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Chapter 418 Open Shower

Hiro made full use of this opportunity to try to bond with his fellow teammates. Especially his bond with the veteran Asahi deepened even more after that short conversation.

Then after a while players began to disperse, heading toward the canteen for a well-deserved meal. Hiro however lingered for a while more on the pitch. He took his moment to absorb the scene; the bright blue sky above, the smell of the freshly cut grass, and the distant hum of the players.

It was moments like these that reminded him why he loved the game so much.

While enjoying this peaceful moment, a sudden feeling of nostalgia struck him, "I hope you're doing fine Shun" he mumbled as he thought of the moment when he used to train alongside Shun and others.

It wasn't just Shun. He thought of others too who had gone out to chase their dreams. He'd only be heartless if he didn't even think of them after spending so much time with them.

"Just hang in there guys," he whispered, shifting his focus back to the present.

Walking slowly, Hiro then headed toward the canteen while reflecting on what he had been through. The intensity, the camaraderie, the encouragement from the coach and the senior players, he could vividly recall it.

He knew the road ahead would be tough, but with teammates like Asahi and a supportive coaching staff, he felt ready to face any challenge.

"Considering my previous performance, I'd probably get some playing minutes in the next game. But what would I do after Ericson recovers?" he pondered.

He had only started. But after his impressive debut, he was sure that he'd get some playing minutes in the next game too. However, he worried about his future once Ericson, the established star of the team, returned.

His position clashed with Ericson. And, it was a known fact that Ericson who had already established himself on the team would get priority over him. But he didn't want to sit out or play as a substitute just because of him. He wanted to start.

Just playing as a reserve player wouldn't satiate him. After all, he had a much grander goal to achieve. There was also a possibility of changing the formation to fit in two attacking midfielders. But considering the core philosophy of the team, it was rather doubtful.

To play in two attacking midfielders, they'd require another midfielder capable of retaining the ball, and who's equally good in offense and defense. However, after going through the list of available players on the roster, he knew that they didn't possess anyone of such caliber.

Which meant that they could only try to bolster that position in the transfer window. But there was still much time left for the transfer window to open again.

"I won't back down no matter what," Hiro's eyes flashed with determination.

There was no point in thinking about this matter. Tactical decisions were all up to the coaching staff after all. Though he couldn't influence their decision directly, it didn't mean that he couldn't do it indirectly. As long as he performs well, they'd be forced to put him on the team— even?if it meant choosing him over their star player Ericson.

And, he was here to become the best. So to be the best, he'd have to beat the best.

In the canteen, the atmosphere was relaxed. A stark contrast to their previous self, all of them appeared thoroughly cleaned and refreshed. But their numbers appeared rather incomplete.

"Ahh!!" he paused as he remembered something, "How could I forget to hit the showers?"

All those thinking had made him forget about hitting the shower first before heading to the canteen. How could he eat with a sweaty and dirty body? The stain marks from a moment ago were still evident on his face and jersey.

And he also reeked of sweat.

Then he headed to the shower to get cleaned before heading back to the canteen to eat. Arriving at the shower, he was met with the sight of men wandering around the shower, naked. It was an open shower, and it wasn't his first time here either.

Though it wasn't his first time here, he still couldn't used to such a sight.

But what was there to get embarrassed? Although still a boy on the outside, he was way older than anybody present here if he added the years from his previous life.

Yet when he looked at some of the players with big guns, he couldn't help but feel insecure about his little thing.

Being born as a man, comparison was unavoidable. Especially when he compared his thing with the foreign players, it'd leave him devastated and ashamed.

'What's there to fuss about' he thought as he looked at his thing down there, appearing rather worked up, 'I still have time to grow'

Even though he said those words to console himself, he knew that even if he did have more time to grow, his thing would never surpass those foreigners. Which made him feel slightly gloomy.

Just at this moment when he was showing a plethora of emotions, one of the foreign players of the squad approached him. It was Ricardo, one of the Brazilian players on the team. Robustly built, he had a rather muscular body.

And even down there, he was damn impressive.

"Kid, your skills are that of a Brazilian. But...," Ricardo paused as he disappointingly lowered his head.

Even without him mentioning it, he knew what he was about to say. But he didn't want to hear it.

"But..., except that little thing of yours. Sigh~" Ricardo sighed as he completed his sentence, mocking Hiro's libido.

Hearing his comment, anger boiled inside him like bubbling tar. His face turned red with anger. Yet, he somehow refrained from lashing out.

"I still have room to grow, Ricardo-san," he replied politely, maintaining his composure to the best of his ability.

After spending more than four years in Japan, Ricardo's Japanese was almost perfect. Except for his accent which made him sound different. And for obvious reasons when he said those words full of mockery, it struck a nerve.