MTL - Quick Transmigration: Heroine Arrives, Woman Rapidly Retreats!-Chapter 2214 I will give you the whole world [full text]

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This time the two did not separate.

Nor is it attached to anyone.

Gu Sheng, after opening his eyes, saw the Tsing Yi man holding his own hand.

"This is my incarnation." Ji Wei said.

His deity still has no way to come here.

Gu Sheng looked up at him.

There are gray places everywhere, there is nothing in the eyes, no living, no plants, no sound, even mountains and rivers have never existed.

"This is..." Gu Sheng’s mood flashed a thought.

Ji Yun looked at her sideways: "Ain, this is your world."

Gu Sheng has widened his eyes.

When Ji Yun’s voice fell, the gray front in front of him suddenly separated automatically, and the heavens and the earth suddenly separated.

Gu Sheng was shocked to see the scene in front of him, although he had seen it in the memory of Ji Yun, but after all, he did not see it with his own eyes.

She witnessed the birth of a world!


Ji Yun took her hand, and the two walked in the void.

"What do you want?" Ji Yun suddenly asked.

Gu Sheng looked at him because of some confusion.

Ji Yun reached out and gently pointed it up with his fingertips: "The sun."

A large golden fireball was born in the sky, and the whole world was brightened.

Gu Sheng understood his meaning in an instant.

She asked with some excitement: "Can I?"

Ji Wei smiled: "Try."

Gu Sheng gave birth by hand and gently clicked next to the sun: "The moon."

The radiance of the cold spread, and a bright moon of silver appeared on the edge of the sun.

The sun and the moon are volleying, and the sky will be shined on the ground.

Gu Sheng looked at this scene with some excitement, and could not help but say: "Star."

With her words, countless tiny spots of light appeared in the sky.

She was as happy as a child, slowly looked into the world, and read a word in her mouth: "White clouds, rivers, mountains..."

Later, she said the sooner, until she finally closed her eyes.

She did not speak again, but the surrounding environment has changed dramatically faster than before.

Everything in the normal world should appear in the surroundings and creatures slowly, and Gu Sheng is more and more solemn because of the expression of the whole person.

Ji Wei smiled at her, as she looked, she finally realized the essence of creation.

As the sun rises and falls, the battle moves to the stars, Gu Sheng has been sitting with his eyes closed, and Ji Wei, who has been standing by her side waiting.

I don't know how long it took, Gu Sheng opened his eyes.

At this time, the whole world is completely different in her eyes.

She can hear the sound of water flowing thousands of miles away. She can understand what the wind in her ear is saying, and even if she wants, she can easily know the thoughts of any creature in the world.

In this world, she is the **** who controls everything.

"how do you feel?"

Gu Sheng stood on the side of Ji Yun because of his body shape: "I feel very good, this world is like my child."

Ji Yun looked at her gently: "So, the gift I sent you, is the right one."

"It's the name, called the Sanctuary."

Love you, give you the world.

This is the world that Ji Yun gave to Gu Sheng.

This is Ji Wei, the love for Gu Sheng.