My Magical System-Chapter 278 - Not a human nor a demon

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278 Not a human nor a demon

“I-Impossible… those chains are the materialization of my dark magic,” the leader mumbled in disbelief.

No matter how he denied it, the reality in front of him was still the reality. Rossbert broke them like nothing.

After freeing himself of the chain’s constriction, he rushed toward one of the enemies and sent a strong punch.

The others didn’t just watch like statues, they surrounded Rossbert. But in front of Rossbert in his awakened form, they were just like small fries to him.

Honestly, he didn’t want to use this secret ability because it would bring an awful side effect to his body afterward, but their situation demands him to use it.

Rossbert caught the nearest enemy and punched him in the head. The head exploded like a popping balloon. Blood sprayed all over and scattered away like rain.

Seeing his men dying, there wasn’t even a noticeable change in the leader’s expression. It seemed like the massacre in front of him was nothing but a common scene to him.

“I guess I don’t have a choice,” the leader said after Rossbert killed his seventh and eighth victims. “I need to get a little serious as well,” the leader mumbled. He took something under his robe after that.

It was a bottle with dark purple liquid inside it. He uncapped it and drank what was inside. When the odor entered his nose, his nose slightly twitched. It was an indication that it had a really bad odor.


Regardless, he drank it without a single hesitation. After emptying the bottle, he threw it and the bottle hit the floor. It broke at impact along with a breaking noise.

After sliding down the dark purple liquid into his throat, a second or two later, the leader experienced a loud pulsating noise inside his body. Then after that, black energies burst out from within and swirled all over him.

A strong pressure erupted that caused the whole mansion to shake terribly. It was as if a strong storm was rampaging inside.

Suddenly, everyone looked surprised because of the sudden earthquake that was happening all over the mansion.

“What’s going on?” Mayor Gilbert asked as he looked around. It was fine if this room broke, but with this intensity, he was afraid that not only the room, but the whole mansion would collapse at this degree!

“Oh my god! What is happening!” He screamed.

“There! Be careful. We have no choice. Let’s jump here, Mayor!” Klaus had decided. He pointed at the enemy first, then asked Mayor Gilbert to escape through the window before a more serious incident would come to fall on them.

It wasn’t just about injuries of the degree of broken bones. Whichever option they chose to choose, all had the same bad outcome.

But instead of waiting here for the roof to crash down on them, they rather tried the other method and let their luck decide their fate.

Although afraid as shit of the height, the mayor gritted his teeth and agreed to Klaus.

“A-Alright! But how about him?” The mayor replied and looked toward Rossbert.

“That’s why we need to get out of here so that we can’t be a burden to him.”

“I see. You have a point.”

Right below the window, there were shrubs of plants. Luckily, they landed on it and did not directly plummet to the ground.



The two groaned in pain after their butts hit on the ground. Thankfully, the impact wasn’t as strong as they expected. The shrubs helped a lot in lowering their descending force.

Also, Klaus summoned the last bit of his magical force to protect himself and Zennie. But still, he grimaced in pain after a loud groan.

They suffered minor injuries but the cause of his grimace was not due to those injuries. It was because of the knife that was still embedded in his shoulder. He could not take it out because he was afraid the wound would bleed out if he did that. He left it alone like a ridiculous decoration on his body.

Bruises were noticeable on their bodies, but it was insignificant compared to death.

Helping the unconscious Zennie, they quickly stood up and ran away from the mansion.

Seeing the mayor escape through the window, the leader’s eyes turned bloodshot.

The room was already a mess after his transformation. Some panels on the ceiling already fell down. All the materials inside that were made of glass were broken into pieces. The glass windows were no exception.

Lying on the floor were debris and dead bodies. And the strong smell of blood infiltrated their noses.

Rossbert stopped clenching the neck of the dangling enemy in his hand.

Around him were some stunned enemies. With the exception of the leader, there are still eight of them around him.

“What are you waiting for?! Chase after the mayor! And take the virgin lady!” The leader shouted in an inhuman voice. It sounded like a monster’s voice.

Hearing his command, the others dispersed and rushed to the window. Rossbert tried to block them, but a black chain appeared below and constricted one of his legs.

Rossbert forcibly pulled his leg to get rid of the chain. But, “What?”, he noticed he could not break it in this way.

The chain this time was much sturdier than before.

Step, step…!

Just then, he heard heavy footsteps coming closer and closer to him.

He looked to the origin of the noise and gawked at what he saw.

The leader’s appearance was very different from before. He was so consumed in fighting the lowly mobs and did not notice the big changes in the enemy’s leader.

The leader’s current figure looks more menacing after drinking the dark purple liquid.

There were two dark horns protruding from his head. And a tail that looked like a black dragon tail was on his back.

It could also be seen that the aura exuding from him was darker and contained heavy pressure than before.

Rossbert knitted his brows and asked, “W-What are you? A demon?”

The enemy continued approaching him, stepping on some of the limbs of the corpses and breaking them in the process.

“Neither a human nor a demon,” he said.

Hearing that, Rossbert further knitted his brows. Even if the enemy said that he wasn’t a demon, Rossbert could feel a strong demonic aura from him.

Suddenly, the figure of the enemy disappeared. f𝔯𝒆𝑒we𝚋𝓃૦ν𝙚Ɩ. c૦m

Rossbert blinked his eyes in wonder. However,


A strong force hit his face. Rossbert’s neck tilted and stretched towards where the force directed him. He stumbled on the ground with his vision turned blurry.

What was that just now?, Rossbert thought in shock.