My Girlfriend is a Zombie-Chapter 612: Senior Sister and the Monster

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Chapter 612: Senior Sister and the Monster

It wasn’t just Li Ya Lin, who had failed to meet up with them on time; Ling Mo quickly noticed another strange occurrence.

The little monster that had been skewered on Shana’s blade… had disappeared!

“Where did that little thing go!” Ling Mo looked around in astonishment.

Given the little monster’s ferocious nature, Ling Mo hadn’t planned on keeping it around. Now, as they were about to regroup with Mu Chen and the others, he certainly needed to figure out what to do with it.

But unexpectedly, when he thought of the creature, it had already vanished without a trace!

“Eh? I just saw it a moment ago.” Shana was also surprised, considering the little monster’s current state, it was hard to imagine how it could have escaped from under everyone’s watch.

But just before, everyone’s attention had been drawn away by the situation outside, and the sound of alarms had covered up any minor noises…

“Forget it, it’s not much of a threat now anyway.” Ling Mo scanned the vicinity with his Mental power, and after finding nothing, he shrugged his shoulders.

Indeed, the “jellyfish” overhead was gone, and so was the tube in its mouth. Although its successful escape was unexpected, it wasn’t worth the effort to Ling Mo.

But Senior Sister, why hasn’t she appeared yet… Ling Mo was becoming anxiously preoccupied with this thought.

Just as Ling Mo turned his head towards the exit, a shadow stirred slightly in the darkness.

Before it could draw Shana’s or anyone else’s attention, the shadow flashed and vanished into thin air.

In the depths of the underground mall, the shadow ran a distance before stopping in front of a shelf.

“Shush, be quiet.”

The figure gently placed another small shadow on the shelf, whispering softly.

Reflected in the blood-red eyes of that small shadow was none other than the image of Li Ya Lin.

Senior Sister, while peeling off the Mucus layer clinging to her body, watched the little creature she had stealthily taken with a mischievous smile.

Having the ability to suddenly appear combined with some mucus that could slightly shield against Ling Mo’s Mental power, then choosing a moment when their attention was diverted…

After the successful heist, she utilized the zombies’ ability to lurk and indeed completely concealed her tracks.


The juvenile zombie was still disoriented, but as soon as it had been set down, it immediately assumed a defensive posture, baring its tiny, sharp fangs at Li Ya Lin with an angry glare.

“Hehe…” Instead of getting angry, Li Ya Lin chuckled and casually pinched the juvenile zombie’s cheek.

This was an action Ling Mo was particularly fond of, but the juvenile zombie had never experienced this before.

It let out a strange cry, and its small body instantly tensed up, with its unusually large hands defensively placed in front of itself.

After waiting a few seconds and seeing no further movement, the juvenile zombie cautiously opened a gap between its fingers.

But just as it peeked out, it found a piece of gel being held out in front of it.

“Here, eat this. Though the quality isn’t great, it should be enough for you to regain some strength. Then… you should run.” Li Ya Lin waited for a while, but when the juvenile zombie didn’t come forward to take it, she smiled and placed the gel beside it. This action once again startled the juvenile zombie, and if it had been able to, it would’ve immediately jumped off the shelf and run away.

“This place is going to be burned down soon… Hmm, by the time you regain some strength, the fire will probably be close to here, right? If you run fast, you can survive. If you run slowly… Hehe, but that won’t happen, you’ll probably run very fast.”

Li Ya Lin spoke patiently, not really caring whether the juvenile zombie understood her or not: “But don’t let us run into you again in the future. Although you’re also fighting for survival, my human partner would get very angry.” As she said this, she suddenly pouted, “It’s nice that you could be born… I want to reproduce too, but I’ve never been successful.”

“And I’m really curious about you, what will you become in the future? You’re different from us, you’re a pure zombie…” Li Ya Lin stared at the juvenile zombie for a while, then suddenly spoke with curiosity.

“Squeak…” The juvenile zombie was completely confused, more concerned about maintaining such a dangerously close distance to Li Ya Lin than the words she was saying.

By the time it shook its head and sat up straight, the surroundings were already empty.

It looked around warily for a while, then slowly turned its gaze to the gel beside it.

The small piece of Virus Gel was emitting an enticing aroma at that moment.


The juvenile zombie swallowed its saliva and then pounced on the gel with vigor…

“Senior Sister doesn’t come soon, I’m going to look for her.” This was the nth time Ling Mo had looked back within two minutes. Although he knew he couldn’t yet see the glow of the fire or smell the smoke, Ling Mo still felt uneasy.

He even regretted letting Li Ya Lin do this, even though she was the most suitable candidate from all perspectives.

But… intelligence can sometimes be a shortcoming!

“Senior Sister won’t be attracted to the firelight like ordinary zombies, right? Although she kept staring at me smoking a few days ago…” Ling Mo suddenly asked.

Seeing Ling Mo’s frantic and nervous expression, Shana couldn’t help saying, “That won’t happen, Senior Sister is no longer the simple zombie she used to be.”


Before he could finish his sentence, Ling Mo saw a familiar figure sprinting rapidly from the darkness.

Li Ya Lin, moving at high speed, was like an incredibly ghostly silhouette—graceful, swift, with a superb figure, like the two playful bunnies on her chest.

Ling Mo breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “Senior Sister, why are you so slow?”

Li Ya Lin, who had run up to him with a smiling face, reached out to adjust the two bunnies that were about to bounce out of their nest but didn’t answer Ling Mo’s question. “The fire’s coming, we need to move fast.”

“Ah?” Ling Mo just showed a puzzled look when Li Ya Lin had already snuggled up and grabbed his arm, her soft curves trapping his arm in between.

A tingling sensation immediately made Ling Mo feel weak in the knees. This enchantress!

“Heehee, let’s hurry!”

While urging him on, she pulled Ling Mo along.

A bitter smile on his face, Ling Mo also suddenly thought of a possibility.

But as he looked at Li Ya Lin, he opened his mouth to speak, then ultimately decided not to ask anything.

From his angle, there seemed to be something different in Li Ya Lin’s eyes than usual.

It wasn’t the usual pure coldness and allure, but something more… expectant?

As Ling Mo and his group emerged from the underground mall, they were immediately spotted by Mu Chen and his two companions across the street.

However, the encounter from across the street didn’t bring a pleasant look to Mu Chen’s face.

“What do we do now?!”

He gestured angrily, pointing at himself and then across the street, finally jabbing his finger toward the dense crowd of zombies nearby.

But what nearly drove Mu Chen mad was that Ling Mo merely glanced in their direction before turning his head away.

“That… jerk! He’s actually ignoring me!” Mu Chen roared.

Meanwhile, the Ling Mo being cursed was instructing Yu Shiran and Xiao Bai, “Wait here for just two minutes, and as soon as we leave, you follow behind us. This time, you’re behind us.”

“Don’t we need to lead the zombies away anymore?” Yu Shiran resignedly spread her hands and asked.

“No need, it’s better to be cautious when we’re with the Niepan members. Having you follow us also leaves us a backup.” Ling Mo shook his head.

After giving his instructions, Ling Mo turned his head again, but he didn’t look towards Mu Chen, who was desperately waving his hands. Instead, he focused on the zombie crowd on the other side.

Some of these zombies had climbed up telephone poles, and a few were even hanging from the wires.

The small alarm was hung in the middle section, and one of the zombies was nearly reaching it.

“They clearly have intelligence after evolving, so why are they so obsessed with these things…” Ling Mo sighed.

“Why are you guys interested in music?” Shana retorted.

“Is that really comparable?!” Ling Mo looked at Shana, astonished.

However, he quickly indicated that he preferred not to hear the answer… He didn’t want his worldview to be turned upside down again.

“Actually, this situation is better than I expected.”

Ling Mo glanced over the horde of zombies in that area, roughly estimating at least a hundred.

And as soon as they stepped out of their hiding place, the zombies would immediately turn and swarm over.

What would it feel like to be surrounded by hundreds of zombies? Ling Mo certainly didn’t want to experience that again.