MTL - Quick Transmigration Counterattack: Mysterious Boss, Don’t Tease-Chapter 3411 Night out (the finale)

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Chapter 3411 Dark Night (The Finale)

God seems to have a joke with him.

I don't know when it started, there is something different in her eyes.

He thought it was his own illusion, but looking at her step by step layout, he became uncertain.

Seeing people who have been implicated in Gu Ruran, one by one has embarked on a dead end.

Suddenly there was a guess in his mind that he and the woman were involved in it?

In his heart, he is only a task.

Does she think so?

The night was a little confused, and for the first time in my life, I was confused.

Until that day, she looked at her own eyes, and the indiscriminate expression of killing made him understand.

Perhaps he is her next goal.

However, in a corner of my heart, there is a voice telling myself that it is my own illusion.

The night squatted down the terrible thoughts and buried them deep in my heart.

Until that day, she said: "The period of one year is coming soon. In the last three months, I want you to do something for me. This is very dangerous, you are very likely to die. In the quest, you can choose to do it or you can choose to reject it."

That moment has been suppressing the **** deepening of the scar in the bottom of my heart.

This day is here.

This life is her, she wants to take back, he will not refuse.

Day and night, day in January, arrived in Laos.

After observing for half a month, I quietly touched the palace and was ready to start, and heard the secret in the study.

A whole body was injured, and the half-disabled person was sent to the royal study room, which was personally interviewed by the king.

That person is not someone else. It was the North Rain that was let go, let him inform the king of the king.

He originally told the king of the rain that he had said in the beginning.

At that moment, the dark night understood and understood her mind.

After all, he is different from those in her heart.

This understanding made his dead heart rekindled hopes of life.

The assassination of the mortal heart, now shrinking, even knowing that from now on, the king will increase the guard, more difficult to kill, he still retired.

He wants to go back alive and wants to stand in front of her again and ask the question that he never asked.

The dark night began to lurk, and the dark guards around the king gradually increased. He did not move, but waited for a moment.

Two months later, the king traveled, let him find the opportunity to successfully kill the king. But it was quickly noticed by the dark guards, and countless secret guards began to kill.

Going back and fighting, knowing that there is no way to retreat.

A flying sword stabbed his chest, and his body fell like a broken kite. He couldn't hear the sound of the flowing water under the cliff, and the night came to his mind.

She looked at herself with a smile, and the curved alum was like a star, branded in his heart.

"Why are you always wearing a mask?"

“Is it the first person to see your face and become your wife?”

He wants to tell her.


The first person who took off his mask and saw the face will only be his wife.

Unfortunately, he could not tell her.

The line of sight in front of the eyes gradually became blurred, and slammed into the river. Before the coma, a familiar voice sounded like a sound on the ear.

"Dark night, dark night."



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