MTL - Power and Wealth-~ [End this testimonial]

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The end is over.

The power has been written for three years, and many people have also married me for three years. If I counted a few books in front of me, many comrades have been married for five or six years. However, after writing this book, I saw a lot of positive energy. Many of the comrades who had been guilty of blasphemy have expressed their reluctance and blessings. To be honest, this is something I never thought of. I thought that many people would see it. In the end, unexpected. I have written such a city for so many years. It is really so moving and emotional for the first time. I feel very complicated. I think about the buzz of many people before, but now I feel so cute. I think I will follow me from the first book. The brothers and sisters who came down, can not tell the fulfillment.

Thank you for giving me such a good gift and moving.

The new book should still be urban, or my style, rest for a month or two, and fight again later!

Please continue to encourage me, continue to support me, continue to yell at me!

Anyway, I love you! Without your support, you will lose the buzz of everyone, and even if my book is good, it will be incomplete!

this is my book!

It is also our book! (To be continued.)