MTL - Rebirth 90s: Sweetheart Cub


Authors : orange

Status : Completed

Genres : Romance

Chapters: 578

Last update: a year ago

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The little beggar Qiqi was reborn.Back when she was four and a half years old, on the eve of being beaten into a fool, she was burdened, and she took her arrogant system "Dandan" with her, and started the journey of Gou Fugui.Since the arrival of Qiqi, the poorest Taoxi Village within a radius of ten miles, the barren land has become fertile, the crops have been bumper, and the villagers have less pain.Seeing the small bungalows being built in Taoxi Village, the old parents came to the door and wanted to take Qiqi back.The female entrepreneur who stayed at Qiqi's house to eat, drink, and never left, sneered coldly: "I didn't ask you to settle the account of stealing my daughter, and now I dare to come to the door, looking for death!"The wealthy and powerful person who stalks Qiqi's family, his eyes are as cold as blades: "Want to have a relationship with my daughter? You are also worthy!"*Xiao Li, the crown prince in the Beijing circle, is surly and surly. He has a fierce reputation and no one dares to provoke him. A car accident gave him frequent nightmares. In his dreams, he turned into a ghost system!Xiao Li became irritable online.Later, at the dinner party of the Yan family, the top wealthy family in the capital, countless people saw the misogynistic crown prince hugging the delicate and soft little princess of the Yan family, his eyes were scarlet, "So you are here. "The little princess stammered, "You, you are, Eggy?"The man froze, gritted his teeth and smiled sinisterly, "I, yes, you, man!"(Also known as "Peerless Beauty, Miserable, Weak and Poor X Peerless Villain's Spare Tire Prince's Road to Recovery") - Description from novelbuddy