My Vampire System (WN)-Chapter 2182 God Slayer 4 (Part 3)

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Mundus continued to watch Quinn carefully with the thoughts in his head, and what he feared seemed to come true. Quinn continued to defeat the demon tier beasts, he was so much stronger than them that he was able to injure them just enough so they wouldn't die and then use the shadow infect skill.

If someone was to tell others what was happening right now, they wouldn't believe it. There were those that had trouble enough just defeating a demon tier beast, but to weaken it to the point where you just kept it alive, could only be possible if there was a large difference between the two.

'I guess something like this has to be a capability of the one that I am watching.' Mundus thought. 'He has to at least be able to do this much, if he wishes to be a strong agent.'

The fear was still in the back of his mind though because Quinn had now successfully captured ten demon tier beasts. Infecting them all, ones with all sorts of different abilities. Some of the demon tier beasts were in more difficult terrains to reach or had some powers that he needed to be cautious of which slowed him down a bit but still gave him next to no trouble.

'That's ten demon tier beasts, but I still have no idea how many five spiked plus Dalki they have on their side. Someone like One Horn would be able to defeat a demon tier beast and they might have hundreds or thousands of one horns.' Quinn thought.

'Such a shame.' Alex added. 'With this many demon tier beasts, you could maybe kill a few and upgrade the bullets of your guns. It would always be handy to maybe keep some of their powers for yourself. Remember unique bullets that do different things can be kept in the guns as well.

'I know creating an army is more helpful in the current situation you are in, but you also have to think about improving yourself.'

Taking somewhat of a break while ordering the other beasts to go ahead and continue the spread of his shadow infect, Quinn was thinking about what Alex had said. The guns were good for long range and some of the bullets were useful. They also condensed his aura down so it was better to use a blood bullet then it was for him to use a blood swipe.

However, with the level of opponents he was facing, the once great god slayer weapons had little effect. Quinn needed to combine all of his powers of Qi, blood aura, blood control and his physical strength and speed to stand a chance of injuring them.

The guns were just a good distraction with the way they were. Ultimately, one of his strongest attacks, the tiger pulse, needed to be delivered hand to hand.

'The gauntlets I have are at the demon tier level, well, one of them is at least...' Quinn thought.

A lot of his better gauntlets had ended up being destroyed or absorbed, leaving him with the drainmo demon tier gauntlet. It was hard for him to get a grip on the opponents he was fighting for more than a few seconds, so draining their Qi energy was hardly something he could do.

Before, he had used his celestial blood to create a pair of gauntlets over his body. It was stronger than any equipment he had and even if he used equipment it would just end up disappearing anyway.

'Maybe, among all of these demon tier beasts, I can find some beasts that would suit turning into a pair of new gauntlets for me to use as well. No doubt, I will have to face Ray in a close quarter battle as well.' Quinn thought.

'Truthfully, the best result would be to get a pair of god slayer gauntlets. That would give me the most amount of power to go with the amour, but I don't think I could get Mundus to agree on that, to send me to two more god slayers.

'He seemed reluctant with the armour and I have already asked him for so much already, and I don't even know if I would have the time to fight against two more god slayers, and that's even if I can beat them. I've been away from the others longer than I would have liked.' Quinn thought.

'Maybe you don't have to get any more crystals.' Alex suggested. 'Hear me out, the god slayer crystals are slightly different to anything I have worked on before, and I honestly think five crystals is already a bit overkill to create an entire set.

'I doubt that Mundus expected you to be able to get all five. I believe he might have thought about saving you all along if you were ever to get in a lot of trouble, he just needs to appear tough on the surface.'

Quinn wasn't so sure about that, but he didn't doubt Alex's words when it came to creating equipment, maybe Alex was right and five god slayer crystals were too much.

'I can't guarantee it right now, but I can try and attempt to do one of two things, using the armour to create a complete set, from head to toe. Based on these crystals I reckon that each piece will have its own active skill, and then it will also have a set active skill just like the range set.

'Only this time, I want to create a weapon to be part of the set as well. If there isn't enough energy then, I think we can also repurpose the guns to create a stronger weapon by mixing it into the set, creating the gauntlets that you need.'

It sounded all good, but Quinn wasn't really following as Alex was the actual forger, and there was one major thing that was bothering him.

'What you are suggesting right now, repurposing the weapon, what will that mean for you? What will happen to you?' Quinn asked.

'Quinn, do you think I understand what has happened to me right now? Because I really don't, so to be honest I have no clue. Maybe I will be lost forever, maybe I will become a part of the whole set, or I will just be in the weapon like I am now, who knows.

'But right now, you need to take risks, you have multiple planets to save, and I have lived an exciting life, more exciting than ever. If I was to disappear knowing I made the strongest creation, to make you the most bad arse person in the universe, then I will be happy with that thought.'

Based on the emotional feelings Quinn was feeling having this conversation he wanted to put it on hold for now, because he needed to focus on the task at hand.

Quinn continued with the shadow infect and in total he now had infected twenty five demon tier beasts, he would have continued if it wasn't for the fact that the shaking had started again and it lasted more than a few seconds this time.

"It looks like you have run out of time, you must fight now." Mundus said. "Good luck."


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