MTL - Returning to ’90s, She Became Famous in Major Surgical Fields-Chapter 3877 【3819】playing with fire

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  Chapter 3877 [3819] Playing with fire and self-immolation

  "Yingying." When Cao Yong, who called her to make sure she had read all the information, asked her, he could feel the subtle emotions on the other side from the phone line.

   "I believe brother, if there is a patient who needs the brother to take risks, the brother will definitely not have other worries and will only go on stage." Xie Wanying said.

  Cao Yong frowned, why did she feel that her words sounded nonsensical, but in fact there was something too deep in her words.

  A doctor's practice of medicine is cultivated from a young age. This is also why the leaders of the National Association of China punished Zhang Xiaohui heavily in the incident.

  If you do something wrong when you are young and don’t punish it, letting it develop will not only affect the doctor himself, but even affect the doctor’s apprentices.

   Medicine is famous for its apprenticeship system.

  Doctors clean themselves is equivalent to being a teacher clean. This self-knowledge is not shared by all doctors.

  According to her recollection, Dr. Guo should be about forty years old now, and he should have brought a group of apprentices including her cousin. If something happens, can Ding Wenze and this Dr. Guo be expected to cover Dr. Shao's case? She felt that she might as well count on Brother Cao, who is not this specialist.

  I hope she thinks more. I hope that the Dr. Guo at this moment is not the Dr. Guo in her memory before she was reborn.

  When she spoke on the phone, the conference room where she was located had not officially started the meeting, and one or two doctors present were all secretly listening to her.

  Boss Zhang pushed open the door of the meeting room and walked in. His small gray pupils scanned her eyes and said, "Dr. Xie, have you heard the news? How does it feel to compete with the old unit, the National Association?"

  Boss Zhang has clairvoyant eyes and rabbit ears, so he knows what she is listening to as soon as he enters the door.

  According to the information she got from senior brother Cao, Xie Wanying said sincerely: "Good thing."

  It is definitely a good thing to be considerate of the patient. She can trust the practice of the teachers of the Guoxie and Senior Brother Cao. The teachers of the Guoxie are the last line of defense for this operation.

  Others looked at the expression on her face in amazement, wondering if she was too confident or because the information was too stimulating and she needed to use these words to cheer herself up.

   "You—" Mr. Zhang waved his hand and pointed to the inscrutable smile on her face, "Did God predict anything?"

  Xie Wanying quickly shut up, for fear of revealing her secrets.

  Brother Zhang sits down, and the meeting is ready to start.

   When it comes to competition in the medical circle, the emphasis is on the technology being more advanced than the other party and releasing it first.

  Since their Guozhi surgery demonstration surprised everyone, it proved that the technology was further completed than the previous successful surgery of Company B. Company B is playing a group arena with them this time, similarly, it is adding difficulty to their surgical cases to show that their skills can go a step further.

   "The case of surgery performed by the other party said that in addition to coronary artery problems, there were also bullae."

  Pulmonary bullae refer to pulmonary bullae.

   Last time I talked about the limitations of COPD on surgical anesthesia. This patient with bullae should be equally at risk. Therefore, the other party's operation may be to deal with the bullae first. In this case, the opponent's surgery is equivalent to lung surgery and heart surgery together, which is an unprecedented breakthrough.

  Brother Zhang estimates that the bullae should not be large. The other party can't really take risks, just to show off his skills and cut a small bubble by the way.

  No matter how the opponent played a stronger card, Mr. Zhang encouraged his doctor team and said, "I personally think they are playing with fire."

  Boss Zhang’s venomous tongue was bad enough, seeing that the other party’s bid was higher, he simply said that he was playing fire and self-immolation, and didn’t want to think that he was playing a bigger one.

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