MTL - Qing Dynasty: Pampering The Queen-Chapter 4272 season finale

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   Chapter 4272 Finale

   Sitting in the sedan chair in brocade clothes and splendid clothes was a female secret guard.

   Mu Jin's mother and son got into the sedan chair at the gate of the palace, but they lost their bags on the way.

   If something goes wrong, there must be demons, and Mu Jin is not stupid, how could she really follow Princess De?

  Since the Fourth Master was not in the capital, and neither was the Crown Prince, she was even more vigilant.

   Besides, it's easy to get into trouble when you listen to incense or something!

  Long Keduo shouted in despair, swung his sword and committed suicide!

  Tong Jia's entire family was immediately controlled by the Imperial Forest Army, and they were surrounded by water.

  The entire capital, whether honorable courtiers or ordinary people, were all stunned and stunned!

  This, this—— is Mr. Long crazy?

Mu Jin came back to his senses, and immediately ordered people to control Concubine De, Shoukang Palace, Jingyang Palace, and Sange's mansion. Together with the ministers who were close to Sange on weekdays, they all issued decrees. It was required to close the door and not go out, and sent a guard to guard it.

  The crowd was in an uproar.

   Of course, some people stood up against it, and angrily accused the Queen of being too much!

Mu Jin went up coldly: "Ben Gong suspects that the attack has something to do with the third elder brother. As for Concubine De, if she hadn't decided to leave the palace to enter the incense, this would not have happened. If it had nothing to do with her, I would have Gong doesn't believe it."

"Bengong is only ordering people to close the door and house arrest. Other than that, this palace will not do anything. The guards here are the guards in front of the royal family, as well as the ancestral mansion, the Dali temple yamen, and the guards in the manor's mansion. , you don't have to worry about what this palace will do in private!"

"Bengong has sent people to quickly ask the emperor to return to Beijing. What this palace means is that after the emperor returns to Beijing, we will interrogate and deal with it! If this palace does something wrong, then I will confess to them and make amends. And you, If anyone dares to guarantee that these people are right, they will stand up and make it clear!"

   These words made everyone go out of the fire and speechless.

  Who dares to guarantee? No one dares!

  This matter has nothing to do with the family, and only fools will stand up to guarantee. If something happens, wouldn’t it be unfortunate?

   Therefore, standing and talking will not hurt your back. Once it is related to your own vital interests, most of these people will be dumb.

   On the Jiangnan side, the fourth elder brother went well, and he did the same as Mu Jin, detained everyone, and then returned to Beijing and left it to Huang Ama to deal with it.

The news of    came back to the capital, and everyone was shocked again.

  In officialdom, there are not many really stupid people, especially in high positions.

  What happened in the capital city and Jiangnan must be related. I'm afraid, I'm afraid that I haven't wronged my third brother.

   Fourth Master got the news and returned to Beijing in less than half a month, with a cold face and anger!

   He has always been ruthless and ruthless.

   This matter has already surfaced, and it is not troublesome to investigate.

   What about the fourth master? There is no need to wait for Dali Temple to go out at all, and personally **** the third brother to drink and ask.

  The third brother was afraid of him at first, and he knew that he couldn't escape at this point, so he simply admitted it and complained that the fourth master was biased, otherwise, he would not have taken this step.

  The Fourth Master was furious and eccentric? He didn't even look at what he had done all these years, and dared to complain about his partiality? He thought that once his name was decided, he would give up, but he didn't expect, oh, he's not small!

  The Fourth Master didn't even bother to explain, and said coldly: "You are incompetent, and I am biased, so what?"

   Three elder brothers spit out blood on the spot

   If Mu Jin hadn't persuaded him, the Fourth Master would have killed him.

   Although he did not die, he was also deprived of his title and title. He was placed under house arrest to guard the imperial mausoleum, and he was not allowed to leave for the rest of his life.

  San Fujin made a lot of noise and wanted to reconcile, and ran back to the Wengniu Special Department, but the fourth master did not stop him.

  The culprit, the third brother, has been recognized, what else can the others do?

   For a time, the capital and Jiangnan disposed of countless officials, seized countless homes, beheaded and exiled countless.

  It took two full months for the storm to pass.

   As for Concubine Qi, she was deposed as a commoner and sent to the cold palace.

   Da Gege was also abolished as a commoner and exiled together with the Bai family.

   Conspiracy is such a thing, as long as you have a little bit of edge, it is impossible to keep it safe.

   If it wasn't for Mu Jin's persuasion, I'm afraid that many exiled families are not exiled at all, but beheaded.

   Although Concubine De was still a concubine, Shoukang Palace was sealed, and Xigu was given death. From then on, Concubine De, unless the Emperor Taishang wanted to see her, she would never see half an outsider again, not even the Fourteenth Master.

  The Fourteenth Master will not go to see her again. Knowing that he was being used by her, the fourteenth master was hit hard, and he almost apologized for his death in front of the fourth master. The fourth master was full of anger and wanted to chop him, but he was so soft-hearted that he didn't care about him, and only punished him to think behind closed doors for half a year.

   After this mess was dealt with, the fourth master fell ill.

   All state affairs were entrusted to the crown prince, and Mu Jin accompanied the fourth master to recuperate in Yuanmingyuan.

  Fourth Master was exhausted, he held Mu Jin in his arms and sighed with self-deprecation: "Fortunately, I have Jin'er by my side!"

   He suddenly felt that he didn't seem to be young anymore, and such a thing almost knocked him down.

   That idiot, the third child!

  In March of the following year, the grass grows Yingfei, and the fourth elder brother officially married Guarjia Yunmin and conferred the title of Crown Princess.

  Shengjing's Guerjia family wanted to dance again, but Princess Li was tough this time, no matter what they asked, they would not be allowed to leave Shengjing.

   Don't even think about it in this life!

   They even wanted to behead first and then file, but halfway through, they were taken by the people who were taking care of the princess, and then sent back in embarrassment.

   After another six months, the fourth master led Mu Jin to visit in private and left the Yuanmingyuan.

   Those concubines and nobles in the harem, Mu Jin discussed with the fourth master, if you want to get married, hide your identity and leave the capital far away, accompany a generous dowry, just marry. If you don't want to, you can live in the Yuanmingyuan and enjoy your old age in peace.

   In the palace, it was essentially a new owner, the prince and the princess. After three years at most, the fourth master will definitely be in the meditation position, and the wind has already been released.

  It would be inappropriate for them to stay in the palace.

   In the end, only Ning Guiren begged to go. After Mu Jin forced her to swear that she would not reveal her identity or say a word about the palace, she rewarded her with 200,000 taels of silver notes and two boxes of jewelry worth thousands of gold. Reply to life.

   As for Mu Jin and the fourth master, from then on, they were truly wealthy and leisurely, walking all over the country like paint and glue, watching the world's scenery.

   "Look, Jin'er, I will do what I promise you!"

   Mu Jin giggled and said brightly, "Your Majesty is wise!"

   The two looked at each other and laughed.

  Besides each other, for them, it is the best scenery, the others are the icing on the cake! (End of full text)



   Just when the Prince was counted down to the throne for one year, a huge fleet from Nanyang stopped at the port of Qing Dynasty. The owner of the ship was a famous ship king in the Nanyang area.

   It is said that the ancestors of the boat king were from Shanxi in the Qing Dynasty. He was ordered by his father to return to the Qing Dynasty and return to the Qing Dynasty to settle down.

  The ship king is really famous. He owns hundreds of big ships and is the richest in the world.

   The return of a big guy of this level is naturally not a trivial matter.

  The prince expressed his welcome, and specially sent an imperial messenger to Jiangnan to greet him and invited him to Beijing.

  The ship king readily agreed, with full sincerity.

   Of course he would. After all these years, the son of the Sea Wolf King, who was once a tyrant in the sea, finally came ashore after being whitewashed. He still remembers his little princess!

  The ship king was playing with a hollowed-out ivory ball in his hand, which was exactly the same as the one that Sisige got in the past.

  Only the ship king knows that each of the two ivory **** contains half a map, which together form a treasure map, which contains the treasures that have been looted by generations of fathers and grandparents.

   He plans to use this ivory ball as a dowry

   However, the Qing Dynasty is very rich now, and the visible will be more and more rich. Even if he holds the treasure as a dowry, it is not so easy to marry the most honorable little princess in the Qing Dynasty.

   But it doesn't matter, the little princess will definitely be his!

   In the palace, Sisige sneezed several times, and Jasmine was so frightened that she hurriedly closed the window: "Don't catch a cold, Gege!"

  Si Sigege was not angry, and raised his eyebrows proudly: "Is Ben Gong's body so weak? There is no such thing as catching a cold!"

   Jasmine giggled, her eyebrows curved: "Yes, yes, the slave is wrong, it must be, there must be someone thinking about it!"

   Si Sigeg blinked: "Well, it must be the Queen Mother!"

   "Slave thinks so too!"


  The master and the servant were chatting and laughing, they were carefree, and the sky was just right. (End of full text)

   It's finally over, scatter flowers ヽ(°▽°)ノ

   Everything that should be explained has already been explained, and there is no need to write too much detail, otherwise it will be endless. The latter part can actually be viewed as a sideshow, because it's all about children. As for our fourth master and Jin'er, the sisters just need to know that they will always be sweet and sweet! Bless all the sisters, life and love are so sweet!

   In the blink of an eye, more than a year has passed, and it finally came to an end. Thank you babies for accompanying 11, witnessing Jin'er's growth and life, and the happiness of her and the fourth master.

   11 The new book has been opened. If you are interested, you can bookmark it. 11 Welcome! looking forward to! "After Being Forced to Marry His Ex-Fiancé", separated by blood feuds, the male and female protagonists who were forced to marry because of marriage contracts and conspiracy calculations, what kind of sparks will they collide?



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