MTL - Universal Sword God-Chapter 3788 Qiankun Sword God (The Finale)

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Jing Yan's fingers tapped in the void, and with the surging of divine power, the eighty-one ancestral Taos gradually appeared.

Jing Yan chose one of the eighty-one ancestral ancestors, and then urged his soul to copy this ancestor's ancestor.

Under the influence of arrogant divine power and divine soul power, a Yuan ancestor's Tao was completely copied in a short time. Yuan Zudao, with its unique luster, seemed to want to break through the void and escape from Jing Yan. However, under the control of Jing Yan, it is obviously impossible for a Yuanzu Road to escape.

"Ji, this is a ancestor Tao principle, you only need to absorb this Yuan ancestor Tao principle, you can immediately reach the level of the emperor." Jing Yan looked at King Ji said.

After a practitioner has logged into the high-dimensional state of creation, he can forcibly copy the Yuanzu Taoism he has mastered. However, the practitioners of the high-dimensional pole-building state need to consume amazing divine power in the process of copying the ancestral Taoism, and their own divine spirit will be damaged.

Therefore, under the general circumstances, the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty would not forcibly copy the Taoism of the Yuan Dynasty.

Jing Yan also tried to copy the Yuanzu Taoism when he logged into the seven-dimensional state of creation. When he found that if he forcibly copied the Yuanzu Taoism, he would damage his soul and spirit, he gave up the idea. However, after logging into the nine-dimensional state of creation, Jing Yan's spirit body changed from golden yellow to purple, and he copied Yuan Zudao's rule, the impact of the spirit body was minimal, and even if it was slightly damaged, it could quickly It is fully restored.

This is Jing Yan's spirit body is strong enough, even if copying Yuanzu Tao, his spirit body can withstand.

"Yuanzu Taoism?" King Ji looked at the Yuanzu Taoism that Jing Yan had just copied.

In order to master a ancestor's doctrine, she has spent endless time and has not been able to master it successfully. Today, Jing Yan has made a Yuanzu Taoist rule.

Jing Yan waited for King Ji to absorb this Yuanzu Taoism, but King Ji shook his head and said, "Jingyan, I want to master the first Yuanzu Taoism through my own efforts. If I can integrate the first Yuanzu Taoism , It will also be of great help to my future practice. If I directly absorb this Yuanzu Taoism now, I am afraid that I will not have too high achievements in the future. "

What King Ji said made Jing Yan slightly surprised. There was no word in Ji's heart. In fact, she did not want to see that the gap between her and Jing Yan was too big. This reason was also the main reason she wanted to go further on the road.

Jing Yan respected King Ji's meaning, he nodded, and put away the Yuanzu Tao principle just copied.

"The situation in Longyan is okay?" Jing Yan asked again.

"Very good. The emperors in Tianting took care of Longyan because of you." Ji nodded.


Jing Yan stayed in Longyan for two days, then said goodbye to King Ji and left. He will come to visit Ji in Longyan. Ji hopes that when he sees Jing Yan next time, he can reach the level of the emperor.

After leaving from the first Jingyan Luanyuan, Jingyan went to Jiaoyuan Luanyuan and Huoyang Luanyuan to see Emperor Jiaoyuan, Huoyang and others. These are all Jingyan's old friends. Jing Yan also specially prepared gifts for the old friends. Gifts are the resources they need for their spiritual practice, including Xie Nidan, and other precious things.

After that, Jing Yan came to Heiyan Cave alone.

Nowadays, all mixed elements have been relatively stable, but Jing Yan cannot be completely relieved. This black Yan cave is just a variable.

The great emperor, the great emperor of Batu, and even the four masters of the four silent hybrids all know the history of Hei Yandong and the origin of Hei Yan cave. Jing Yan entered the nine-dimensional pole-building realm in Hei Yandong. He couldn't help but be vigilant about what was in Hei Yandong.

The black Yan ball has been refined into a weapon by Jing Yan, but where does the black Yan ball come from?

Jing Yan basically determined that the black Yanqiu was not naturally formed. Apart from the clear impossibility, the rest of the result, even if it looks incredible, must be true. In other words, Hei Yanqiu was originally made by someone.

So, what kind of creature can make such a terrible object like black Yan ball? In addition, the bottle in the pool at the bottom of the cliff of Heiyan cliff can be used to refine the purple sand dust that even Jingyan can barely move into liquid resources with vast power.

All this, Yu Jingyan said, is full of unknowns.

Entering the Heiyan Cave, Jing Yan searched the whole Heiyan Cave carefully and found nothing more, but the doubt in his heart added a little more.

Coming out of the Black Yan Cave, Jing Yan stood for a while and stood outside the entrance of the Black Yan Cave.

"This black Yan cave must be observed all the time." Jing Yan groaned and thought.

"Om!" Jing Yan threw out the black Yan bracelet, the black Yan ball bracelet quickly enlarged, and the black Yan ball returned to its original size.

A huge black yan ball and eighty relatively small black yan **** set up the entrance of the black yan hole. Eighty-one black **** turned slowly around the door.

"In this way, if there is any change in Hei Yandong, I can feel it for the first time." Jing Yan looked at the entrance to Hei Yandong and nodded with satisfaction.

Even if there are really some terrible creatures who want to come out of the Black Yan Cave, Jing Yan's Black Yan Bracelet can at least bind the opponent to the Black Yan Cave for a period of time.

After doing all this, Jing Yan returned to Lusheng Luanyuan.

Jingyan Temple.

Jing Lunan, Chu Pingxing, Gao Feng, Bai Xue, Wu Xia, Jing Yun, Jing Dong Xue, as well as son-in-law, Emperor Thunder, Night Moon Immortal, Jiutian Shenfeng, and other people who have a close relationship with Jing Yan They all attended the banquet prepared by Jing Yan for them.

The crowd at the banquet, although they are familiar with Jing Yan, most of them are inevitably nervous when facing Jing Yan. Such as Nu Wa Niangniang, Thunder Emperor and others, they really can not be completely unrestrained.

At the banquet, Jing Yan toasted everyone a glass of wine, thanking them for their help along the way.

This banquet was finally concluded successfully.

After the banquet, Jing Yan left Jing Yun alone. He had some things to explain with Jing Yun.

From the Tianyuan continent to the mixed Yuan space, there is a Jingjia base everywhere. Among the children of the Jing family, a lot of talents with high practice were born and achieved remarkable results on the way.

And Jingyun has been responsible for Jingjia food. Especially in Jingyuan Space, Jingyun is directly responsible. At present, the children of the Jing family in the mixed element space are mainly distributed in two mixed element spaces, one is the first Jingyan mixed element, and the other is the Lusheng mixed element.

"Father." Jing Yun respectfully stood in front of Jing Yan.

Jing Yun is currently a strong hybrid Yuan emperor, but he is still an ordinary hybrid Yuan emperor and has not logged into the realm of extremes. In terms of practice qualifications, Jingyun is slightly worse than Jing Dongxue.

"Jing Yun." Jing Yan said slowly and paused, he continued: "Recently, I have spent a lot of time thinking about one thing seriously."

"From the low-level world like Tianyuan continent to the high-level world like mixed-yuan space. Everywhere there are Jingjia children. Among the Jingjia children, some practitioners with a certain strength have emerged, but this is not enough. "

"You should, strengthen the connection between the children of Jing family between the world and space." Jing Yan looked at Jing Yun.

"Father, the Jing family in all the worlds has always been connected. When the Jing family in the Tianyuan continent appears, it will be received in the **** realm. When the good seed in the **** realm appears, it will be received in the chaotic world. However, even some highly gifted children want very little to reach the fairy realm. If they have the qualifications to achieve the Emperor Xian, then ... "Jing Yun explained to Jing Yan.

"The current connection is not enough. You need to strengthen the connection between the top and the bottom. In terms of resources, you can transfer more from top to bottom, so that the children of the Jing family in the lower world can get more resources for spiritual practice."

"How to do this, I just ask, you can schedule the assignment directly. Um ... I only say one must take action." Jing Yan said quietly, "In the world's Jingjia, a competition is held to mobilize Jingjia. Children ’s enthusiasm for spiritual practice. Some of the Jing family ’s children in the world are too easy, because no one dares to provoke Jing family to bully Jing family. This environment is not conducive to the growth of Jing family ’s children. ”

"The competition I am talking about is not an ordinary competition, but a cruel one, and maybe even the children of the Jing family die. Of course, the reward must also be very generous, so rich that everyone desires it."

"The specific rewards are also arranged by you. I will open up an independent mysterious space in the hybrid space. In this hidden space, the ultimate rewards will be placed. For example, the precious fairy emperor, hybrid Yuanyibao, top Immortals, soul arts, and even anti-celestial celestial beings like Xie Nidan, meteor primitive ancestors, and even relics, etc. In this mysterious space, there are opportunities to achieve the great emperor, and opportunities to log in to the extreme state. . "

"Jing Yun, do you understand what I mean?" Jing Yan said.

"Father, son knows how to do it. The children of Jing family are really lazy." Jing Yun nodded heavily.

"Very well, you can start to deal with this matter next." Jing Yan waved at Jing Yun.


100 million years later.

Great 虢 mixed space.

The whole Junyuan emperor, all gathered in this Junyuan space of the Great Emperor. Because, the day for the banquet meeting has arrived.

Prior to the conference, the great emperor personally went to Lusheng Luyuan to ask Jing Yan if it was necessary to hold a banquet conference. After all, the black yan cave had no black yan ball. Can no longer absorb the black ancestor's ancestral matter.

Jing Yan told the great emperor to let him preside over the banquet meeting normally, so it is only today that the emperor gangs gathered in the big emperor.

Great Emperor Batu, Emperor Batu, Xixi Emperor, Taoji Emperor, etc., sat in the main hall of the Great Emperor Temple.

When Jing Yan arrived and entered the main hall, everyone stood up at the same time, saluting Jing Yan salutingly.

Jing Yan smiled and nodded to everyone: "You don't have to be polite."

"Everyone may have some doubts in the black Yan cave. There is no black Yan ball in the cave. Why do we need to hold a banquet meeting? I tell you that although there is no black Yan ball in the black cave, there is still a resource. This resource The help for everyone in spiritual practice is more than the ancestral material contained in the black Yanqiu. "Jing Yan said.

Hearing Jing Yan's words, everyone in the audience was moved.

"I was able to log in to Jiuwei to make myself because of this resource."

"Just, the rules for entering the Black Yan Cave need to be changed. Every 100 million years, there can only be one place for entering the Black Yan Cave, because the kind of resources I said is limited and it takes a long time to accumulate slowly. . "Jing Yan looked around the audience.

"Emperor Jingyan, there is only one place to enter Heiyan Cave. How should it be allocated?" Emperor Xiji looked at Jingyan and asked.

"Dear everyone, I think we should respect King Yan as the sword **** of King Yan. Why do I say that? Because the title of King Emperor is too ordinary, and King Yan is the only nine-dimensional one among us. King Yan Sword art is good, "said Batu the Emperor suddenly.

The emperors of the towns heard nods, and felt that Batu the emperor made sense.

"Jingyan Sword God ..." The Great Emperor was a little mournful, and seemed to feel that the title could not reflect the respect of the Jingyuan Emperor by the Yuanyuan practitioners.

Everyone looked at the Great Emperor.

"The Emperor Batu made a lot of sense ~ ~ but I think it might be better to call the God of Qiankun! King Yan's immortal art is the first immortal art of the total mixed yuan. This sword immortal art The name is called Qiankun swordsmanship, so we call the King Emperor Jingyan the sword **** of Qiankun, which should be very suitable. ”The great emperor perfected the proposal of Emperor Batu.

"Qian Kun Sword God, this is good!"

"I agree!"

"Then let's meet the God of Qiankun together?"

The emperor emperors stood up together and said to the emperor Jing Yan who sat in the top position: "Meet the God of Qiankun!"

Jing Yan waved and smiled. He didn't care about these titles, honorable titles, etc.

"You guys, let's continue to talk about Hei Yandong's entry into the quota!" Jing Yan motioned to everyone to sit down and laughed.

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