MTL - Missy, She Always Does Not Seek To Make Progress-Chapter 510 hit it off

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  Chapter 510 hit it off

  Zuixian Tower.

  Qin Liuxi looked at the several men with different personalities in the room, the corners of his mouth were always raised, never lowered.

  Feng Zu is beautiful and charming, Yue Ding is masculine and majestic, Jing Xiaosi is handsome and extravagant, Xiong Er is straightforward, everyone looks good, and they are pleasing to the eye.

  The old servant glanced at the screen, and said to Le Shui in a low voice: "Young Master, the people you know are either rich or expensive, and they are all born well. It seems that the young master is out of reach."

Le Shui endured it for a while, and said: "Don't say that again, you and the old master are hot with shaved heads. I don't think it is the young master or the young Guanzhu, especially the young Guanzhu, who is not enlightened at all. .”

   It’s not that I’m not enlightened, it’s that I don’t know how to be enlightened at all.

  The old servant was a little bit sorry, but he didn't say anything.

Xiong Er sat next to Yue Ding, and said: "So, your paralysis will be cured soon, and you can go to the battlefield again, which is great. You don't know, when I heard the news that you were paralyzed You even shed two tears, you are so brave, you were born to be a fighter on the battlefield, it would be a pity that you can no longer go to the battlefield."

  Yue Ding: "God is merciful, allowing me to meet Shao Guanzhu. Right now, I can only replace wine with tea. After I am done, I will have another drink with Shao Guanzhu."

  He raised his teacup to Qin Liuxi.

  Qin Liuxi said: "That's it. It's best not to touch alcohol for a year. Violent activities are also not allowed. Only when you are healthy can you talk about other things."

  Yue Ding nodded.

  This banquet was initiated by him. His paralysis has improved. He happened to meet Xiong Er and the others on the very road. They both sought medical help.

  Jing Xiaosi also deeply felt at this time that a trip to southern Hunan might be the most correct choice in his life, and he actually got to know Qin Liuxi, such a powerful metaphysician, she could even be cured of paralysis.

   "Shaoguan's medical skills are superb, and physiognomy is the same. I will definitely publicize it to you later, and they will all become followers of your Qingping Temple." Xiong Er praised.

Qin Liuxi wanted to say that there is no need, but to make the Qingping temple shine and become the first temple, believers are indispensable. If there are more beliefs, the patriarch will have more supernatural powers, so he said: "Then it will be disrespectful. "

  Yue Ding was thoughtful, did he want believers?

He took a sip of tea, and was also curious that they appeared in Qin Liuxi's shop and asked for a doctor, but the two of them didn't look like there was anything wrong. Sorry to ask.

Jing Xiaosi is a person who can read eyes. He saw that Yue Ding was curious, but he didn't ask because of his upbringing. He admired Yue Ding's character even more in his heart, and said proactively: "I was hit by a Gu before, and it happened to be when I went to seek medical treatment in southern Hunan. When I met the Master Shaoguan, I got married."

   "Yeah, you don't know, he's got a Gu, it's super disgusting, that's..."

   "Shut up!" Jing Xiaosi and Qin Liuxi yelled at the same time, the former blushed and felt ashamed, the latter turned blue thinking of some pictures, and he didn't want to lose his appetite after a while of delicious food.

  Xiong Er laughed.

Yue Ding said: "I have read a lot of military books. There are many miasmas in Yunnan and Guizhou in southern Hunan, so that the villages there are extremely difficult to attack. Once there are bandits in the mountains, even if you start a battle, you will probably lose to the swamp. Miasma and Gu insects, it can be seen that its geographical environment is severe. Mr. Jing must have suffered from Gu, and it must have been extremely painful."

  Jing Xiaosi: "The Gu worms are not driven to attack, but they are ignorant, and they just slowly eat away the essence and blood."

  Yue Ding's eyes flashed lightly, he already knew the identity of Jing Xiaosi, the original son of the Chang'an Hou family's first son, but he was suffering from Gu worms, presumably it was due to the struggle in the big family.

   "Just solve it."

  Jing Xiaosi smiled wryly: "One wave was flattened, and another wave rose again. The Gu worm was dealt with, but he was hit by a spell and his life was robbed."

  Yue Ding was surprised: "What is life grabbing?"

   "I know." Xiong Er said without waiting for Jing Xiaosi to speak.

  Yue Ding's rare calm and cold face changed several times, such an unbelievable fact is unheard of, and it is too shocking.

  He knew that the family had a lot of fights and scheming, but he didn't expect that he would use such a sinister trick to murder a person.

   Those who wield knives and swords can still fight against each other, but how can mortals compare with those who can do magic?

   Isn't this being crushed by ants against elephants?

  Yue Ding looked at Qin Liuxi and said, "Is there really such a sinister technique in the world?"

"There are no wonders in the world. Righteousness and evil are divided into two ways. There are those who practice the way and there are those who cultivate the evil way. There are more sinister things than this, such as borrowing fate to borrow luck, laying black hands on other people's ancestral graves, etc." Qin Liuxi lazily Authentic: "Forbidden art, as long as it pays the price, there will always be evil ways willing to take risks for it, everything depends on the profit."

  Everyone felt sorry for each other, and inexplicably felt a little awe of Buddhism and Taoism.

   Having said this, several people didn't talk about this heavy topic anymore, they only picked light ones, but most of the audience was Xiong Er who was asking his role model idol about the naval battle, and his expressions and words were very longing.

  He is also a person who loves martial arts, he can practice his skills well, and he also yearns for the military camp, but he is only brave but not resourceful, and if he can only go on the rampage, he is a taboo on the battlefield.

Yue Ding also saw Xiong Er's temperament, and said: "To become a soldier, you don't just have to charge forward, you also have to understand strategy and have a plan, otherwise it's just giving away the head for nothing. Even if you don't have this plan, you must have one around you." A military adviser who understands strategy, and a general can only listen to advice, and few generals who are self-willed will end up."

  He paused, and then said: "Soldiers are soldiers as well as human beings. They also have parents, brothers, sisters and children at home. If they lose their lives for the country and the people, it is a well-deserved death. It is too unfair to die unjustly with a stupid general."

Jing Xiaosi patted Xiong Er when he heard this: "Did you hear that, if you want to be a soldier and a general, you should study the art of war first. Knowing how to use brute tactics is of no use, and you can't even change formations. It's a hindrance, harming people and harming others." Has."

   "Understood." Xiong Er touched his head and looked at Yue Ding: "If there is something I don't understand, may I ask you, little general?"

   "The general dare not take responsibility. I am a few years older than you. You can call me brother-in-law. My name is Tingfeng. If you write, I will reply."

  Xiong Er was the most familiar, so he immediately called Brother Tingfeng.

  At this time, Xiao Er came to deliver the food, Feng Zu couldn't bear it long ago, and said, "Don't talk about it, let's eat."

   Meals with these eyesores are not pleasant at all, they are extremely eyesores.

  The few people stopped talking and started to pick up their chopsticks. They didn't start talking until they were almost done eating. But at this time, there was a noisy sound from downstairs, accompanied by screams.

   Everyone looked at each other.

   "Go and see?"

  The few people were not afraid of anything, they walked out of the private room, and many people also came out, rushing to the stairs and looking downstairs.

  (end of this chapter)