My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires-Chapter 872: War...? Huh?. 2

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Chapter 872: War...? Huh?. 2

Again, another wave of shock spread throughout The Supernatural World; they never thought they would hear The Highest Authority of Angels saying they would support a Demon!

Angels supporting Demons in a war? What the fuck is this? Did the sun rise in the west today?

The Beings affiliated with the Angels never thought they would hear these words coming from the Leader of The Angels. After all, in their minds, the Leader of the Angels was 'good' and Victor was 'bad'.

These words informed everyone that there was no such thing as good and evil, but only interests... It turns out that Human International Politics and Supernatural Politics had no differences.

It was all about interest.

Of course, this conclusion only came to the smarter Beings; those who were fanatics didn't care about it; for them, anything The Leader of The Angels said would be correct.

Tears threatened to fall from Anubis's eyes. "Just... Just kill us already; who cares about living? Our existence will end anyway..."

A united front with various Pantheons? No matter how you looked at it, it was impossible to win! They had become the enemy of the world without even knowing why!

Even with all the preparations, even with all the scenarios in his head, Victor never expected the scenario he found himself in now.

And by the looks of Scathach, Tasha, Haruna, Amaterasu, and everyone present here, it was obvious that none of them expected this either.

Seeing Odin, the acclaimed All Father, with his mouth agape in pure this either.

Seeing Odin, the acclaimed All Father, with his mouth agape in pure shock would be fun to watch if Victor himself didn't feel the same way internally.

Now, Victor and Odin weren't stupid; you could say that of everyone present, they had the most insider information about the possible reasons for these two Pantheons supporting Victor.

Therefore, Victor didn't waste time with pointless questions and asked, "... And what is the requirement for this support?"

These words made The Heavenly Father and Shiva raise their eyebrows in surprise at how quickly Victor understood the situation. Victor's question might have seemed simple to the outside world, but to them, it was different. They understood that Victor asked this because he understood their hidden actions and goals.

"Just do as you said, only kill those responsible, as long as there is no mass genocide, the Hindu Pantheon will stand by your side," Shiva said.

"The same goes for The Angels," The Heavenly Father said.

"Does this condition apply to The Nightingale Gods?"

"I don't care about Outsiders," Shiva replied, unaware that these words significantly lowered the tall woman's opinion of him. Even if he knew, he wouldn't care.

"I agree with Shiva... But try to think outside the box; allies are important," The Heavenly Father said.

Okay, it was official; these two definitely knew something, and Victor would bet $100 that this something was about The Emperors.

'Well, I didn't expect this, but it's not like it's a bad thing... I just need to adjust my plans a bit.' Victor fully understood the implications of The Heavenly Father's and Shiva's words.

They were basically indirectly saying that it wasn't the time for them to be fighting each other now; they needed to rebuild their civilizations.

The Mortal World wasn't completely rebuilt yet.

"Very well..." Victor closed his eyes and reopened them, this time with a bloodthirsty look in his eyes.

"I retract what I said. I will not declare war on The Egyptian Pantheon."

"I will declare war on Ra, Anubis, Seth, and their associates who planned all of this."

The Heavenly Father and Shiva simply nodded in agreement, and soon the three powerful men looked at Anubis, Ra, and Seth.

Under the gaze of these three Beings who could be considered the most powerful men in the current Supernatural World, they felt like pigs waiting for slaughter.

"Lords and ladies, please remember... Fighting is not approved here. I ask that you respect this basic rule," The Limbo Guy spoke with a neutral tone.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Well, as it has been decided to exterminate these vermin, I will present my future plans."

"... Oh?"

Everyone looked at Victor with a curious look.

"I wouldn't have presented these plans until the next meeting of Supernatural Beings, but since this meeting has gone so well, I'm in a good mood, so I'll accelerate my plans," Victor smiled with a happy face and looked at The Limbo Guy.

"May I?"

"Go on."

Victor lightly tapped the table with his finger, and the next moment, everything began to change. Tables were destroyed, and soon everyone stood up, and the hologram of the entire planet Earth appeared in front of them, floating in the air.

The room began to stretch, providing more space for everyone to see the hologram.

A red Power began to envelop Victor, and his appearance started to change. His body grew to three meters in height, his wings became more prominent, and his Draconic features became more visible.

Now, standing at the same height as the assistant of the Primordial Being present, Victor floated towards the hologram of the planet Earth in the air.

"Due to the invasion of my predecessor, the planet's territories have become quite fragmented; it will take thousands of years for these lands to be populated again, so..."

Everyone watched as the lands of the entire planet began to merge into one large territory with several waterways running through the middle, like very large rivers.

"I propose that we unite all the territories into one large supercontinent as it was in the past; this time, Humanity's progress will be faster."

"... You want to transform Earth?" Odin blinked twice as if he had heard the most absurd thing in his long life.

"Wrong, I want to bring the Earth back to its original state."

"Darling, by 'original state,' do you mean...?"

"Exactly, I want to completely erase all the damage that Humanity has done to Earth."

"And how do you plan to do that?"

"It's quite easy, actually; I alone can do it several times over with my Energy reserves."

People shivered when they heard Victor's statement.

"But this must be a joint effort; I suppose this act is in the interest of the Gods as well, right?"

"Yes," Odin, Sucellus, Amaterasu, Shiva, and The Heavenly Father spoke simultaneously.

For the first time, they were in agreement with each other.

Ra didn't say anything because he was having his own problems; he knew that when this meeting ended, he would be hunted down, so he was thinking of countermeasures for that. Who cared about Earth when his own life was in danger?

"The Mortals destroyed Nature, and to make matters worse, in the last invasion, the Demons further worsened the state of Earth. There are some places where even after The Angels' purification, Miasma still exists in a mild form," Amaterasu said.

"Ironically, despite the Demons spreading Miasma on Earth, it was Humanity that harmed Nature the most," Victor said.

Shiva nodded. "The Demons attacked only once, while this destruction by Humanity has been ongoing for several decades now."

"Well, there's no use complaining about it. After all, Supernatural Beings could have interfered, but no one did because of the pact not to reveal the Supernatural World to Mortals," Victor shrugged.

Although this 'pact' had never officially existed, all Beings in The Supernatural World followed it. In fact, this act of hiding had its origins in a series of complications.

For example, if a Mortal Supernatural Being started attacking Humans in Greek territory, for instance, that Supernatural Being would be killed by the Gods.

Because of this fear, a general belief had developed worldwide that the Supernatural should be hidden.

Of course, it wasn't just that; this situation was just one example.

But overall, this situation of hiding the Supernatural had originated from Supernatural Mortals' fear of revealing themselves and suffering at the hands of Humans or even Gods.

The Witch Hunts were a good example of this.

Not everyone was as strong as Victor; many Supernatural Beings couldn't fight hundreds of armed Humans.

Tasha, who was looking at the planet, thought, 'Why does he want to unite all the continents into one large piece of land?' After thinking in silence for a few minutes, the only thought Tasha could come up with was that Victor wanted to eliminate the 'countries' of the world.

If everyone belonged to one large continent, there would be no more countries, and 'theoretically,' Mortals would be under one flag.

"What do you propose, Victor Alucard?" Shiva asked.

"A civilization reboot," Victor spoke words that momentarily stunned everyone.

"... Like The Heavenly Father did in the past?"

"Wrong, wiping out Mortals will only make them repeat the same mistakes in a few thousand years. So instead of eliminating, I suggest guiding them."

"Everyone saw what happened when Mortals were left without guidance; they kill each other and just destroy everything in the process..."

"An act that will only harm us in the future, huh," Victor nodded, understanding that Shiva was referring to the Emperors.

Earth was not prepared for an invasion. Although there were strong Beings here, they were not united. This 'reset' was designed to fix that problem.

"I don't agree with control, Progenitor," The Heavenly Father spoke. As someone who advocated free will, he didn't like taking that away from his creations.

"It's not control, it's guidance. You, of all people, should know what happens if there are no basic rules to control Mortals' basic instincts."

The Heavenly Father couldn't refute him because Victor was correct. He had personally witnessed such barbarity happening within his own organization.

"So you propose that instead of controlling. We create basic rules?" Amaterasu asked.

"Correct. This way, a situation like Mortals wantonly destroying Nature with their inventions and innovations won't occur in the future."

"The Eras have changed, The Era of Men has been left behind; this is The Era of Supernatural Beings, and we should not remain silent only for the mistakes of the past to be repeated," Sucellus spoke.

Victor nodded in agreement.

While the big and powerful guys talked and gave their ideas to complement Victor's idea, the 'Mortals' were sweating cold watching this scene. These Beings were planning a complete overhaul of the world of today as they knew it, and they couldn't do anything to stop them.

The thought of trying to do something did cross their minds, but what could they do? Petition? Protest? None of the common means they knew from the past would work here.

These Beings only respected strength, and only with strength were you allowed to speak among them.

"How exactly will this work? What will happen to the current countries?"

"They will disappear, of course; something like 'countries' will no longer exist."

"The Divine Pantheons will not be affected; after all, they exist in other dimensions. But the Mortal Realm will be completely changed. I propose that we build a Mega City where the influence of each Pantheon is seen, and this city be led by a council of each Faction present here."

"Agreed." The Gods, Tasha, Vlad, and Haruna quickly agreed.

It might seem complicated at first glance, but not that much. To put it simply, nothing would change; the useless territories of Earth would merely merge, and a large city would be built for all the remaining Mortals, forming a single large nation.

But despite this seeming simple, everyone here understood the future implications. By doing what Victor suggested, there probably wouldn't be something like a language barrier in the future. After all, everyone would live in the same nation and speak the same language.

Even if they were to separate and civilization grew, this fact wouldn't change because they wouldn't be separated by a large amount of sea anymore.

Consequently, if a foreign Being attacked Earth, they would be more likely to unite under one flag.

The clearest benefit would be the restoration of Earth; the entire planet would be restored to its original state before Mortals destroyed everything.

This small act would allow for the birth of completely different new animals, and even Supernatural Creatures, as this restoration would not be 'normal' but artificial, using The Powers of The Gods.

The more they discussed, the more obvious it became that everyone wanted to move towards the unity of the people.

"How will this change occur?"

"We will use the strongest Mother Goddesses, Gaia and Tiamat."

"As for the revitalization of the planet, we should give the Energy to Yggdrasil, and she will know what to do."

The Gods nodded in agreement.

"When will we put this plan into action?" Shiva asked. n--)--(.(1-.)(1-(n

"As soon as my hunt is over," Victor said as his size began to return to normal.

"Fair enough," Shiva nodded.

"Progenitor, here."

Victor took the scroll that Odin handed to him with a curious look.

"What is this?"

"The names of all those involved in the scheme that would harm your Family. Consider it my goodwill."

"Oh...? How did you know about this information?" Victor thought for a moment and then shook his head. "Never mind, I can imagine what you did."

Odin displayed a neutral smile.

You didn't need to be a genius to deduce that Odin had used spies within The Egyptian Pantheon. Although the Gods were mostly loyal to their own Pantheon, there would always be a weed that didn't like something and would leak information.

It was these people that the Gods used as spies to learn about another Being's Pantheon.

The Limbo Guy lightly clapped his hands, and soon everything began to return to its original state.

"I'm glad to know that Supernatural Beings are coming together for a future free from internal conflicts," The Limbo Guy nodded in satisfaction.

The Faction Leaders nodded, agreeing with his words.

"The future is bright, and I am pleased with this meeting... So, I declare The Meeting of Supernatural Beings adjourned." The screen of the entire world went blank, losing all signal.



"Have a good hunt."

Victor smiled. "I will."

The Limbo Guy smiled and snapped his fingers; soon all the Gods returned to their respective Realms.

"So? What do you think?"

"... He's the perfect candidate," the woman said.

'Of course, he is... In this Sector, he has the most potential to become an Overlord.'

The Limbo Guy simply nodded in agreement with her.


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