My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires-Chapter 730 : The King's Move

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Chapter 730 730: The King's Move

A week after movie night, many things have changed.

Since Victor was 'officially' on vacation, none of his wives wanted to be away from him, and because of that, a meeting between the group leaders was held.

In that meeting, they decided to make a new mansion to be the center of the 'government' for the Faction. It is in this place where the representatives of each race, along with the leaders of the faction, will meet to decide future plans.

Through voting, the 'leaders' representing the noble vampires will be Victoria, Kaguya, and Ruby. Although three people were nominated, there can only be 1 representative, the reason for having three nominees is due to the respective

responsibilities of each woman. When one woman is not available, the other will take her place.

Victoria Alucard Fulger was chosen due to her incredible leadership. She was the woman who built a financial empire under the name of Victoria Rider, and her leadership could not be doubted, not to mention that she was the most

level-headed of the group and more prone to make decisions logically.

Kaguya and Ruby were chosen for the same reason. Most of the time, they were rational and logical women who fit perfectly as representatives.

The representatives of the wolves were not necessary to choose now; after all, there were only two werewolves.

The representative of the Youkais was Kuroka. Although the Youkai cat was playful most of the time, she was quite responsible. Originally, Haruna was supposed to be the representative, but that choice proved to be inefficient due to her needing to be in her territory most of the time. It was good to be with Victor, and she didn't want to leave his side, but she had her responsibilities and ambitions to fulfill.

The representative of the goddesses went, to the surprise of everyone, to Rhea, everyone thought that Aphrodite or Hestia would take the position, but the two women refused, saying that they already had too much work on their hands.

The representative of the fairies and amazons were no surprises to anyone. After all, only Viviane on the fairy side and Meya Neyku on the side of the Amazons were capable enough to take over.

The representative of the humans was Mizuki Alucard, the group was in doubt between her and Liena, Andrew's mother, but after a little discussion, the decision came back to put Mizuki in the post.

The reason for this?

Mizuki was the strongest human and Victor's wife. That simple.

Although the representatives of the goddesses Rhea and the representative of the fairies, Viviane were not Victor's wives, they were still under the control of the group through Aphrodite on the side of the goddesses and Roxanne on the side of the fairies.

The humans who were living in the Snow Clan's new town weren't 'completely' under Victor's control, so putting Mizuki in was an obvious choice. She would act as their representative and keep an eye on them as well.

Internally, Victor thought that humans would not do anything since it was obvious that the voice of noble vampires was louder in this place. After all, they were in a country controlled by noble vampires... But the stupidity of humans was one of the things they were known for, after all.

It is better to be safe and tie up loose ends than to do nothing and let an unforeseen situation arises.

The representative of the demons was a difficult choice since everyone Victor trusted was extremely busy. Therefore, he had no choice but to appoint Morgana Alucard to the position. Despite not necessarily being a 'full demon' now, she was still an ex-demon.

Small groups like Medusa's subordinate Gorgons fell into the same category as Leona; they didn't have enough members of the same 'species' to have a representative.

After the representatives were decided, the 'Council of Races' was created. This was the place where everyone would meet to make future decisions involving their faction, everyone within the council was united for the best of their faction and of its own people.

In this newly built mansion that would be the center of the faction's government, teleportation arrays would be placed with the help of the Alioth Clan, thus facilitating the transition of representatives who live far away like Haruna.

This new mansion will also be the place where the Snow and Fulger Clans, the two strongest Clans in Nightingale, will rule from now on.

As Clan Scarlett practically abandoned its territory, giving up their rule, the Fulger and Snow became even stronger than before, these two Clans took over practically all the noble vampires that lived in the former territory of Clan Scarlett.

Another thing that happened was that, officially, Clans Scarlett, Fulger, and Snow declared an alliance with Clan Alucard.

To be honest... This news didn't shock anyone. Maybe only a few masses of Vampire Nobles who weren't heeding the news, but most of society's high echelon already knew about this alliance.

Now, they didn't expect the next announcement,

Sasha Fulger, Violet Snow, and Ruby Scarlett, the three heiresses of the respective strongest vampire clans, will marry the Second Progenitor, the king of Hell, Victor Alucard.

All these women who will acquire the surname of the second progenitor and will become his 'family', this news caused even more excitement in Nightingale.

And to make the masses even more shocked, not only were the heiresses marrying Victor Alucard, but the Clan leaders, as well as their close family members of the main bloodline, will also be marrying him!

Which means the members of the Snow Clan who would marry Victor were.

Agnes and Violet Snow.

Of Clan Fulger, there were.

Victoria and Annasthashia Fulger.

Of Clan Scarlett it was.

Ruby, Siena, Lacus, and Pepper Scarlett.

The Vampire Count clans were blatantly taking the second progenitor for themselves!

The audacity of these women!

This news made all noble vampires, from men to women, jealous and envious of the girls who were going to marry. After all, Victor was a very handsome and influential man. ... Wait, what? Shouldn't it be the opposite?

It is noteworthy that Victor did not expect such a reaction from the masses. He thought that they would be jealous of him for marrying so many beautiful women, but he never expected that they would be jealous of the girls who married him.

Victor couldn't help but laugh and think that this was how a hot woman felt.

He knew this reaction happened because of his Status as Second Progenitor, the biblical king of hell, and the most handsome man surpassing even the gods in beauty.

Literally speaking, he was the rarest, tastiest 'meat' on the market, and everyone wanted a piece of him.

Because of this, Agnes, Natashia, and Scathach decided to reveal that all the close relatives of their main lineage were going to marry Victor. This was a way to ward off Victor's 'bitches'.

Due to this announcement, the Snow, Fulger, Scarlett, and Blank clans became something like 'royalty' clans.

In vampire society, the Progenitor was considered the vampire with the purest blood, and he was above any title created by a king; even if he had no power. Just by being a Progenitor, he would be seen as 'royalty'.

Because of this, Clans who intermarry with the Progenitor's bloodline will be looked upon as if they were royalty.

Currently, in Nightingale, there were no Clans with such characteristics. Why? Vlad Dracul Tepes, the first progenitor, did not like to share his power too much.

Because of this, he avoided associating with the existing Clan women in Nightingale, and even if he did, he would do so in secret.

... Well, that was true until recently.

Vlad Dracul Tepes announced that he was getting married, and the new 'queen' would be the direct descendant of a bloodline from another Progenitor that was said to have been lost for thousands of years.

In other words, the woman was royalty, worthy of a Progenitor like Vlad.

Not only did this news shock the masses, like Victor's own group, they expected any movement from Vlad, but never that he would suddenly get married.

But the surprises don't stop there. Vlad Dracul Tepes declared that he was recruiting vampires to train directly under his forces, and those who stood out the most would receive a drop of the Progenitor's blood.

This news enveloped all of Nightingale in a blaze of excitement. For the Noble Vampires, a drop of Progenitor blood meant they could grow even more as a 'species', meaning they would become stronger.

Victor's group didn't care so much about that since they had their own Progenitor, who they slept together with every day, and drank his delicious blood.

To discuss these recent statements by Vlad, Victor's group got together to discuss the matter, as everyone couldn't come due to their own professional responsibilities involving all the changes being made this week.

Only those who came into contact with Vlad the most in the past were chosen, and Victor himself as faction leader, of course.

Namely, Jeanne, Morgana, Scathach, Agnes, Natalia, and Victor himself.

Once this discussion is over, the matter discussed will be passed to the Broadcast Orb for everyone in the form of a video report as well as a written one.

Victor was sitting in the Leader's chair, and on his lap was a blonde Maid with a very red face. Her breathing was a little heavy, and she was doing her best not to look into the eyes of the other women in the room.

"M-Master, can you put me down...?" Natalia asked in the voice of a mosquito.

"NO." Victor ruthlessly refused, then he went back to stroking her hair which was now completely loose for Victor's personal pleasure.

"Haan~..." Natalia moaned when she felt Victor's caresses on her body, but when she realized the obscene sound she had made, she quickly closed her mouth and hid her face in Victor's chest.

Frankly, she was enjoying the caresses a lot and really didn't want to leave, but the gaze of the women in the room hurt a lot...

She tried her best to resist, she tried her best to 'demonstrate' that she didn't want to, but she knew her body was honest, and she could only be at the mercy of her husband's merciful hands.

Natalia blushed even more when she remembered this fact. She, like everyone else in this room, with the sole exception of Scathach, had Victor's last name in her name.

She was no longer just Natalia Alioth but Natalia Alioth Alucard. Although not 'officially' stated, the marriage papers had already been signed, and the marriage contract had already been made between Clan Alucard and Alioth, and all that remained was for the leader of Clan Alioth to sign, and Natalia will be 'officially' his wife.

Although for most of his wives, they knew that these papers were just formalities, but they didn't care much since they knew that everyone who participated in that training in the bedroom that lasted the entire period of a year had Victor's surname in their name now.

On that fateful day, all supernatural women marked Victor in some way as their mate, vampires would bite and drink his blood, and those who didn't go through the ritual of joining a Clan did so after they woke up, thus receiving a boost in power.

The goddess deepened their feelings and each other's soul.

There was an Onmyo spell that bound the two, so that way, the two would know each other's location.

Races like Werewolves and the Kitsunes Youkai have more 'special' means of marking their partner.

Werewolves mark their mate with a bite that all other werewolves can identify.

And the Kitsune Youkai do something similar, with the only difference being that they inject Youki into the bite to mark their partner.

And that's what Leona and Haruna did that day.

As with the cases of several of Victor's wives, Natalia took his last name after her last name.

The reason for this? It's simple. Nightingale's vampire society was not patriarchal. Which meant that when getting married, a woman didn't have to abandon the last name she was born with if she didn't want to.

That way, the woman could pass on her last name to continue her Clan lineage.

When Natalia one day has a child with Victor, the first child will take her last name first, and they will introduce themselves as Alioth, and the second child will take Victor's last name and will introduce themselves as Alucard.

This was how it works for most clans that have only female heirs. It was clear that the fact 'Power' interfered a lot in these choices.

For example, if Natalia had a child with Victor, and Victor was just an ordinary, powerless Vampire Noble, his surname would not pass on; only the Alioth surname would.

Although Natalia was not 'strong' in every sense of the word, she still had a very powerful and important bloodline.

Was Victor worried about having children with other non-vampire women? He wasn't.

The reason for this was his power to influence the soul. Thanks to this power, Victor could 'choose' which race his child may have, thus avoiding problems when born as a hybrid of incompatible species.

He became very proficient in dealing with souls after he fully awakened his progenitor side, and thanks to his training in Hell, Victor had absolute confidence in modifying a soul safely and efficiently.

As explained, the appearance of the soul and the content within it is reflected in the user's physical body. If an individual alters the soul, they are literally altering their physical body.

The ability to interact with the soul and modify it is indeed a gift that can prove him a 'god' to the most ignorant.

Victor can even change the characteristics of a breed; for example, he can make the noble vampires eat food other than blood. Although this change would generate complications since the act of eating blood was not just something simple like ingesting energy.

There was a whole complex process that involved the act of a vampire drinking blood, and if Victor wanted to make a noble vampire eat things other than just blood, he would need to study this effect thoroughly so that there were no complications.

If you compare his skill to programming, Victor was only at the average level, and these more complex alterations required a mastery of this skill.

And such a feat was not something he could do now.

Despite being in the average level, his skills were already frightening. It was not an exaggeration to say that this Progenitor skill could be called the 'code of life'. A very powerful and dangerous skill;

The reason Victor was researching about making changes to the noble vampires was that he wanted to master his progenitor power and even make people close to him ingest other foods.

Currently, noble vampires could only 'eat' blood and water.

Any other type of food ingested will be very disgusting and would make the vampire vomit.

Coming out of his thoughts, Victor asked:

"What do you guys think of Vlad's move?"

"The old man is accumulating power." Scathach declared.

"Isn't this a desperate act of not losing against Victor?" Morgana asked, her voice dripping with disdain.

"I don't think so. Vlad doesn't act without thinking... I can assume he just revealed everything now because Victor forced him."

"Ad, huh?" Victor spoke while stroking Natalia's neck.

"Indeed... Changing the subject a bit, why is Natalia here? She doesn't know much about Vlad." Agnes asked with jealousy visible in her tone.

"She is my wife. Why can't she be here?" Victor raised an eyebrow.

"... I mean... -"

"Not to mention that she was working hard in her father's place to make these teleportation arrays. She deserves a reward."

"..." Agnes thought for a few seconds and understood: "So this is her reward."

"That's not her reward; that's just me spoiling her. Her reward will come later."

"...." Agnes pouted furiously and snorted, turning her head away.

"Can we please stay on topic and put Agnes' pointless jealousy to rest?" Natashia pointed.

"Oyyy! You're jealous too!"

"I am." Natashia didn't deny it: "But I'm mature enough to know that Victor will spoil us later. You lived so long with your husband, and you still don't understand him? Or did you forget?"

Veins began to pop in Agnes' head; that hateful woman! She wanted to complain about Natashia, but she didn't because she realized that she was right. After all, Victor always did that when one of his wives showed jealousy.

What did Victor do, you ask?

Victor showered those who showed jealousy with a lot of love at the end of the day. It was so much love that even though they were noble vampires with insane regeneration, they still could not walk and work properly the next day.

Honestly, this treatment was like a drug that made her head always float in lightness like she was on clouds. Because of this, many times, the girls would purposely 'fake' jealousy just for him to lash out at them later.

Thinking about it that way, Agnes was starting to get excited for later.

'Since I behaved very badly... He will punish me a lot, right?' She looked curiously at Victor and shuddered with pleasure and stimulation when she saw his lifeless eyes. Agnes's lips trembled badly, and she almost smiled wildly but managed to control herself.

"...." The group, with the exception of Agnes and Victor, who were looking at each other, reacted with varying levels of shock to Natashia's statement. The woman always surprised them due to her mood swings, sometimes, she was much like Violet and Agnes, but at other times, she showed a level of maturity on par with Jeanne. Her mood was very random... And that was Natashia's charm; she was a lucid crazy person that Victor loved very much.

And as for Natalia, who was the topic of this conversation? How did she react to that?

"... Fueeeh ~" She moaned softly as her legs twitched.

... Well, Natalia was in seventh heaven with pleasure, she was not even listening to what the women were saying, she did not care about anything now, the only thing in her world was Victor and the pleasure he was giving her.


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