fell, the crowd could not see the situation inside the bus. Just as the bus driver was about to turn around to make a call, a hand suddenly stretched out from the bus and grabbed the driver's arm.

   "What are you arresting me for?"

  The driver had never seen someone with such a strong force, he just felt that his arm was about to be crushed by the other party, he struggled so hard but still couldn't get away, his fingers were even going to pinch into his own flesh.

   "Take off your clothes!"

   A voice came from the crowd, and the driver responded.

   "Thank you, little sister, who are these people, really..."

   The driver followed the voice to find Yin Miao, but he no longer dared to go forward to provoke the people in the car, so it would be more appropriate to wait for the traffic police to arrive.

   "You're welcome, uncle, there are more rabies patients recently, and safety is the most important thing."

   The two of them were talking, but the car door opened on its own.

  A man in a suit staggered and walked out with his upper body hunched, and then stopped in place.

   "What, it turned out to be drinking, you shouldn't drink and drive, lad."

   At this time, some passengers who were in a hurry saw that the bus would not be able to leave for half an hour, and most of them had already left. The bald middle-aged man was about to go back, but he couldn't help but persuade him.

   The man in the suit, who was still drunk a second ago, shivered twice, and then slammed towards the nearest treasure mother who was holding her child and chatting with her companion!

  Yin Miao was standing beside a few people, her short body with quick eyes and quick hands threw her backpack forward, and the man in the suit was immediately tripped to the ground.

   Before everyone could breathe a sigh of relief, the man in the suit began to struggle vigorously to get up. He suddenly raised his head, causing everyone around him to take a deep breath.

   What kind of face is that? The bus driver remembered the owner of the car whose face was burned in a car accident, but the face of the man in the suit in front of him was the most severely damaged face he had ever seen, and even the mouth was beginning to fester!

   The children in the arms of several mothers were so frightened that they cried, and Yin Miao found that the cry made the man in the suit on the ground even more excited.

   There is no doubt that this is a zombie, Yin Miao felt a little regretful, it seemed that she could not escape, and the apocalypse would come after all.

   "Be careful little sister!"

   The bus driver saw that the man in the suit climbed up, and at this time the closest to him was this kind little sister.

   Just when Yin Miao felt that things were a little troublesome, a glass shard suddenly flew in the air, and the shard reflected a chilling light under the illumination of the surrounding lights.


  The shards of glass stabbed the man in the suit in the head, and the man in the suit finally fell down...

   This scene was only seen clearly by Yin Miao, the fragments were clearly flying from across the road, this force must be man-made.

  The crowd started to become noisy, the traffic police had arrived, Yin Miao stood in the noisy crowd and stared blankly at the familiar figure across the road.

   Is she dazzled?

   That person is clearly! !

   And the person on the other side has already noticed her.

Xiao Xuan didn't know how to cross the road where the car was coming and going. He had only seen these things called cars on the TV in Yin Miao Space, but he still took his long legs and walked towards Yin Miao with an unbelievable face. past.

   "It's you? What are you, am I dreaming?"

  Yin Miao once suspected that this was her dream after her death, otherwise why would this handsome modern man smile at her with the appearance of Xiao Xuan?

   "A Miao, this time, I'm here."

   Xiao Xuan stretched out his hand to Yin Miao, and the warm palms of the two collided with their palms, as if to cover up the surrounding neon lights.

   (end of this chapter)