My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires-Chapter 886: Dragon God of Chaos. 2

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Chapter 886: Dragon God of Chaos. 2

The woman blinked and suddenly found herself in a place full of red trees.

She tried to use her Powers, but she couldn't, as she seemed to be completely disconnected from her world.

'How is this possible!? The planet will not survive without me nourishing it...'

"Where am I!?" She got up from the ground and looked around for something, but all she saw was a large hand coming towards her and slapping her.


"Kyaaaaa!" She fell to the ground while holding her cheek, looking at her sister with a lot of anger in her eyes.

"Welcome to my beloved Husband's Inner World~" Roxanne smiled: "About Nightingale, don't worry, my Husband can support several planets at the same time. Now that he has become a God, supporting a small planet like Nightingale is easy."

The World Tree of Positivity gaped with eyes wide in shock at such absurdity.

"That… That is impossible! There is no way he-."

"The word 'impossible' does not exist in my Husband's dictionary."

"Now, let's start your punishment. You have been very naughty, big sister. Thus, as someone from the same Family, it is my obligation to punish you."


"Oh, and a bit of advice, from a sister to a sister? No matter what happens. NEVER look at the sky."

Instead of following what Roxanne said, she looked up at the sky.

Reverse psychology. Tell someone not to do something, and they will definitely do the opposite of what you said.

The moment the World Tree looked up at the sky, she saw... That... That thing in the sky, that inexplicable existence.

That Being that, even with her senses, she couldn't understand its existence.

Her body started to shake violently, and blood started to pour out of her orifices.

"AHHHHHH..." And she screamed in pure horror until her screams became soundless, and she fell to the ground unconscious.

Roxanne's smile grew: "I told you so."


"How is the battle situation?" Victor asked a question that didn't really need answering. After all, with his senses, he could feel the entire planet easily, and he had a feeling that his senses weren't limited to just the planet. If he wanted to, he could sense even further beyond the planet's sphere of influence; he just didn't yet know the limit of his senses.

"All dead," Scathach replied with a smile on her face.


"What are you going to do with the natives?" Jeanne asked curiously.

"I will give them a choice."

"Submission or death?"


Rose narrowed her eyes dangerously. Evidently, she didn't like this decision, but how could she? She lived her whole life fighting these Beings, and she'd lost friends and close relatives thanks to them. There was no way she or Eleonor would like this decision.

"Rose, don't hide your thoughts," Victor asked gently.

"... I do not like this. Why don't we just kill them all?"

"Waste of resources. Not to mention that the majority of them are innocent civilians, children, women, babies, and the elderly. Only adult men and Leaders of a family could earn the Title of an 'Alpha' and command the monsters to attack WarFall."

Rose felt a bad taste in her mouth. As a warrior, she didn't like raising her blade against the defenseless unless they attacked her first, but her feelings couldn't be satisfied that way. Her heart demanded revenge.

Observing the wine-haired woman with his Draconic Eyes, Victor could feel everything she was feeling. His newfound Divinties opened up a new way of seeing the world that he couldn't before, not to mention that these Divinties influenced him a little.

Despite being a God of Blood, Murder, and all Wars, he was also a God of Family of Nature, and because of the Concept of Beginning, his Concepts entered the realm of Life as well.

Don't forget Martial Honor either. He would not raise the blade against the innocent even though he was a God of Blood, War, and Murder.

He would protect Life and Nature, but he could also kill Life and Nature if necessary.

In the literal sense of the word, he became a truly Chaotic Being.

Thanks to these new sensations that have influenced his own thoughts to a lesser extent, Victor was doing his best to maintain a logical thought process and tried to think like before.

Which wasn't difficult. In essence, he was a Family man, and he would always prioritize his Family.

But... As a God, he had also gained a different perspective.

Instead of imposing something on Rose, he decided to leave the decision up to her.

"Follow me, I will show you something." Victor floated towards a location.

Rose quickly followed him flying. Victor's Wives looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and in the next moment, they also followed him.

The Gods, the Angels, and Vlad, who were present, also decided to follow Victor after some thought.

Velnorah didn't even think; she simply followed him.


Arriving at a place far from the battlefield, Victor gestured with his hand, and the earth around him opened up, revealing several natives, all crouched and clinging to each other.

Children, babies, women, everyone was here, just innocent civilians.

Sounds of screams were heard as the earth was split open with Victor's hand gesture.

Then a native appeared in front of the group while shouting: "What are you doing here!?"

"Ken, you mustn't-." A woman tried to say something.

"Shut up!" He roared as he stood straight. Even though his body was shaking greatly in fear at the sight of these Beings, he still needed to stand to protect his people.

"...What is this, Victor?" Rose asked in Draconic Language.

"The Natives, all of them."

"...Why are there so few?" With a brief glance, she could count about 100 family groups. If she did an exact count, only around 1700 members could be counted.

"Experimentation and predation."


"The Leader of The Elder Gods, Ikor. He used all the Natives as experiments, and in some cases, he used his predation ability to gain some rare abilities that were born from them."

"An attitude that he himself used on other Elder Gods. Because of this, there are so few Elder Gods."

"Do you remember The Elder God's gigantic body?"


"It was merely a pile of corpses of the Gods and the Natives."

Rose's face distorted in disgust. She wasn't the only one, as Jeanne, Morgana, and even Scathach's expressions were distorted in disgust.

Despite being Beings that could easily wipe out countries, they were not essentially evil. No one here had an attitude that would exploit the weak and use them as experiments, going so far as to even use their corpses.

They were warriors, ruthless warriors, but still warriors. They were not degenerates.

Even Ruby herself, who was a researcher who used other people's corpses to understand genes, wouldn't do something like that. The same applied to Maria herself, who could control Ghouls.

"Do you know about the monsters?" Victor began to speak in normal language.


"They are an experiment created through combining the Divinity of Ikor, the Natives, and the Vampire Nobles." As someone who consumed Ikor, Victor knew all the things he did.

Victor floated to the ground but didn't step on it. His weight was so heavy now, much heavier than before. Thus, he needed time to get used to his new body.

Therefore, he floated just a few CMs above the ground.

"Don't come any closer…!"

Victor ignored the man and floated toward him with his hands behind his back in an open-chest position.

"I said, don't come any closer!" Ken screamed and attacked Victor.

The spear didn't even come close to Victor's body, and it was broken as if he had tried to pierce an invisible wall.

"What-…" Ken didn't understand what just happened. How could his spear break in the air? Why did he feel like he had hit a wall?

"Cough!" Ken coughed up blood and fell to the ground, as blood soon began to come out of every orifice on his body.

"... W-What is happening...?"

Ken's brother tried to shout something or even do something, but his body wouldn't move. He wasn't as brave as his brother.

"...Thor, what was that?" Loki muttered.

"... The pressure... His body is so dense, so compact, and his aura is so heavy that there is an invisible natural pressure around him. If someone is not strong enough, they will never be able to harm him."

"As for attempting to attack him while not being strong enough... Well, you can see the result for yourself." Thor explained.

"... That's... That's insane."

Thor nodded in shock as well.

"Boy, your pride is something noble. Few would be able to stand up in front of me to defend their people." Victor's voice was neutral, not too high, not too low, but everyone could sense the tone of appreciation coming from him.

"Never let that pride be destroyed." Those were the last words Ken heard before he passed out, words that unconsciously marked him deeply.

The words of a God had Power, and this was no different for Victor. When he spoke those words, he was unconsciously using the Divinity of Martial Honor.

Victor genuinely appreciated the boy's attitude.

Ken's body floated in front of Victor.n--O1n

Using his Draconic hands, Victor gently touched his body; the next moment, all the wounds on Ken's body were healed as if they had never existed in the first place. Ken's body then returned to the ground, and Victor left him there.

Then he looked at Rose. "From today forward, the Natives are under the supervision of the Adrastella Clan."

"As the most affected by this war, you and Eleonor will decide their fate."

Victor decided, and no one dared to question him. Although Vlad wanted to use these Natives for something, he was not foolish enough to go against Victor's authority.

If this man said something, few would be able to change his opinion or contradict him. The only ones capable of changing his opinion would be his Wives and his mother.

Victor floated towards Rose and lightly touched her shoulder: "Make a decision that truly satisfies you. Do not lie to yourself, My love. I will support you in whatever decision you make."

"...Darling...Thank you," Rose spoke appreciatively. She could completely understand Victor's intentions. He was asking her to make a decision that would not make her feel regretful or leave a bad taste in her mouth in the future.

A small smile appeared on Victor's pale face: "You're welcome."

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