MTL - The Ninth Sister is a Prodigious Beast Master-Chapter 1700 Fanwai Jiuyan and Sake

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  Chapter 1700 Fanwai Jiuyan and Sake

  I have never dared to forget Youyou's words, even if he is dead.

  With Youyou Soul Pill in my body, he gave me all the energy and spirit, so I can think more wildly, not afraid of exhausting energy and spirit, or not being able to support the master.

  In the entire cursed land, there are only seven monsters. After Ah Zi sent her newborn son away, there are only six. After Agul was gone and never returned, there were only five heads left.

  Among the five monsters, I am the most vigorous. They are all dead, and I may not be able to die.

  If I am alive when they are all dead, what's the point?

I have been thinking wildly all day long, thinking about the feeling of Youyou touching my lips at the end, his hand was so white and soft, and gave me the last trace of warmth. He said that he would let me give birth to a fox like him in the future. He gave his name to the little fox that looked like him.

   "Youyou, without you, how could I have such a fox?"

  The master finally came, and she could really be reincarnated. At that moment, I was thinking, the devil emperor can make the master reborn, so what about me? Can Youyou come back?

  I know, I can’t, evil spirits can corrode people’s souls.

  The owner has a nine-tailed Firefox with red hair all over his body. When I saw him, I was very disappointed. Fortunately, he has the same pair of eyes as Youyou, like rubies.

  He always looks at me with those ruby ​​eyes, and I just want to know if a silver fox and a fire fox together can produce a fox like Youyou.

   This became my obsession.

  Although I look down on him, I obviously don't like him, but he always likes to stare at me.

  A fox is always a fox, he seems to be able to read all my thoughts, even I like to eat grapes, he can tell. He picked wild grape seeds from the mountains, wild grapes the size of a little finger, and forced him to grow plump crystal grapes that were almost three times the size. These are the best grapes I have ever eaten.

  One day I asked him, "You are so smart, can you also make a silver fox and a fire fox give birth to a black fox, the kind of black fox with snow-white hair on all four feet?"

   "However, with eyes like yours."

  He smiled. For the first time, I discovered that this guy is still very attractive when he smiles.

  Although I don’t like to watch Fire Fox, I still think Black Fox has a sense of ascetic beauty.

   "If you don't try, how will you know?" he said.

  I have no choice. I know that if I want to fulfill Youyou's last wish, I can only work hard and seize the opportunity to give it a try. I once searched desperately in the Baiwanli Tongshan, but I couldn't find a black fox.

  After Youyou died, Jiuyan and I seemed to be the only two foxes in thirty-three days.

  I can’t find other races to give birth to black foxes, the possibility of that is almost zero.

  In the battle with the Spirit God Race, I was injured. When Jiuyan helped me pick the fairy grass and spiritual fruit from the mountain to treat injuries, he was seriously injured, but he didn't tell me. After I found out, I couldn't help but shed tears, thinking that since having a fox with him is good to him and Youyou, let's have it.

  I gave birth to a litter of foxes. At the beginning, three foxes came out, either silver or fiery red, and some of them were silver mixed with fiery red. Just when I was disappointed and ready to make persistent efforts, the last fox came out.

  Black hair, snow-white four feet, a pair of fiery red eyes.

   When he watched, there seemed to be tears in his eyes.

   "Youyou!" My tears also flowed out.

  Jiuyan said, let's name the youngest son Youyou!

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