My Rich Wife-Chapter 2828 The Eight Desolates’ Unforeseen Change

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Chapter 2828 The Eight Desolates' Unforeseen Change

"Let's wait a little longer and see. I want like to do something within my ability."

Qin Yu sighed.

Fatty Situ also nodded. What happened today had touched him deeply.


Qin Yu suddenly looked into the distance. Intense energy fluctuations were coming from there. It seemed that there was a battle in that area.

"It's Ling Xue's Spiritual Energy Sword. Let's go over and take a look!"

Qin Yu said softly.

He and Fatty Situ immediately turned into a stream of light and rushed to that place.

When they were ten thousand meters away, they could already see countless silver electric arcs moving extremely fast, waiting for an opportunity to launch a thunderous attack.

A 'king' was standing opposite Ling Xue high up in the sky.

"Galaxy-scaled Flood Dragon!"

Fatty Situ exclaimed.

These Galaxy-scaled Flood Dragons were extremely fast. One could only see their afterimages as they swam.

Nearly 30 Flood Dragons took advantage of the opportunity to slam into Ling Xue's body.

Ling Xue's body trembled slightly, but she held the sword firmly.

The tip of the sword was pointed at the Galaxy-scaled Flood Dragon King. The violent sword intent had already been slowly derived, completely sealing the space.

The Galaxy-scaled Flood Dragon King let out a furious roar as if it sensed a fatal killing intent.

The bodies of the Galaxy-scaled Flood Dragons emitted a dazzling light. It seemed to be a pearl that slid from their dantian to their throats.

In the next moment, a dazzling silver light shot out from their mouths.

The innate spirit bead turned into the most lethal weapon and bombarded Ling Xue.

The peak power of the sword intent around her was visibly dented.

Ling Xue closed her eyes as if she did not see those fatal attacks at all.

In the next moment, all the peak power was completely retracted into the sword in her hand. A magnificent sword intent directly cut the Galaxy-scaled Flood Dragon King's spirit bead in half, and then the remaining Spiritual Energy Sword directly cut it in half.


Flames erupted in the sky, and the Primal Chaos Flame formed a fire.

It blocked the spirit beads of the Galaxy-scaled Flood Dragons behind. A terrifying explosion instantly erupted.

Nearly 30 dragon beads were turned into ashes.

However, the power caused Qin Yu's body to explode with countless terrifying wounds. Tentacles appeared in those wounds and instantly healed his injuries.

"Oh no!"

Qin Yu's expression changed drastically.

He did not expect these spirit beads to be so powerful. It was too late to hide now.

"Thank you, brother!"

Ling Xue walked over. She frowned slightly when she saw Qin Yu's condition.

However, she did not say anything in the end. She only cupped her fists gently at Qin Yu.

"Kid, you can still retain your self-awareness under the power sealing gods. Is the Investiture of Gods in your hands?"

A lazy voice suddenly sounded. Qin Yu's expression changed.

A person was lying in a big tree with crossed legs behind him. This person was the Sword Saint, Liu Bai.

Why was there someone here?

Qin Yu was greatly alarmed. In his divine sense sweep, he did not discover anyone else nearby.

His divine soul was powerful enough. Not a single trace could escape the detection of his divine sense.

"Little Fatty, don't waste your talisman. I'm not interested in this thing. Only a fool would provoke him."

Liu Bai said calmly from the tree.

"But what will you do when it discovers you? The consciousness of the Investiture of Gods is also searching for the location of the broken page. Even if you use the Primal Chaos Flame, it will still reveal some clues. This is not good news for you."

Liu Bai laughed.

Qin Yu's expression changed drastically. Firstly, Liu Bai seemed to know a lot about the Investiture of Gods.

On the other hand, there was still a problem with his actions. Once he was flagged by the commandment, he would probably be suppressed in the Investiture of Gods' space forever like those Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals in the Primordial Chaos although he had the incomplete page.

"Brat, pray for your good."

In a flash, Liu Bai had disappeared.

"I didn't expect that the two of you be the main characters in the previous commotion. However, Little Uncle is right. You shouldn't have attacked just now. Once this thing is exposed, I'm afraid many people will find you."

Ling Xue said softly.

"Forget it. Let's not talk about this since I've already attacked. Why did you fight against the Galaxy-scaled Flood Dragons here? That attack just now was also dangerous. Although the Flood Dragon King's peak power is only at level 10, the strength of his peak power is far above yours."

Qin Yu was also a little curious. He did not know why Ling Xue would make a move at this time.

"I don't know. Maybe it was my unwillingness or anger."

Ling Xue slowly turned around and left, leaving behind a sentence.

"I owe you a life."

Only now did Qin Yu discover that this place was already filled with killing and fighting non-stop.

Many people had already left, but more people were filled with anger.

For the first time, this furious power caused Qin Yu to tear up. Not all humans were so cold-blooded.


A meteor-like attack suddenly landed not far away.

A golden lion wrapped in flames suddenly pounced down from the sky.

The shockwave from the all-out attack even affected the leaves at Qin Yu's side.

Countless leaves were blown down, followed by an extremely dull vibration.

"Isn't that Raging Flame Golden Lion in the Eight Desolates Beast Domain? How did it come out?"

Fatty Situ suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Following the appearance of this golden lion, countless powerful forces surged out from the core mountain range of the Eight Desolates Beast Domain.

The 30 Kings had come out to hunt! Qin Yu's expression changed drastically.

As the black tide surged, countless magical beasts appeared in the mountains.

All the beasts in the Eight Desolates Beast Domain seemed to be stimulated.


Nearly 20 Primordial Chaos Barbarians appeared beside Qin Yu and Fatty Situ. The moment they saw them, they lunged at them crazily.

"God, please!"

Fatty Situ stuck a talisman on his chest.

Suddenly, a huge Thunder God appeared behind Fatty Situ.

As he opened his palm, the violent power of thunder instantly tore the 20 Primordial Chaos Barbarians into pieces.

"Be careful!"

Qin Yu reminded loudly.

A huge body smashed down on Fatty Situ. It was so huge that it even blocked the moonlight.

An ape's roar that shook the internal organs sounded, followed by a pair of fists that were like sledgehammers!


"Thunder Emperor!"

A Thunder Emperor appeared in front of Fatty Situ. He sucked all the thunderbolts in the sky.

The two collided fiercely at the same time.

Lightning exploded in the sky. The powerful electric arcs could be felt in the air.