MTL - The Eldest Sister Has Space-Chapter 3760 Extra finale

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   Chapter 3760 Fanwai Finale

   Two years later.

   Chi Chi rode his proud little donkey and walked leisurely to the gate of the city.

   After walking for a while, he finally couldn't help it. He turned his head and squinted at the person beside him. He sneered, "I didn't expect you to look honest on weekdays, but it turned out to be a big-tailed wolf."

   Boss Yu just smiled, "Do I look honest on weekdays?"

   "Hmph, at least not showing a little bit of footsteps in front of us."

   Boss Yu wants to say, I don't have contact with you every day, so of course you won't find it.

   But he is in a good mood now, and he doesn't care about Chi Chi's yin and yang anger.

Chi Chi was still very angry, "My cousin Ruyi, there are so many well-behaved girls, how could you be deceived by your wolf? I didn't even know that you had infiltrated Fengxian in the past two years. My cousin Ruyi has two marriages."

Boss Yu waved his hand, "I can't say that, I didn't destroy Ruyi's marriage. Ruyi is my savior after all, I was worried about the inhumane she encountered, so I found someone to check, who knows that the other party is not good Things. You don't want your cousin Ruyi to fall into the fire pit, I just pulled her so that she won't suffer in the future. "

   Chi Chi smiled but said, "It sounds like you are so great, you are lucky, neither of those two are good people. What if my cousin meets a decent gentleman?"

   said this, a stern look flashed across Boss Yu's eyes quickly, "There aren't many upright gentlemen in this world." Even if there were, few could stand the temptation.

   Chi Chi was extremely worried, "My cousin is just a simple little white rabbit, will she not be bullied to death by you in the future?"

   "I won't bully her." Boss Yu became very serious.

   He looks like this, but he is not used to it.

   He looked at him for a moment, his voice sank, "It's better, otherwise I won't let you go."

   "Thank you."

   Chichi snorted again, and the donkey below him stopped.

He looked back at the betrothal gifts of the three carriages that Boss Yu was carrying behind him, then glanced at Shao Wen, who was instructed by his parents to follow him to Feng County, and finally bowed his hands, "In short, just remember your own words. ,I'm leaving."

   Chichi did not follow him to Feng County. He left the city this time to go to a two-year appointment with Song Yan.

   He's going to... Lai country.

   The country he always wanted to see and learn about.

   He greeted Yi Hai behind him, and then said to Shao Wen, "I'm leaving, I'll say goodbye."

After    and Boss Yu and the others parted ways, Chi Chi and Yi Hai were much faster.

   After passing through Luozhou Prefecture, he went to see Wen Jin, the prefect, and then went to Jingping County again.

   His mother asked him to see the situation of the workshop, and check it out by the way.

   Chichi pretended to be a foreign merchant and went to the workshop for a walk. The workshop here is also very large, and the number of people is not much smaller than that of Yongfu Village.

   In recent years, the Gu family and the Duan family have donated money to build several roads, and Jingping County has become very prosperous.

  I went to see Steward Pei belatedly, and then went to Gu Ji in the county seat to meet Cheng Xiaosong and his wife, everything went well.

   Then I packed up and headed for the border excitedly.

   Until he stood in the territory of the country of Li, Chi Chi suddenly opened his hand and said loudly, "Brother, I'm here."

   He is going to the imperial capital of the Li Kingdom, to the harvest village, to the farm, and to the miasma forest.

   He wanted to see all the roads his parents walked.

  No, he will go to more places, and then go back to his parents for a while, in order to avenge the revenge that they did not leave the brothers and sisters without telling them two years ago! !

   Slowly took a sip of water and waved at Yi Haiyi, "Let's go!!"

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