My Wife is the Asura Empress-Chapter 237: The Sweetest Kiss: The Taste of Bliss

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However, as he faced the purple-stage monarch beast today in battle, he finally realized the significance of those words.

With Eve's intelligence, it would be easier for her to defeat Rio, but she chose to be by his side and assist him in his journey. This made him truly grateful for all the aid she had given him since they have met.

Hearing his sincere heartfelt words, Eve took a deep breath, trying to calm her emotions, although she showed her strong front most of the time but deep down she was a very emotional creature.

The girl spoke but her voice still trembled, "You don't have to butter me, I have my own personal motives to help you."

Eve averted her gaze as she spoke, her voice lacking the usual confidence and edge.

Rio could sense her hesitation, the unspoken words she was struggling to keep inside. She tried to convince herself that her assistance to him was nothing more than a transaction, a mere exchange of services for her own benefit.

Her eyes flickered towards Rio briefly, before darting away again. The faint quiver in her voice betrayed her true emotions. Despite her best efforts to appear aloof, Rio could see the turmoil within her.

He couldn't help but feel a pang of sympathy for her. It was evident that she was conflicted, torn between her own interests, her emotions, and the growing bond between them.

As he looked at her, he wondered how long she could keep up the pretense of indifference.

Rio decided to change the topic as he asked, "What to do with the crown of Purple stage beast?"

"I suggest you give it to someone trustworthy, perhaps one of your girls. Whoever you choose will be rewarded with the benefits reserved for a purple-stage monarch beast. You and the new person will share similar marks we have and the connection will become stronger between the two if you share it with one of your girls." She said with a cold tone.

"And how do I give this crown?" He asked with a questioning glint in his eyes.

"The first person you osculate will receive the crown, that's the method to give it to the person you trust." She said in a stiff voice as she was still trying to calm her emotions.

'First person, You osculate?'

The boy's mind wandered as he considered the possibility of giving the crown of the purple stage monarch beast to someone of the same gender. A wave of discomfort washed over him at the thought of kissing another boy.

He couldn't imagine puckering up and smooching a dude, he'd sooner run away and join a circus than do that. The idea was so absurd that he couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of himself in such a compromising position.

However, he was surrounded by a flock of loyal girls, each one of them more trustworthy than the other. It was the best option, and then it hit him - he knew the perfect person to give the crown to. Someone who would be perfect for this position more than anyone.

"Okay," Saying that He took a deep breath, thinking to reach out to hold her delicate cheeks.

His hand moved towards her soft and tender cheeks, Eve's eyes widened in confusion, and her lips parted to ask what he was doing.

Before she could utter a word, the boy pulled her towards him, their bodies pressing against each other. He could feel her warm breath brushing past his skin as he moved his lips closer to hers and the aromatic orchid enveloped his senses.

Eve was taken aback and didn't understand what he was doing. His touch was gentle yet firm, sending shivers down her spine.

Before she could even process what was happening, the boy drew her closer to him, their faces inches apart. Her heart pounded in her chest as she looked into his intense gaze.

Suddenly, without warning, he sealed her plumpy lips, his kiss so soft and tender that it took her by surprise. Eve's eyes opened wider, her heart pounding faster as she felt the boy's lips on hers.

She was unable to comprehend the situation, the sensation of his lips against hers was ticklish, and she felt herself being swept away by his daring move. It was a moment of pure bliss, and she couldn't help but feel like everything around her had faded away. The boy's kiss had taken over her mind and soul, leaving her speechless and in awe of him.

She felt his soft pulpy flesh against her, his warm breath caressing her face as they kissed. She felt their body press against each other, the heat radiating off him making her feel alive.

They were lost in the moment until Eve regained her composure and surprised Rio by opening his mouth slightly as they were smooching. He felt her tongue darting forward, colliding with his own.

The sensation was unexpected, yet it sent an electric feeling through his body. The coldness of her tongue contrasted with the warmth of his mouth, creating a tantalizing sensation. The feeling of her soft tongue on his warm flesh was strangely invigorating, making his hormones rush irregularly.

The taste of her tongue was pleasantly sweet, like a chilled fruit on a hot summer day, and it tickled his senses in a way he had never experienced before. The pulpy texture of her tongue against his own was both strange and fascinating, and Rio found himself unable to resist the feeling. He could feel her exploring every crevice of his mouth as if she wanted to taste every part of him.

As Rio tried to break free from her grasp, Eve's hands tightened around his head, pulling him closer.

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