MTL - Portable Space: The Group Favorite Milk Bag Brings the Whole Family To Open and Hang-Chapter 927 Yeah yeah love baby forever

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  Chapter 927 Yeah yeah love forever baby

  Miss Lin was angry, distressed and funny, and held it back for a long time before she said, "What about the flowers?"

"Flowers?" Uncle Lin said with a smile: "The flowers are really brought here, why don't you? They are kept in the carriage. I put a bucket, but the water in the bucket squeaks, and there is only one bottom left every day..."

  While talking, Yan Qingshan asked the shadow guard to bring in, a small wilted wild flower in a pretty flowerpot.

  Ms. Lin cut it out with scissors, then plugged it in, and shot him a glance: "My father picked flowers for me and wanted you to be here? Are you jealous?"

  Second Uncle Lin was speechless: "Hey, you little girl..."

  Everyone kept joking and laughing, and Grandpa Lin also smiled foolishly, thinking that the matter was over, he was about to sneak down and sit down, but when he turned around, Xinbao had already brought the needle.

  So he took a couch and Xinbao gave the grandfather an injection. Everyone formed a circle, talking and laughing while looking at him.

  Grandpa Lin was an embarrassment.

Xinbao still wanted to scold him: "Grandpa, don't do this in the future, you have to listen to Xinbao! Xinbao is now a princess, and a princess is amazing, so don't force Xinbao... Be careful. Xinbao will cry look!"

  Grandfather Lin nodded repeatedly: "Yes, yes, what Xinbao said is true."

Xinbao continued: "Do you know who was the last person who didn't listen to Xinbao? What happened to him? He is Xinbao's grandfather! Xinbao locked him up and let the terrible second brother give him Study and let him sleep, he will behave well when he leaves the palace... Are you afraid?"

  Grandpa Lin can only say: "Afraid, afraid, grandpa is afraid!"

  Xinbao put away the golden needle in satisfaction, and asked someone to bring medicine for him.

  Uncle Lin just got to the point: "After Xinbao was cured last time, the old man is in good health, and he is not old at all. It is no problem to climb such a small slope. Guess why he is twisting?"

  Ms. Lin said: "Don't be tight-lipped, speak quickly."

  Uncle Lin was mysterious: "Before you moved, didn't Xinbao find a piece of gold?"

   "Ah!" Mrs. Lin suddenly said: "Gold mine!"

  Uncle Lin laughed and said: "Maybe, anyway, our father looked at a stone differently at that time. Before we left, we reported to the county magistrate. The county magistrate asked someone to dig it. I don't know if there will be a gold mine."

  Yan Qingshan was beside him, and said: "Indeed, it was reported yesterday."

   "Yo," said Uncle Lin, "it actually exists. We haven't discovered it for several years."

  Uncle Lin said: "What did you find? There are few people on this mountain now."

He explained: "It's not that you recognize your ancestors and return to your ancestors. The people in the village respect us very much. This mountain belongs to us, so they can't easily come here. If the fruit is ripe, no one will look at it. Dare to steal."

   "Very good." Lady Lin nodded, and said enthusiastically, "Tell me about those people in the village."

Uncle Lin said: "People from the village? Let me tell you, the old patriarch is a sensible person. Once you tell him anything, he will make arrangements clearly...Dragon Boat Festival is also practiced now, running all over the world, our peanut oil is really good It was he who contributed the most, by the way, Mulan, do you still remember a little daughter-in-law named Qin?"

  Ms. Lin asked: "The daughter-in-law of Mrs. Hu's family?"

   "That's right, that's her," Second Uncle Lin said, "She and her man have reconciled, and she is number one in ten miles and eight villages."

The sister-in-law couldn't help interjecting: "You just remember that the family reconciled and left. Why don't you say that the family is muddy and can't support the wall? I didn't say that the family was either bad or stupid. At that time, Sister Qin and her son were studying. Mrs. Hu was competitive, and thought that her grandson had lost the competition with a child in the village, so she listened to whoever said it, and went to Wenqu Xing Temple to get incense ash for the child to eat. She didn't know what was in it, and the child vomited and almost died. , Sister Qin is mad and insists on reconciling."

"At that time, she was a man, what should I say, she was so stubborn this time in her life, and let her take the child away. Sister Qin said later that she was really grateful at that time, and she really let go... because of what, because of her Even if the man became stubborn at that time, it would be fine if he separated from his mother-in-law. He would act as a personal servant even if he was not good, but he was afraid that people would say that he was not filial, that the eldest son would not support his parents, so he pushed his son to her. He didn't even think about it, although she is a little clever, it's not easy to raise a son without a man in the family. "

  The sister-in-law paused for a moment: "Sister Qin is careful. She and I guard the peanut oil shop in the town. She can help a lot. When I left, I entrusted the shop to her."

  Ms. Lin nodded, and couldn't help asking: "Who are they, Tang Juanzi and Chen Yuhua?"

  Yan Shifan twitched the corner of his mouth, but he still hasn't forgotten these two people!

The sister-in-law is very clear: "You don't know, Tang Juanzi is very miserable. Every day, she feels that she is a fairy, and her marriage is high or low. Just last year... hooked up with a peddler, and then the peddler ran away and reported it to her." When the officer brought her back, the salesman said she was not..."

She saw that there was a child in the house, so she didn't go on. She said, "Anyway, that's all. It's nothing. The whole family is beating and scolding every day. It's Chen Yuhua, you just married in the second year after you left. In the city, I married the son of a tofu shop, and I heard that life is not bad."

  Miss Lin nodded: "That's actually a smart girl."

She didn't think it was too troublesome, and when she thought of who would ask whom, several people chattered, and in the end Yan Shifan laughed, and called a few children: "Xiaobai Xiaoqiao, haven't you practiced martial arts? Let's go, Let's go out and try two tricks."

  Little Five and Little Six jumped up and followed them out, and of course Yan Shichang and Lin Xingsong also followed out to have a look.

  Xinbao followed, looked at it for a while, then turned to look for Yeye.

  Emperor Ming Pei was a little surprised to see her coming so soon after seeing her, but when he thought about it, the child kissed whomever he stayed with for a long time, maybe it was because he hadn't seen them for a few years.

  He hugged her on her knees and said with a smile, "Xinbao met grandpa? Does grandpa miss Xinbaoer?"

   "I think about it," Xinbao nodded, then shook his head again: "But A Niang is the heart treasure of grandpa and uncle."

  Emperor Ming Pei was taken aback for a moment, and saw the little girl in his arms turn around, and Putao looked at him with clear eyes: "But Xinbao is not jealous, because Xinbao has it."

  Emperor Ming Pei's heart softened, and he said with a smile: "Yes, there is a treasure in my heart."

  Xinbao turned around and put his hands on his face: "Then when Xinbao grows to be as big as A Niang, will you still love Xinbao?"

   "Love," Emperor Ming Pei said, "Of course I love you. Yea, I have loved Bao'er so much all my life."

  The grandparents and grandson hugged each other affectionately, and they separated after a long time.

Yuan Shenjue sat beside him, told them about the gold mine, and said with a smile: "I heard that the people over there are going crazy, and everyone is convincing that there is no gold mine in the first place, because Xinbao and the others used to live there, and only then did the gold mine grow. The piece of dog-head gold that Xinbao discovered before was the seed of the gold mine... The reason why Uncle Zhun was left there later was also because he wanted to guard the gold mine so that The gold mine grows, if it is not too small, it cannot be dug.”

  Emperor Ming Pei was also a little funny: "It is indeed a coincidence. But it is indeed legendary."

   Only Xinbao's focus is different: "But shouldn't the seeds be planted? Is that piece of dog head gold still at home?"

  Yuan Shenjue said solemnly: "Gold mine seeds are different from flowers and trees seeds. Gold mine seeds don't need to be planted in the ground, they can be planted in Xinbao's house."

  Because his wife seldom made bad jokes, Xinbao was fooled by him, looked at him and nodded: "Oh."

  Emperor Ming Pei laughed.

  (end of this chapter)