MTL - Transmigrated as the Ex-Wife of a Heroic Man-Chapter 1375 Spoiler: The full text is over

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  Chapter 1375 Fanwai: The full text is over

   "Sister, I regret it." Su Qing walked in in a daze, as if she had lost her soul, and her whole body was gone.

  Su Wen gently teased the two naughty little guys, and asked without raising her head: "Oh! Really? Don't you regret it? Why did you change your mind?"

  Su Qing squatted on the ground and broke down crying, "I...I don't want to do this either. I didn't expect Zhou Hengguang to have an accident. I saw him sitting in a wheelchair. My heart hurts, it hurts..."

  Su Wen finally turned around and faced herself, a talented designer, with anger and intolerance.

"Before Zhou Hengguang loved you so passionately and wanted to ask for your forgiveness. Now that Zhou Hengguang is disabled and people don't love you anymore, you regret it instead and want to be with him. Do you love him or are you pitiful? he?"

  Su Qing's tears fell like pearls, "I love him, I actually fell in love with him very early, but at that time I had low self-esteem, I didn't dare, I didn't think I was worthy of him."

   "Nonsense, the daughter of my Su family, there are only those who are not worthy of us, and there is no one who is not worthy of you."

  Su Wen's eyes were solemn, full of domineering.

  Su Qing lowered her eyes, with crystal tears hanging on the eyelashes of her thick eyebrows, revealing the deepest secret in her heart for the first time.

   "Blame me, I can't let it go, I care too much about gossip and worldly views. I don't want people to gossip behind their backs, saying that two brothers married two sisters."


  Su Wen sneered, "What's the matter? You... Forget it, I can't blame you completely."

  I can't bear to say the words of blame.

   After all, it’s still the shadow left by the environment in which I grew up, and I really don’t want to overcome it.

   "I hope this time you can get out of the past, get rid of the shackles, and live out your true self." As the head of the family, she is really worried, not only to worry about the family business, but also worry about the emotional life of her younger sisters.

   Alas, there are too many people who want to be her sister-in-law, and their eyes are blurred.

   If it wasn't for the sake of Zhou Hengguang's utter devotion to Su Qing, his man even went out of his way to please his wife for the sake of his younger brother's happiness, why would she not help her!

"Are you sure of your mind? Is it because of love, not because of pity that Zhou Hengguang became disabled, and you want to be with him?" Su Wen asked again: "And you will not despise him who is disabled, and want to be with him Together forever?"

  Hey, why does this sound a bit like what a priest did!


  Su Qing nodded fiercely, "I don't want to compete with myself anymore. I love him. I was really deceived by him. I knew he lied to me, but I still fell in love with him."

"me too."

  A man's deep and hoarse voice came from behind. Zhou Hengguang sat in a wheelchair and stared at Su Qing fixedly.

   "I fooled myself too."

  Zhou Hengguang stared at Su Qing affectionately, his heart and eyes were all about her, "Su Qing, are you willing to give me another chance?"

Su Qing got up happily, and threw herself into his arms. Zhou Hengguang was afraid that she would fall, and hurriedly wanted to stand up to protect her, but Su Qing wanted to protect him one step faster, and the two fell to the ground together .

   Su Qing was frightened and hurried to call an ambulance.

"It's okay, you don't have to worry, Hengguang is not disabled, just injured." Su Wen covered her mouth and snickered, standing with Zhou Hengyang who pushed her younger brother in just now, her shoulders naturally leaned on Zhou Hengyang's arms .

   "The disability is to scare you, will you be angry with your sister?"

   "No." Su Qing cried with joy, "It's too late for me to be happy."

  In the original book, when Zhou Hengguang appeared, he was indeed disabled in a wheelchair, and he was also a perverted paranoid. Su Wen always remembered this matter, knowing that Zhou Hengguang was going on a business trip and was personally responsible for the tunnel opening project, she worriedly reminded Zhou Hengguang and asked more people to follow.

   He reminded me to pay attention to safety every day, and finally avoided a tragic accident.

   Zhou Hengguang was only slightly injured, but Su Wen had an idea and came up with this idea.

  She was afraid that if she didn't care about it, Su Qing would really miss the love of her life.

   Fortunately, it's not too late.

   "Thank you, sister." Zhou Hengguang expressed his sincere thanks.

  Su Wen waved her hand generously, "It's polite to say thank you. We are a family, right? Two sons-in-law? Two Mr. Su?"

   Zhou Hengyang brothers looked at each other and smiled knowingly.

   "Yes! Head of the family."

   "Yes! Head of the family."

  The two brothers spoke in unison.

  (end of this chapter)