MTL - Portable Space: The Peasant Princess-Chapter 1326 season finale

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 Chapter 1326 Finale

Before Gu Panxia could react, a cold voice sounded from behind her at the right time.

“Lu Xuefei, stay away from my wife!”

Immediately afterwards, Gu Panxia felt that her son was being torn away from her body.

She looked at Lu Yuan, who had a dark face, and then looked at her son who was smiling proudly, and she suddenly felt a little clearer.

 Emotions, this little guy is angry that his father asked him to help, so he deliberately made his father angry.

 He spread his hands, and his handsome face that looked like Lu Yuan was filled with a lazy smile.

“Since dad is here to help, I’ll go back and sit down first.”

Lu Yuan, who realized that he was being tricked by his son, was not angry, and even asked Lin Yuheng to go back and sit down, while he helped from the side.

Lu Yuqing held her chin up, looked at Lu Xuefei and said, "Brother, why do you always like to make daddy angry?"

Lu Xuefei looked at Lu Yuan and smiled, then smiled softly at his sister and said, "This is a competition between men. You are still young and don't understand!"

Lin Yuheng said: "You have the nerve to say it, but be careful one day my uncle throws you into the Ziyun Sect's blood pool for training again."

Once, Lu Xuefei kissed his mother's face several times in front of his father. After his father found out, he threw him into the blood pool and trained with the Ziyun Sect disciples for a full year. Be released.

Since then, father and son have been engaged in various "overt and covert fights". Lu Xuefei was able to make his father very jealous. Compared with others, he considered himself inferior.

Gu Panxia looked at her son amusedly, then at Lu Yuan who was standing next to her to help, and said angrily: "You said that after so many years, you are still jealous of children, and you are not afraid of being laughed at. "

Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows disapprovingly and said: "When that boy was young, he always opposed his father and me because of his young age. Now, seeing that he is about to get married, he still dares to stick to you and is not afraid. I'll throw him into a pool of blood again."

 Gu Panxia couldn't laugh or cry when he heard this, and in the end he could only shake his head helplessly.

 “Young master, girl, that’s enough!”

Seeing that the tabletop was beginning to be occupied by various barbecues, Bei Ming hurriedly called out a reminder.

Gu Panxia put the grilled mutton skewers in his hand into the porcelain plate, then took the porcelain plate and returned to his seat with Lu Yuan.

 “Come, Xiaoxia, let’s have a drink.”

He picked up the wine pot and poured a glass for Gu Panxia and others.

Tang Qingyu picked up the wine glass and smiled: "I didn't expect that so many years have passed in the blink of an eye. I am very happy to have you here all these years!"

Gu Panxia and Lin Wanyan also raised their glasses, while the men sat and smiled at the others.

When Lin Yan saw several people finishing their drinks, he raised his glass and said with a smile: "Come on, boss, third, fourth, and all the brothers here, let's have a drink too."

 Others smiled and raised their glasses. For a moment, Prince Yi's palace was filled with laughter.

“Ah Yue, this is delicious, try it!”

Beiming picked up a bunch of mutton skewers and handed them to Jiyue.

Jiyue took it with a smile. After taking a sip, she nodded and said, "Sure enough, I hope Xia's craftsmanship is good and the smell is gone."

Gu Panxia smiled and said nothing. In fact, she sprinkled some cumin powder from the space on it.

 “Ayan, you should try it too.”

Hearing this, Mu Qing also picked up a bunch and handed it to Xue Yan.

Xue Yan looked at him with a smile for a while before reaching out and taking it.

Gu Panxia's lips curled up slightly, and she turned her head and asked Lu Yuan, "Do you want to have a bunch too?"

Lu Yuan put his arm around her waist, chuckled and shook his head: "No, I've already eaten!"

The night stretched infinitely, and the children at the next table were still eating happily. The adults here were also chatting about the past events of their youth, sometimes sighing and sometimes laughing.

 Cold wind blows from all directions from time to time, but no one feels the cold.

Gu Panxia leaned her head lightly on Lu Yuan's shoulder, curled her red lips, and listened to the laughter and laughter of the crowd.

Time flies by, she has lived in this world for more than ten years, and she has also grown from a girl to a mother of two children.

Looking at the table next to the table, where the big one and the small one were sitting side by side at the moment, the smile on her lips was a little deeper, and her eyes were filled with soft light.

Looking back at Fowler who was already drunk but still trying to continue, Wen Shucheng who looked helpless, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess who were as calm and calm as ever, and Lu Qi and Zheng Hebei who had smiling faces. Lin Yan, who was drinking hard, Lin Wanyan, who was smiling softly, and Zhao Bin, who was looking at Lin Wanyan with a smile.

There were also Mu Qing and Xue Yan who were talking with their heads down, and Ji Yue who was holding her chin up to watch Bei Ming and Lin Yan drinking together.

 Gu Panxia suddenly felt a little emotional. Perhaps the reason why she came to this world was just like what the master said. It was destined to be there.

 In this world, she gained family affection, love, friendship, and her two precious children.

 Now, she just wants to watch her children grow up, her relatives to be healthy, her friends to be happy, and to spend the rest of her life with her loved ones hand in hand.

 (End of this chapter)