MTL - Reborned as an Orphan Girl With a Spatial Pocket!-Chapter 5074 Killer

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“Master, the venue has been prepared.” The entourage said to Huang Jiaren when he returned to Huang Jiaren.

 “Lead the way.”


 A few minutes later, Lu Xiaoxiao followed Huang Jiaren to an open space. At this time, several fires were raised in the open space, illuminating the open space very brightly.

It seems that the follower is quite powerful. He was able to create such a place in a short time. It's a pity that he followed the wrong person.

But what does this have to do with her? There are so many capable people in the world that even if she cherishes her talents, she can't spare them.

 So she did not look at the entourage again, but asked Huang Jiaren: "Compared to what?"


 “Sure, what kind of shooting method?”

“It’s very simple, we shoot an arrow at each other, and whoever hits the arrow loses.”


After hearing what Lu Xiaoxiao said, Huang Jiaren asked his entourage to pass a bow and arrow to Lu Xiaoxiao, and he took out the bow and arrow he was used to, and then took out an arrow and put it on the bow.

 He opened his mouth again and said to Lu Xiaoxiao: "Let's get started."

Lu Xiaoxiao nodded after hearing Huang Jiaren's words, and then she also picked up an arrow and put it on her bow.

However, she was not in a hurry to shoot out. Instead, she waited for Huang Jiaren to shoot the arrow before she drew the bow and shot the arrow.

"Master, I will take you to the hospital." The attendant saw that Huang Jiaren's chest was shot through by an arrow, and he immediately stretched out his hand to support Huang Jiaren.

"Not urgent."

“But you were shot through the chest with an arrow.”

After hearing what the entourage said, Huang Jiaren ignored the entourage and looked at Lu Xiaoxiao who was standing opposite him.

After a while, he opened his mouth and said to Lu Xiaoxiao: "Thank you for showing mercy." "Give me the bet I won."

 “Give him the money.”

Even though the attendant was reluctant to give the money to Lu Xiaoxiao after hearing Huang Jiaren's words, he still carried the box and walked towards Lu Xiaoxiao.

 After he handed the money to Lu Xiaoxiao, he whispered a warning to Lu Xiaoxiao, turned around and ran towards Huang Jiaren.

 Lu Xiaoxiao narrowed her eyes dangerously as she looked at the back of her follower running further and further away, and then she took out the flare in her bag and fired it.

“Boss, Mr. Xiao has sent out a flare.” Monkey immediately shouted to Zhang Xu when he saw the flare.

After hearing what the monkey said, Zhang Xu looked up to the sky. After the light of the flare disappeared, he said to the monkey: "You and Mu Mu lead people to block the front and rear exits and don't let anyone come out. "

"Yes." After the monkey finished speaking, he and the wood left with the people.

After the monkey and Mumu left, the gray cat asked Zhang Xu: "Boss, should we rush in directly now or what?"

“Just wait for people to rush in. Judging from the launch location of the signal flare, they should be in the backyard now.”

"Okay." After the gray cat finished speaking, he and Zhang Xu walked toward the back door.

When they arrived at the back door, they saw that the monkey had already opened the back door, and they entered the backyard without any hindrance.

"Why are you here?" Huang Jiaren, who was asking Lu Xiaoxiao where the flare came from, asked Zhang Xu in horror when he saw Zhang Xu's group of people.

 Zhang Xu ignored Huang Jiaren after hearing what Huang Jiaren said. Instead, he walked to Lu Xiaoxiao and asked Lu Xiaoxiao, "Are you okay? Are you injured?"


“That’s good, you go find the monkey outside the courtyard first, and leave the rest to me.”

Lu Xiaoxiao nodded after hearing Lu Xiaoxiao's words, and then she walked out of the courtyard carrying her trophies.