MTL - The Sweet Daughter-in-law of the Wang Family In the Age of Rebirth-Chapter 1332 completely let go

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   Chapter 1332 Let go completely

   After dividing the storage, another small wooden box appeared in Li Xiaoyu's hand, and she took out the stacks of property certificates in the wooden box.

   A huge stack of real estate certificates, not only the nine children were surprised, but Ou Feng was also surprised.

   He doesn't even know when Li Xiaoyu bought so many houses, he is really a little expert at saving money!

   "These houses were bought when they were cheap, and some of them have been demolished in recent years.

   I don't know exactly which houses are there, but Ran Ran should be very clear.

  Because all the houses were transferred to her, the houses will be owned by your brothers and sisters from now on.

  You take care of yourselves, and ten years later, you will sell the properties in your hands one after another.

  I hope no one can sell the house in the town, and we will move there in the future.

   That will be our new home! "

  Li Xiaoyu thought for a while, as if there was nothing to explain, let's talk about it later when I think about it!

  I won't leave for a while anyway.

   "Mom, you really don't care about us?

   These properties are all bought with your own money, how can you give us all of them? "

   Ou Jiaze, who has the most say, really doesn't want to take these houses. Once my mother gives them all the houses in her hand.

   In the future, when they want to see her, where can they go to find someone, I'm afraid it will be rare to see her once a year.

  Then they are no longer children abandoned by their parents!

   "Impossible, I want me to collect the rent myself and be responsible for the maintenance.

   It's your business to give it to you, and the name has been changed to yours, so I can't take care of it.

  Other people are fighting for real estate, how come no one wants to ask for it.

   Are you still my son? "

  Li Xiaoyu is not happy anymore, she has to make her angry when it's a New Year's Eve.

   She didn't even know where the house that was compensated for after the demolition was demolished, and she never went to see it.

   Nine people saw that their mother was about to get angry, so they quickly found their own part of the property.

  In the end, everyone gets five sets of courtyard houses, six sets of unit buildings, and one set of villas.

   "Thank you mom and dad for the big red envelopes, I wish the second old man good health and good luck!

happy New Year! "

   Nine brothers and sisters stood in a row and handed over to the couple to celebrate the New Year!


  The time to get together is short-lived. After the sixth and first days of the first day of the new year, they all went to their own jobs, and Li Xiaoyu was still the only one who stayed at home.

  Occasionally, the third child, Ou Xichen, goes out to do errands, and is busy with his own affairs every day.

  Li Xiaoyu didn't want to disturb him, so he just walked around at home alone.

   She is in good spirits now, but the flesh on her body is not expected to grow back in a short period of time, she can only be raised slowly.

   Every day when I have nothing to do, I will look at the national map, mark the places I want to go, and check some travel tips on the Internet.

   Try to find something for yourself to pass the time, in the long anticipation…

   In October, Ou Feng's official retirement finally came.

  The irresponsible and light-weight Ou Feng saw his wife waiting here every day as soon as he stepped into the compound, and opened his arms at her with a big smile.

   "Daughter-in-law, from this moment on, I'm all yours!"


  Hahaha, finally made me wait for this day!

  Go, let's go wandering! "

  Li Xiaoyu was so happy that she danced in Ou Feng's arms and let out a silver bell-like laughter.

  Ou Feng hugged the person tightly in his arms, for fear that she would fall accidentally. It had been a long time since he had seen his wife so happy.

   It seems that I was happy to see her a long, long time ago!

   "Daughter-in-law, you can go anywhere you want, I will always be with you!" Ou Feng whispered.

   It turned out that his giving up was worth it, it could make her happy again, and he was willing to do everything!

  Ou Xichen heard her mother's crisp laughter and came out briskly, wanting to see what made her so happy.

   When he saw this scene, what else did he not understand.

  Fortunately, everything that should be prepared is ready. As soon as Dad leaves, they can go on a trip that says go.

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