My Vampire System (WN)-Chapter 2277 A Different Quinn

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Chapter 2277 A Different Quinn

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When looking at the man in the black clothing with red armour all over his body, it was almost impossible to tell that the one they were looking at wasn't Quinn. Even the shadow that lingered around his back looked the same.

However, from the front the facial features, the strong sticking nose, and the slightly sunken in eyes made it clear that this was Sil. Of all people to choose from, in the memories of all those around, Sil had chosen to choose one of the people that he considered the strongest.

'He picked Quinn's body…' Layla was almost taken away when seeing him. She thought, just like the times before, Quinn had arrived to save them once again.

This hadn't actually happened of course, but in some way, to her she still felt like Quinn once again was the one that was coming to her in this time of need.

'If Sil has decided to take on Quinn's body, then he can definitely take on the Qi, in his body to the fullest. From the distance she was, she started to use the power of her Soul Weapon again. From all those watching, including H himself, she tried to put all of that power into Sil, and this time Sil was accepting it all.

Sil stood there with H opposite him, who was confused about the sudden change. What this power was, how could it make someone feel so different from him suddenly.

With a smile on his face, Sil was the first one to act, he ran across the ground and blood gatherd around his hand, the Qi in his body and of those around started to form. As the two powers combined they spun like a giant drill.

Seeing this, H decided to retaliate with the same, he transformed his hand into a pointed point, and covered in the power of flames throwing it outward. The two large powers clashed, the blood drill constantly spinning at H's hand.

However, soon shadow started to escape out from Sil's hand and covered the flames. After covering the attack, Sil quickly moved with his speed right into H. He bent down, and gathered his blood aura creating another drill, and struck right from below, right on H's face.

It lifted H up off his feet, such power had never been felt from the blows from before. Blood could be felt filling his mouth, and from before, the scales from his transformed hand, they had started to bend slightly as well.

While H was flying through the air, Sil had gathered the blood aura, into a large sword, and condensed it, he lifted it above his head, and with his other hand created a shadow on the ground.

'Why is he creating a shadow there…' H thought.

Before he knew it, while being forced in the air form the attack, a shadow had been created above him. When going through it, H had appeared right through the second shadow that was made on the ground. That meant, he was now right in front of Sil.

With the blood sword, he swung it down, with great force, a wave of blood aura followed from both sides, as if one was splitting a red sea in half. It manged to hit right on the top of H's head. As it did, H immediately tried to use his ice powers to create a barrier between his skin and the attack, but the blood aura won out, and a large cut was made on top of H's head.

"Arghhh!" H screamed at the top of his lungs, his whole body covered in lightning and soon his whole body somewhat transformed into a bolt. It struck at everything in sight, but Sil was prepared for this as well. He had already gotten the shadow to come back and cover his body.

When the lightning strikes had stopped, Sil took the shadow away and could see that H had backed off, he was on the other side of the square where they were fighting. His hand was injured, blood dripping from his knuckles.

The top of his head had a deep cut as well, and his mouth was filled with blood. His breathing was heavy, but it was mostly due from shock rather than being tired, and when H realised it, he started to calm down a little.

"You might have had a sudden boost in strength, but even you must know, unless you can kill me in one blow, all of this is useless." H stated.

H had decided for the time being that he wouldn't use the regeneration skill, because he wanted the special trait of the Dalki to activate.

"It seems that Quinn has either gotten stronger than I thought, or everyone thinks quite highly of him." Sil claimed. "You know, I have always wanted to use his shadow ability, but I thought that I might never get the chance to, yet here I am.

"I guess with this, I can also experience being a vampire, without being a vampire."

Before H realised, he was completely surrounded by Blood Swords. At a snap of his fingers, all of the blood swords went straight towards H. Seeing this, he swung his arm and a large burst of energy went out, colliding with half of the swords in the sky, they all disappeared as the large power clashed against the swords.

However, the other half of the swords had reached his back. Like a hedgehog, H bent his back slightly, and fire started to emit right from his spikes. It was a large flame like a rocket, blasting out and melting the rocks behind it, as well.

All of the blood swords had quickly disspeared, when the fire finally stopped. H stood there with a large smirk on his face.

'It seems that my theory might be right after all, that his abailties are getting stronger, along with his natural strength, this could be a tough one to fight.'

H charged forward running with his full fist out, and Sil did the same, gathering up his Qi and the power of the blood aura, fist collided with fist shaking the entire planet as the two hit. They continued to hit each other, matching speed for speed.

However, with the hits, Sil could tell that H was actually stronger, once in a while H would use a bit more power, but when this happened, Sil would use the shadow to slip the other, then when there was opening he would use a blood attack, but he stopped himself just before piercing the skin, continuing to just match the hits for hits.

Until he eventually stopped, moving away. H could tell that something was up, why would one suddenly stop hitting.

"I wanted to see how strong Quinn has become, and it seems that he is just as strong as a ten spike… but I know the real Quinn would probably come up with a way to beat you." Sil stated.

"Beat me… you have given me nothing but a couple of scratches, I can tell you are scared to hurt me more. Just in case I gain power to overpower you, but you can't last like this forever. Eventually your MC cells will run out, but for me I will only get stronger." H exclaimed.

"You know I never planned to beat you as Quinn." Sil claimed. "It wouldn't seem right. You know the Blade's abailtiy is strong, but there is just something that I could never do. I could never use more than one ability at once?

"However, this new power that I have obtained is truly is amazing. If I wished I could turn my arm into that of a Dalki, while keeping the rest of my body the same. Meaning I could continue to use Quinn's powers, but did you know something?

"I can use the powers and draw an image of those that the others have seen, and the others were able to see my own powers. The strength of Sil. So by using the power I just obtained, I can use part of my own power, and that of Quinn's as well."

H wasn't quite following what Sil meant, that was until his body started to duplicate, just like before when there were multiple Sils, there were now multiple Quinn's as well all spread out on top of that, lightning ring's were emitting from all of their arms as well.

With Russ's power, and the vast amount of MC cell's that Sil contained, he was able to combine his own power and Quinn's together. It was quite possible, at that current moment and time, that Sil just unlocked the potential to be considered the strongest in the universe.



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