MTL - The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex-Chapter 1625 : (The finale) I promise you a place

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Time is running out, and it is July in two years.

In the summer of this year, there was a TV series called "You Are the One", with more than 20 billion Internet broadcasts, and it took 11 days to occupy the top search list. This is a well-known and sold TV series.

Huge investment, excellent production, superb interpretation, and excellent marketing, everything has made this TV series a phenomenon of the past two years.

And on this summer night, a cozy bedroom, where a couple who have been married for 25 years embraced each other, and in front of them was a huge TV screen.

A TV drama adapted from their story is being shown on the screen.

He Xiyan leaned on her husband's shoulders, his eyes did not leave the TV screen for a moment.

"It's a good shot, it's a good act," she said excitedly, wiping her eyes gently with one hand.

She cried, and she cried when she saw the first episode of the TV series. She cried almost every time she watched an episode.

Too real, the story on TV is what she experienced. Except for changing the name and changing some backgrounds, everything else happened.

The TV series is on its eighth episode. In this episode, the heroine on TV finds herself pregnant on the 21st day after divorcing her ex-husband. She is excited and sad, and sad. This mood of sadness and joy is exactly what He Xiyan experienced thirty-two years ago, exactly the same.

She still remembers it so far.

Ye Hao embraced his wife's shoulder.

Compared to his wife's excitement, he seemed calmer, but occasionally showed some expressions of happiness or sadness.

"Don't be sad." Ye Hao wiped the tears in his wife's eyes with a tissue.

He Xiyan grinned.

"Thank you, Hao, thank you very much." He Xiyan held her husband's hand. At this moment, she did not know how to describe her feelings, joy, excitement, and even a deep gratitude.

The man beside him may have brought him a lot of sorrow. However, after so many years of company and care, she really felt very satisfied and happy.

Even though she had experienced so many sufferings and sufferings, she felt that it was worth it, because she met her lifelong partner.

"Thank you, fool." Ye Hao whispered to his wife's ears, "I do whatever I want."

He Xiyan's heart was hot, her burning breath made her feel indescribable, a little bit happy and a little bit laughed.

She looked at her husband halfway, not knowing what to return.

"Let's watch TV," she said with a smile. Now that I am so old, listening to such love words, the feeling is indescribable, nausea and sweet.

She wants to be her 20 years old now. At the most beautiful age, she meets the right men. They start from strangers, meet, know, love, and accompany. They will experience a romantic period of love and become sweet. Lovers, become partners who know each other and love each other, and become dependent on each other for a lifetime.

"What did you think?" Ye Hao noticed that the wife beside him was dazed, as if he was not watching TV.

"I want to ... know you sooner in my next life." The words in my heart didn't stop, blurted out, He Xiyan's face was slightly red.

Ye Hao grinned, lowered his head to kiss his lips.

Familiar taste, familiar feeling, familiar temperature and familiar her.

The woman she loved in her life.

"Relax, Yan Yan, if I really have my next life, I will find you sooner, so that you won't have a chance to fall in love with others."