MTL - Three Little Troublemakers Turned the World Upside Down After My Divorce-Chapter 1955 Conspiracy Stand 450

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“Well, it’s time to go back and take a look.” Lin Zhenxun agreed, “But have you finished studying etiquette and reached the standard?”

"..." Shen Mei's heart sank, "Dad, I believe I can already learn those things that are not difficult to learn."

"Really." Lin Zhenxun took off his glasses and wiped the lenses with a soft cloth, "Meimei, this etiquette is just like being a human being. It seems easy, but in fact it is not easy. Only by learning and feeling with your heart can you make progress. It’s not enough to be perfunctory on the surface and so-called comprehensive, people nowadays are not fools..."

 Shen Mei was stunned.

  Are you talking about her?

 She smiled.

 Sister Wang walked in.

 “Mr. Lin, the young lady invites you to play chess upstairs.”

"Oh, okay, I'll go right away." Lin Zhenxun regained his energy, stood up immediately, and left happily.

Shen Mei stood there and stared at the Sichuan Bei, Loquat and Snow Pear Paste that she just took a token sip of in a daze.

Lin Zhenxun is fully focused on Shen Ning. From the looks of it, he will not leave Li's Castle for the time being.

What to do?

 Her eyes flashed with a fierce light, she lowered her head and walked out.


Shen Mei stood in the corridor, and the cheerful chatter and laughter of Lin Zhenxun and Shen Ning could be heard from time to time, which was so harsh.

She pushed away Lan Lan's bedroom and sat down on the bed, full of unwillingness and hatred.

 In the study.

Lin Zhenxun and Shen Ning are playing chess.

Both of them are equally skilled in chess. However, when it comes to chess skills, Shen Ning is not as good as Lin Zhenxun.

 After the two played three games in a row, Shen Ning stood up and made tea for Lin Zhenxun himself.

Lin Zhenxun looked up at Shen Ning.

"Ning Ning, I have something to ask you. I wonder if you will agree?" When Shen Ning placed the brewed tea in front of Lin Zhenxun, his eyes flashed brightly and he asked slowly.

"What is it? Just say it, as long as I can do it, I will definitely agree." Shen Ning picked up the tea cup and drank it, smiling.

Lin Zhenxun shook his head: "I can't see it."

Shen Ning smiled: "Does Mr. Lin want to redistribute the share of Guqi spices?"

“No.” Lin Zhenxun heard this and quickly shook his head.

"Does Mr. Lin want to borrow money from me, or do he want to cooperate with Li's Group in business? You can tell me all these things. When it comes to business, you and I are willing to do it. As long as it's not excessive, it's okay. It was discussed." Shen Ning thought that Lin Zhenxun's visit to the imperial capital this time not only stayed in the Li family castle, but also recognized her as his daughter, which must be for a purpose, and did not take it seriously, and smiled openly.

Who knows

Lin Zhenxun still shook his head and laughed: "Ning Ning, you are really looking more and more like a businessman now."

Shen Ning was confused after hearing this and smiled: "Mr. Lin, I really can't think of anything else. You might as well just tell me."

Lin Zhenxun then stopped smiling, and suddenly said seriously: "Ning Ning, ever since I saw you, I feel that we are very compatible. I always feel that our relationship should not be just a father and daughter in name, but should be a step closer. relationship, you are really similar to my dead wife, so similar."

Shen Ning's face darkened: "Mr. Lin, what do you mean?"

She couldn't understand what Lin Zhenxun's closer relationship meant. In her heart, Lin Zhenxun was an amiable elder. She didn't want to think more about it, but it was obvious that his words had misunderstood her.

However, Lin Zhenxun didn't notice her expression. He just looked at her and said sincerely: "Ning Ning, I want to do a paternity test with you. Are you willing to come with me?"

Shen Ning was stunned for a moment, stunned and speechless.