My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Translation )

Authors : The snow of an iceberg

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Romance

Chapters: 2603

Last update: 3 years ago

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[ era Wen ] died after experiencing the apocalypse for ten years. He wore the clothes of a newlywed wife who was despised by her husband's family. He fought with the best, abused the scum, and changed the fate of the apocalypse. In the 1980s, she was living well.And he was a strong and overbearing prince charming. He was professional in protecting his wife, and in order to repay his kindness, he married a fat wife. One day, he realized that after his wife woke up, she was a completely different person... ...Lin Lei: "Song Yi, I want a divorce. It's not suitable for us to have a generation gap! ".Song Yi: "Don't even think about it. You will be my wife for the rest of your life. If you want to leave me, no way! "Lin Lei: "You Scoundrel, I'm not your wife! "Song Yi: "I forgot. Then let's make our relationship real now! "[ explosive love story + 1V1 + double purity + power + fantasy ]