MTL - The Full-level Daughter, She is Back-Chapter 505 housebreaking

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  In the following days, Zhou Cui'an did not return to live in the dormitory, but continued to live in a hotel outside.

  Of course, she was very moved by what Ling Weiwei and Zhu Qianbi said. She really didn't want to break up with Huangfu Shaohua no matter what. However, no one knows what the future will look like. She naturally wanted to grab everything she could.

   It would be the best if Huangfu Shaohua could buy her a house in the imperial capital while the relationship with Huangfu Shaohua was just right now.

  However, during this period of time, Huangfu Shaohua did not come to find her, and every time she called, the other party was busy. For a while, the two didn't even have the chance to meet each other, let alone anything else.

   She felt a little uneasy about this. However, the lawsuit between her and Ye Leng'an is still in progress, and she dare not disturb Huangfu Shaohua too much, for fear of causing the other party's upset.

  Ye Leng'an still goes to class every day, and when facing the dodging eyes of those people in the campus, there is nothing unusual. Even when meeting Zhou Cui'an in class, it was as if nothing happened. On the other hand, the other party has been avoiding her.

   On this day, Ye Leng'an left the school after finishing the morning class. She has no class in the afternoon, but she has no plan to go to the Huangye Group to find Huangfu Ruiling. Taking advantage of her free time today, she plans to solve some things and clear up her inner doubts by the way.

   Soon, Ye Leng'an drove the car, came to a familiar villa, and stopped.

  The villa in front of me is a bit worse than hers. However, she has lived in this villa for more than ten years. But, now that I think about it, I feel a little bit out of date.

  In fact, it is indeed a world away. Since the first life left here, she has hardly been back here a few times. And in this life, he just came back and moved out of here. Seeing it again suddenly now, I really feel a little dazed.

   Even, once, she thought that she would never set foot here again in her lifetime. Unexpectedly, it is still here now.

   Without any hesitation, he went straight to ring the doorbell.

  When he saw Ye Leng'an standing outside the door, the servant who opened the door was a little stunned. This servant has been working here for a long time, so he naturally knows Ye Leng'an's identity.

   It's just that she doesn't know about the tense confrontation between Ye Leng'an and the Ye family at the moment.

   Before the servant said anything, Ye Leng'an pushed him away and walked in. That attitude seemed particularly arrogant.

   "Miss—" just opened her mouth, and she realized that she had yelled wrongly, and quickly corrected it, "Miss Ye, why did you come in so casually?"

   At this moment, Chen Wanqin came out from the inside. When she saw the person coming, her pupils shrank slightly, and her tone was a little flustered, "Ye Leng'an, why are you here?"

If it was just suspicion at first, after seeing Chen Wanqin's reaction, Ye Leng'an can almost be sure that the people from the Ye family must have done something to apologize to her, otherwise when they saw her, they would not be Such a reaction.

  Recalling the reaction of the Ye family when they met the Ye family in the restaurant, she became more certain of her guess.

   "Ye Leng'an, get out of here." Chen Wanqin scolded sternly, "This is my home, get out of here immediately, or else, don't blame me for being rude."

"Why is Mrs. Ye so angry?" Not only did Ye Leng'an not leave, but she walked towards the living room with ease, and then went directly to the sofa to sit down, "I came here today, but I just wanted to say a few words. I'm just asking you. After I'm done asking, I promise to leave immediately without delay."

  Looking at Ye Leng'an's appearance, Chen Wanqin was so angry that she almost couldn't stand still. Fortunately, a servant nearby helped her, otherwise she must have fallen down.

   "Get out of here." Chen Wanqin pointed directly at Ye Leng'an, her voice raised several degrees, "Otherwise, I will call the police right now and sue you for trespassing."

  She didn't know what Ye Leng'an came to the door for today, but she could still feel that it was not a good thing.

  Besides, probably because she did something wrong, she doesn't want to see Ye Leng'an at all. She was afraid that she would reveal something, and it would be bad if Ye Leng'an noticed something abnormal.

   "You can do whatever you want—" Ye Leng'an spread his hands, and said indifferently, "If you want, you can call the police right now. However, I still need you to explain to me what I want to know."

   "You—" Looking at Ye Leng'an's reckless ruffian, Chen Wanqin felt dizzy in her head, as if she was about to pass out in a second.

"Madam Ye, I suggest you, let Mr. Ye come back first!" Seeing Chen Wanqin's appearance, Ye Leng'an's expression remained unchanged, "Otherwise, I'm really afraid that I will If you can’t control yourself and do something, it’s not good.”

   "Ye Leng'an, what do you want to do?"

  As soon as she heard Ye Leng'an's words, Chen Wanqin immediately became nervous. After Ye Leng'an left Ye's house, they spent several times together. However, those few encounters were not pleasant.

  From those few times of getting along, it can be seen that the current Ye Leng'an has long since lost any affection for them. Therefore, even if something is really done, it is not impossible.

"Now, I don't know how to do anything for the time being." Ye Leng'an shook his head with a smile, "However, if Mr. Ye is unwilling to come back, that's another matter. I heard that Ye's recent meal has also It was brought back to life.”

   "At this time, it should not be able to withstand any toss! If there is another disturbance, I don't know if it will be like this time, so lucky!"

  Suddenly, Chen Wanqin became nervous, "Ye Leng'an, I warn you, don't touch Mrs. Ye."

"That depends on whether Mr. Ye is willing to come back and meet with me." Ye Leng'an's mouth curled up in an indifferent arc, "So, the right to choose is not in my hands, but in yours. .”

  Seeing Ye Leng'an's appearance, Chen Wanqin trembled with anger. However, in the end, he still picked up his mobile phone and called Ye Li.

  She knew in her heart that Ye Shi could not stand any trouble at this moment.