MTL - Three Little Troublemakers Turned the World Upside Down After My Divorce-Chapter 1384 Li Zhenting’s strength and loving wife 110

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"Mom, if I take the blame and get imprisoned, what will happen to my children? They are all your grandchildren." Rao Yajing reminded Liang Ruqi with a trembling voice.

"Yajing, you also know that they are my grandchildren. If I can treat them badly, I will definitely take good care of them. And the fact is that your mother's family has few people, no experience, and few methods. , if I bear all the charges and I stay in prison, then you can’t do anything outside except take care of my three children. I will have no choice but to die in prison. There are still people in my natal family, and they are all here. As a high-level official, as long as I go to activities, you will be released on bail soon. But if both of us go in, we will really die. Both of us will have to go to jail. What will happen to the children? Think about it. Think about it.”

Rao Yajing’s face turned even paler and she shed tears: “Mom, I can’t bear to leave the children.”

"With me here, what are you afraid of? I said, as long as you bear the crime, I will take care of my grandchildren, and I will also find a way to save you. I can guarantee that you will stay in there for a month at most. You'll be able to come out soon." Liang Ruqi solemnly promised, patting her chest.

Rao Yajing trembled with fear at the thought of going to jail, and having to bear the guilt of two people. Even if she got out, her life would be ruined, and she would never be able to find a good job again.

"Yajing, think clearly, either we and I go to jail together, or you go in and I will protect you. You think, you are a housewife and you will not work anywhere else in the future. As long as Li Zhenting and Shen Ning are driven away , you become a manager or vice president of Li Group, with your diploma and so on, that is more than enough. I will take care of the children for you, and I will also take good care of your family, and I will also make a will. In the future, all my inheritance will be left to you and your children, isn’t it great?”

 She looked at her and asked her to do so.

Rao Yajing's tears flowed more quickly, but there was nothing she could do.

What she didn't know was that Lan Feiyun was Shen Mei's biological mother, and it was Lan Feiyun who took the initiative to take all the blame in the beginning. But she was just Liang Ruqi's daughter-in-law, so of course things would be different.

"Mom, I have a classmate who is opening a law firm, and I also have classmates in the Public Security Bureau. I will go to them, they will definitely be able to help." Rao Yajing said in a hurry.

Liang Ruqi heard the implication of her words and snorted in her heart, but said calmly:

"Yajing, you are so young. Can your classmates help you like relatives? Can they be so considerate? Don't be naive, they will only cheat you of your money, and nothing will be done by then. Our Liang family can It is not an ordinary wealthy family, there are many ways, and the most important thing is that Lan Feiyun and Shen Mei are mother and daughter. You may not know that Lan Feiyun and Shen Mei are still trying to deal with Li Zhenting and Shen Ning. Woolen cloth."

 After she finished speaking, she told everything about Lan Feiyunmu and her daughter.

"Think about it. In order to deal with Li Zhenting, Lan Feiyun has already plastic surgery to look like Shen Ning. Will Shen Ning be able to live well in the future? Moreover, Lan Feiyun has reached an agreement with me. She needs my cooperation. Lan Feiyun is a woman with many tricks and cunning. You can't deal with her at all. I'm afraid you will be sold by her and you will have to count the money for her. So, think about it, can I go in on your behalf?

Yajing, be obedient. This time you will plead guilty and bear all the charges after you go in. As long as I have Lan Feiyun here and make good use of her, I can hope to get everything back and promise to bail you out as soon as possible. . "

Rao Yajing was speechless after hearing this. She just lowered her head and shed tears.

Liang Ruqi comforted her again and said many nice and soothing words to her.

 The night passed like this.