MTL - Master Dan Dao-v2 Chapter 8446 Gallo's last attempt

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Nuo Siqianyuan fell into deep thought, but his first reaction was still disbelief.

"Decision-making is usually made by me or my nephew, and outsiders can rarely intervene."

Feng Tianxing sighed.

"Let's put it this way, assuming that your North family wants to choose a candidate for the patriarch today, can you make the decision alone? If you make the decision alone, there really won't be any problems, and all the clansmen will be convinced?"

"There will still be dissatisfaction when there is no manipulation, let alone manipulation."

After saying this, Nuo Siqianyuan was slightly startled.

After knowing one and three, Nuo Siqianyuan went back to weigh what Feng Tianxing said, and a conclusion that made him a little scared appeared in front of him.

Once you make a mistake, if you can't convince everyone to follow your choice, you will either split yourself and your tribe, or fall into the opponent's trap.

No matter how you look at it, it is extremely dangerous!

Nuo Siqianyuan understood instantly and nodded immediately.

"Okay, I understand, let people go back and spread the news. From now on, except for Admiral Feng, outsiders can no longer enter the gate of my North family!"

Nuosi Qianyuan's words reassured Feng Tianxing a little bit. He didn't care about the life and death of other families. The key was Nuosi Qianyuan, an ally. He had to try to protect it, otherwise his wings would be cut off. How would he take off in the future? ?

Not long after the words here were finished, there was a knock on the door.

Then followed by Jia Luo's voice.

"Tianxing, Nuosi Qianyuan, I heard that Xianglou has prepared a banquet, and I came here specially to invite you."

Nuo Si Qianyuan was slightly startled, glanced at the shielding means he had set up, heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, gave Feng Tian a look, and then got up.

"Could it be that you, an old fox, come to invite me, and you can't do without this face."

After finishing speaking, Nuo Siqianyuan pushed open the door, exchanged some polite words with Jia Luo, and then walked towards Wenxiang Tower.

Feng Tianxing also got up and bowed to Jia Luo.

"Meet the master."

The more Jia Luo looks at Feng Tianxing now, the more pleasing it is to his eyes.

Since the last time, with the bold speculation that there are other forces that want to harm their master and apprentice, Jia Luo has become more and more fond of Feng Tianxing.

The more the other party obstructs things, the more correct things are, and the things that must be done.

Jia Luo directly led Feng Tianxing to the outside, and at the same time transmitted the voice.

"Have you been in contact with other human races recently? Not those under your command."

Feng Tianxing directly denied it, and then asked rhetorically.

"Master, why do you ask such a question?"

Seeing Feng Tianxing's ignorant look, Jia Luo relaxed his vigilance. "Master, I bought a 500,000-year-old ginseng essence at the auction house a few days ago, but it's useless for me to take it. I wanted to keep it and give it to you after you change your mind, but it was stolen by the human race. Wait for the teacher to find a little more

Valuable things will be given to you again. "

Feng Tianxing still pretended to be confused with understanding, and nodded in agreement.

As everyone knows, most of his thoughts are in Feng Tianxing's prediction.

The demon Jia Luo has strength and vision. Apart from arrogance, it is the weakness of this suspicion.

After chatting with Master Songyi last time, Feng Tianxing inadvertently learned that Songya did not have Jia Luo's complete trust. This matter is interesting. According to Song Yi, Jia Luo has worked with him for an unknown number of years, but he still does not know the details of Jia Luo. come out,

Gallo was unmoved.

Obviously, this person is very suspicious. This time, Feng Tianxing deliberately let the Qingque clan show up, and deliberately left a large number of traces of the human race's transmission method, just for Jia Luo to find out. Especially here with Ginseng Essence, Feng Tianxing directly showed up with a clone of the human race, and deliberately left

I have seen my own demons.

In this way, one's identity will become safe in an instant.

Compared with those who clearly belong to the human race, Jia Luo is still more willing to believe in Feng Tianxing, who is also a "demon race".

Therefore, Galo believed in the conclusion just reached.

Facing Feng Tianxing is not as aggressive as it was at the beginning.

Of course, there are other reasons for Jia Luo and Feng Tianxing to win the relationship now, that is, the news that Feng Tianxing surrounded by ten green sparrows to present auspiciousness has been widely spread. Feng Tianxing's status has also risen, and with a moment of popularity, Jia Luo took Feng Tianxing to swagger through the market, just to let these demons see clearly that such an awesome Feng Tianxing is his apprentice, just a mere green bird nothing


Even if they don't think so, when they talk about it, they always have to bring themselves, and their latest move is to promote their recruitment plan.

In this way, Jia Luo can barely win back a victory.

Normally, Jia Luo wouldn't care about these things, but this time, he lost too thoroughly.

Jia Luo still didn't know how powerful the demon emperor's aura exerted by Feng Tianxing was, and he mistakenly thought that the demons in Wujian City had been bribed, so he specially responded to him.

Although the news that I have the queen in my hand spread, and no one refuted it, the role of the queen's card has been reduced without limit, and some demons are already doubting the authenticity of the queen.

Jia Luo lost a mess on the most important hole card. Then the ginseng essence I bought suddenly died suddenly. Compared with Feng Tianxing's auspiciousness, it formed a stark contrast. Jia Luo's reputation was not very good when he made his public appearance for the first time. Luo has one

The plan went awry.

Now that things have happened, they can only seek the benefit of the last guarantee, and spread their ideas to attract the demons.

But he couldn't imagine how such a thief like Feng Tianxing would give him this opportunity. When he and Nuo Siqianyuan were still talking, when he suddenly looked outside the door and raised the corners of his mouth slightly, he sensed Jia Luo's arrival and deduced the scene in front of him. North left

Qianyuan, let him send someone to spread the word.

The identities of the two are more deeply bound to what they represent, one is the auspiciousness brought by the green sparrow, and the other is the scourge of the sudden sudden death of ginseng essence.

The more tightly bound these two identities are, the more difficult it is for Jia Luo to follow up.

After completing the counterattack ahead of schedule, Feng Tianxing is naturally not afraid to go with Jia Luo.

The two came all the way to Wenxiang Building and took their seats again on the top floor.

To Feng Tianxing's expectation this time, in addition to Nuo Si Qianyuan, Jia Luo also invited the patriarchs of a dozen demon families.

Looking around, the one present is also the weakest.

Jia Luo personally took Feng Tianxing to sit on the main seat, and Feng Tianxing sat beside him.

None of the demons present took the initiative to speak, they were all waiting.

There was some silence for a while, but Jia Luo didn't mind, he just raised his hand, sealed the place, and then spoke. "I won't talk nonsense. I think you all have the same purpose as me, and came here for the power left after the death of the Demon Emperor. I think we still have room for negotiation. Please listen to me."