MTL - Peasant Woman’s Decreed Life as a Wife-Chapter 2550 Promotion (full text)

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  Chapter 2550 Promotion (full text)

   And with the approach of early winter.

  Different from previous years, it began to snow heavily in early winter, and the temperature dropped suddenly. The rich and noble families in the capital were fine, but ordinary people’s lives were miserable.

   "Ah Yu, there is news from the palace. I want to go to the palace. You should go to bed earlier." Chu Heng was sleeping in bed with Ye Muyu in the bed, and he finally took a rest today, so he was so happy that he didn't go to the yamen.

   As a result, news came from the palace.

   Said that Emperor Xuanming summoned him.

  He had to get up, put on his clothes and hurried out.

  Ye Muyu simply took some gifts and went to the palace.

  Chu Heng walked into the palace and found that Emperor Xuanming only summoned himself this time.

  He was brought into the emperor's bedroom carefully.

   Seeing that it was not the Imperial Study Room, Chu Heng raised his heart, and before he got close, he heard a few coughing sounds.

  He Dequan lowered his head halfway, and reminded in a low voice: "Recently, the emperor has felt a little cold, and Mr. Chu, please take care of him."

   "Thank you for reminding me, father-in-law." Chu Heng walked in and knelt down to salute. Emperor Xuanming, who was leaning on the bed, didn't make a sound for a long time, but he could clearly feel that his eyes were on top of his head.

  Chu Heng remained as still as a mountain, maintaining a rigorous attitude, neither raising his head nor making a sound.

   I don't know how long it has been.

  It was so long that Chu Heng was covered with the incense in the palace, and the emperor Xuanming, who was at the top, spoke out, which revealed his fatigue.

   "Chu Aiqing, stand up and speak."

   "Yes." Chu Heng stood up and patted the official uniform.

   Looking up, sure enough, Emperor Xuanming seemed to have aged many years in an instant.

  Emperor Xuanming looked at him lightly, but there were deep emotions hidden in his eyes: "Chu Aiqing, take a look."

   As he spoke, he threw a few secret letters to Chu Heng.

  Chu Heng took it, and after reading it, he frowned slightly, and said, "Your Majesty, what do you need me to do when you tell me this?"

"I want you to shovel out the forces in the south of the Yangtze River and eliminate the officials in the north who colluded with the Beirong people. Are you willing?" Emperor Xuanming's face was abnormally ruddy, his eyes were spitting fire, and he almost gritted his teeth and said: "Now my Great Chu is thriving on the surface, and the prosperous age is approaching, and some people dare to collude with the enemy and betray the country!"

  Chu Heng was not surprised at all. Wasn’t the purpose of Qi Shangshu to win over the Beirong people back then was to get a lot of money.

  Of course, there are business contacts between the two places, and it will be much easier to pass on news. Once Qi Shangshu is unsatisfactory in the court, or wants to get more benefits, it is not surprising that he chooses to cooperate with people from the North.

   After all, the reform and appointment of talents in the DPRK and China has actually weakened the power of the official minister to a large extent.

   Qi Shangshu is not in a hurry.

   It's a pity that when he suggested that Emperor Xuanming build the Department of Commerce and Administration to all parts of the country, it was not for making money, but for centralizing power from the side.

   Otherwise, it would not be as easy for Emperor Xuanming to capture the evidence of Qi Shangshu as it is now.

   "I obey the emperor's orders." Chu Heng pretended not to see Emperor Xuanming's temptation.

  Anyway, he had already retreated. The Secretary of Commerce and Administration seemed to be in the hands of the emperor, but he could actually use this to protect his family.

   In addition to this, there are other back roads.

   This is when Emperor Xuanming saw that he could not choose one of the two princes to inherit the throne, so he made a decision.

  He is not happy to let himself be involved in the royal family's succession.

   "Okay." Emperor Xuanming said meaningfully: "Aren't you afraid that if I send you out, you won't come back?"

Chu Heng panicked for a moment, and then knelt down: "Your Majesty, I am a subject, so I should do my duty. I have no right to question how the emperor uses it. I just need to seek government affairs in his position. I just hope that the emperor can help you." Taking care of the minister's family, the minister will devote himself to death."

   "It's so hard work." Emperor Xuanming's face was flushed, and after coughing a few times, his eyes were filled with ruthlessness: "As long as I live, I will never let those rebellious officials and thieves mess with my country."

   "From today onwards, you will enter the cabinet as the right assistant, assisting the Sixth Department of the Government."

   same year.

  Emperor Xuanming made a drastic move, and beheaded ten officials in the frontier of the Northern Land, causing rivers of blood to flow.

  The Jiangnan shipping industry is firmly in the hands of the Secretary of Commerce and Administration, and is controlled by the emperor.

  In the 20th year of Yuankang, Emperor Mingzong was seriously ill. He made the fourth prince Rong Wang the crown prince and taught him himself.

   When the snow is falling.

  Old Zhong Ge retired and returned to his hometown, Chu Heng was called into the palace, walked out of the palace two hours later, and stepped into the position of Zuo Shoufu, starting his life of being under one man and above ten thousand people.

   "Ah Heng?" Ye Muyu lifted the curtain of the carriage and waved to him: "Get in the carriage quickly, why are you standing there, it's not cold."

   "Not cold." Chu Heng strode up, held her hand, and said softly, "I was just thinking that I have finally fulfilled my promise to you."

   "So, I'm waiting for you to retire and return to your hometown early, don't be like Zhong Ge, tired and sick all over your body."

   "Okay." Chu Heng kissed her on the forehead, looking at the silver-clad capital, as if he saw the warm life with Ah Yu accompanying him for many years to come.

  Rights are a good thing, at least, he no longer has to worry about some inconspicuous person daring to hurt his family.

  Chu Heng and Ye Muyu returned to the mansion.

  I saw all the elders and children in the family came out to welcome them, waving at them with a smile.

   "Come in, let's celebrate quietly, this is a great joy for the ancestors!"

   "My father is amazing, I have to work hard."

   "I'm still young, just let my parents spoil me."

   "Well, son, you have a good grandfather, I really envy you kid."

  The future prince, the future emperor is spitting milk foam and sleeping soundly.

   "Ah Yu, let's go, we're home." Chu Heng grabbed her hand and walked in step by step.

  Ye Muyu smiled like a flower: "Yes, our home."

   "I'm so lucky to have met you."

   "It's nice to have you by my side."

   "Don't forget when we meet, happiness will last forever."

  (end of this chapter)