MTL - Reborned as an Orphan Girl With a Spatial Pocket!-Chapter 4996 The effect exceeded expectations (2)

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Chapter 4996 The effect exceeds expectations (2)

So she took something out of the space and put it into the secret compartment, then closed the secret compartment door and walked quickly outside the house.

"How is it? Have you got the things?" Foreman Xie asked Lu Xiaoxiao when Lu Xiaoxiao came out of the house.

 “We’ve got it, this is not the place to talk, let’s leave here first and then talk.”

"Okay." After Foreman Xie finished speaking, he and Lu Xiaoxiao quickly hurried towards the woods.

When they arrived at the grove, Foreman Xie looked at Lu Xiaoxiao expectantly and signaled Lu Xiaoxiao to take out the things quickly.

Lu Xiaoxiao saw Foreman Xie's expectant eyes, she shook her head helplessly, and then handed the things she took out from the secret compartment to Foreman Xie.

After Foreman Xie took what Lu Xiaoxiao handed him, she quickly opened it and took a look. Unfortunately, it was night and he couldn't see clearly what was written on the paper.

So he asked Lu Xiaoxiao: "Xiao girl, have you brought a flashlight?"

“We did, but it’s not easy to use a flashlight here. It’s easy for people to spot us.”

“No, I have a solution. Give me the flashlight.”

After hearing what Foreman Xie said, Lu Xiaoxiao took out the flashlight from her bag and handed it to Foreman Xie, because she also wanted to see what Foreman Xie said.

But when she saw Foreman Xie's method, she was speechless and speechless, because the method Foreman Xie said was to squat on the ground, wrap his head and flashlight with clothes, and curl up there to read what was written on the paper. thing.

However, although this method seems a bit stupid, it is really difficult for people to find that they are using a flashlight, so this method is also a good method.

More than ten minutes later, when Lu Xiaoxiao saw Foreman Xie still squatting there, she couldn't help but asked him, "Have you finished reading?"

"finish watching."

“Then get up quickly, aren’t you tired from squatting?”

Foreman Xie did not stand up after hearing Lu Xiaoxiao's words, but sat directly on the ground.

Then he quickly turned off the flashlight and said to Lu Xiaoxiao: "Xiao girl, Wang Haijun deserves to die. Even if he dies a thousand or ten thousand times, it will not be enough to offset the crime he committed."

After Lu Xiaoxiao heard Foreman Xie's words, although he didn't know what crime Wang Haijun had committed, but to make Foreman Xie so angry, it proved that the crimes Wang Haijun had committed must be the outrage of humans and gods, otherwise Foreman Xie wouldn't be so angry. .

So she said to Foreman Xie: "Second Master, since we now have evidence of Wang Haijun's crime, let's arrest him quickly to prevent him from running away."

Foreman Xie nodded after hearing what Lu Xiaoxiao said, and then he said to Lu Xiaoxiao: "You don't need to get involved in the next thing. I can handle it by myself."

 “I understand, if you need help with anything, please let me know.”

"Okay, it's getting late. Go back and rest quickly. Things will come to an end within two days at the latest."

Lu Xiaoxiao nodded after hearing what Foreman Xie said, and was about to leave the grove, but when she thought of the things she put in the secret compartment, she said to Foreman Xie: "Second Master, I left some good things for Wang Haijun , I think those things will be helpful to you.”

 “I understand, go back to town quickly.”

"Okay, then I'm leaving." After Lu Xiaoxiao finished speaking, she walked out of the grove without looking back and rushed towards the town.

 Sometimes I still don’t want to be reconciled

 (End of this chapter)