My Vampire System (WN)-Chapter 2287 The Unknown Hero

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Chapter 2287 The Unknown Hero

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On another Amra planet, a particular group had no clue what was taking place at this moment and time. All they knew was that the war was still going on. Fighting was still erupting in different places and they needed to stop it.

It wasn't about one side winning the war, It was about stopping it completely so neither side would suffer more losses, because in the first place, although the humans and vampires weren't aware of it, they were fighting for no reason.

Shiro, Jake, and Vicky as well had split off all over the planet, to help the surviving aliens fight against the Dalki. Jake and Shiro had hardly been hurt in their fights, and Vicky had recovered rather quickly due to her meditation.

She wouldn't be as strong as she was before but it still would be enough for her to at least help out the others, it was the least she could do now that the tough ones were out of the way, but she did give a warning to the others before splitting with Logan.

"If he's dead, and any of you come back alive, you will be seeing him very soon."

Those words were ingrained in the back of everyone's mind as they went off. Logan, Layla, Russ, Minny and Sil. They were planning to head back to the Marpo Cruise.

At the moment, they were running around, in search of something salvageable to fly back to the Marpo Cruise. All of the ships had been destroyed, but with Logan's soul weapon he could quickly make a new one, as long as he found some materials to do it with.

"It… feels so empty." Minny blurted out, as she continued to follow the others.

Since no one was saying anything, and focusing on the task ahead, everyone had heard Minny and they knew exactly what she meant. For one, the streets, they were emptier than before.

That was because they were mostly filled with the dead, or the buildings had been crushed with so sign of life at all. Although the fighting did continue, it was only in secluded places rather than all over.

Lastly, there was another reason Minny had made the comment, it was because she was talking about the group they were in. They had once set off to travel to the Marpo Cruise, and it wasn't too long ago, but back then, there were far more of them than there were now.

"I know sweetheart." Layla said. "We need to stop it all, so none of it ever happens again."

Eventually, Logan had found a destroyed ship. It had a few lacking parts so the group quickly gathered some more materials until Logan felt like it was enough. Placing his hand on the random parts of metal and such, it all started to move and started to form what looked like a ship.

When the ship was finally done, Logan was sweating quite badly, his face was scrunched up and he had stayed in a knelt down position.

"Are you okay?" Layla said.

"Yeah." Logan replied, lifting his head up. "I just haven't recovered as much as I thought I had."

"Good, because if you were to be hurt, I'm a little frightened at what Vicky would do to us."

After getting onboard the ship, they were off heading for the Marpo Cruise. It had taken the group a lot longer than they thought to make a ship, and they couldn't help but think that as more time passed, more would die.

While on the ship, Russ was away from everyone staring out the window.

'Why am I even on here… I kinda just ended up getting swept with the flow, going along with everything.

'I don't even have that strange feeling in my head anymore, which means I no longer need to protect that damned Talen family. It's because of them that I had to go through all of this in the first place.'

Russ was thinking back to the somewhat peaceful life he had been living, but soon remembered when the celestial had turned up and ruined it all.

Soon his mind started to wander to other things, one of them being Sil. Seeing Sil's power, to clone himself as Quinn and yet at the same time still use his own powers of himself.

That was Sil that had already been fighting for a while as well. It made him wonder what a fresh Sil with max MC cell's would be able to do.

'Would I even ever be able to defeat him?' Russ thought.

Although this was already a worrying thought for Russ, for some reason, when looking at Sil the same strong feelings he had before were gone. This anger inside him that he thought would never disappear, it had vanished and he didn't know why.

"I still don't know what happend." Sil said out loud, it looked like he was busy in his mind with his own thoughts as well.

"Why did H's final ability not set off?" Sil said. "I saw it, I saw it in my vision, it definitely was that ability, yet it didn't work."

If Sil didn't have the answer, the rest of them certainly didn't.

The ship continued to head towards the Marpo Cruise, and Logan was prepared to push himself again. Using his powers to create some defences as the ship attacked them. He knew that his androids inside were no longer working.

However, as they got closer to the ship, nothing happened whatsoever. It was as if they weren't even a concern. Regardless, Sil still placed his hand on the floor of the ship and cloaked it in an invisibility ability.

When they got close, just like before, he teleported them all inside.

"Alright, before anything, what we need to do is disable the sleeping agent that Jack placed in the device. Otherwise, as soon as Sil goes back in that machine, he'll fall asleep again.

"The device works via Jack's fingerprint. On top of that, I think it would be best if we got rid of Jack while we are here. There should be no one else that can stop us from doing so."

The others agreed, finally they would get to take down one of the two that were responsible for all of this.

"I was able to map this place before I left, and I have an idea of where he will be."

Logan could see that there was a private viewing room, and he had even seen Jack go in it a few times when fighting had started on other planets before. The one thing they did need to be ready for though, was if Jack had any tricks up his sleeve.

The group was moving around the ship carefully, there were still multiple people running around all over the place, but with Sil it was easier for them to move to empty rooms at those times, but at othervtimes they would have to wait until other patrolling groups moved.

"Is this Jack strong?" Minny asked, wondering if she would have to use her ring again.

"Not really." Logan replied. "He has always been one to use others to do his dirty work, but his ability along with others is what makes him strong. So let's be ready for anything."

Finally, Sil had teleported them to the hallway, and straight ahead they could see a large hole through the door thatvthey were meant to enter.

"What happened here, was there some type of fight?" Layla asked.

The group carefully headed toward the door, and took a peek in. The first one to enter was Minny who was fast, had the shadow, and was perhaps the one with the most strength out of all of them for now.

They were expecting Minny to say something, but she was silent.

"Minny, is everything okay in there!" Layla shouted.

"It's… it's… Uncle Stark!" Minny shouted back.



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