My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World-Chapter 687

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Chapter 687

Everyone enjoyed the food

Liza had been looking at Ms. Anne and wondering if she was bullied. Perhaps she was thinking about her time in the slums…

“Liza made it? Oh…thank you. How nice of you. …And…it is very delicious.”

“Really? Papa, she said it is good!”

“That’s great.”

“Wuff! Wuff! Guff-guff.”

“…Leo, calm down a little.”

“Leo really does like the food that you make, Mr. Takumi.”

“Wou! Wou!”

“Hehe…Leo always looks happy when she is eating sausages, but she is even happier now.”

“Haha. I hope so.”


Claire smiled and Leo barked in agreement.

Now that I think about it, she really did eat it so eagerly… Even though it wasn’t very good manners, I was glad that she liked it.

This was probably how Ms. Helena and the cooks felt when we enjoyed their food.

“…In any case, you’ll have to take a bath when we return.”


“Mr. Takumi, you are smiling.”

“Phew…it really is delicious. Mr. Takumi’s hamburgers. But these do seem a little different.”

“Ah, because of the ingredients.”

“Ingredients? But it looks exactly the same.”

“The meat isn’t exactly the same as last time. And the bread and sauce is also different.”

“Ah, I see.”

At the mansion, most of the meat had been orc.

On top of that, the bread there was…a lot more expensive, as would be expected of such a house.

The sauce used in the mansion was also similar to demi-glace, while this was closer to ketchup.

Sauce made by professionals was more refined in flavor, while this one had a more homemade feel.

Still, both were good, and it was clear that everyone was satisfied. f𝚛𝗲𝐞𝐰e𝗯n𝗼v𝗲𝚕.𝚌o𝐦

“I don’t mind, as it is still delicious. Hah… It’s been so long since I ate a burger… I didn’t even remember what they tasted like.”

“Haha, I’m glad that it was to your liking then.”

“Yes. Thank you, Takumi.”

As he had been in this world for so long, Mr. Euto would not even remember what most food from his old world even tasted like.

“But it is one thing for us… But what about the others? Especially the women? These are high in calories, aren’t they? Even with vegetables.”

“Ah, well, I only thought about the taste…”

“Mr. Takumi. What are calories? Is there something we should know about in these things you’ve been feeding us?”

After Mr. Euto’s statement, Claire and the others suddenly became very concerned about the hamburgers.

Well, they had mentioned being concerned about their diet before, and yet I had been quite thoughtless when making these… I had only chosen it because it was easy, and delicious and could be made with different variations.

And so I felt a little nervous when Claire looked at me for an explanation. Well, what should I say…