My Wife Longs for Divorce Every Day-Chapter 29 - : 029, let’s get married

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Chapter 29: 029, let’s get married

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“What’s happening?”

Su Yuntang’s brows furrowed tightly.

“I heard them mentioning the police, a clubhouse…”

The maid stammered, whereas Jiang Yi swiftly turned to Su Wanwan, asking pointedly, “Is it because of what was on the newspaper?”

“Impossible!” Su Wanwan retorted without giving it a second thought: “I just returned to the country three days ago. It was just one picture. Who would know I am the daughter of Secretary Su?”

Secretary Su immediately shot her a glare.

“Quickly drive all the reporters away!” Su Xueqin spoke with an impatience. After all this fuss, she, who was just recovering from a serious illness, was getting exhausted. fr(e)

Jiang Yi hurriedly called someone to take the old man back to his room to rest.

A moment of silence washed over the living room, yet the noises outside seeped in. And the clamor was growing.

The maid soon returned, “What should we do? The reporters refuse to leave.”

Su Yuntang felt a headache coming.

As the deputy head of the Broadcasting Bureau was set to retire at the end of the year, his prospects of promotion were high.

If word got out about his daughter’s scandal with a man, even if it was untrue, it could tarnish his image, even his promotion…

After much thought, he shifted his gaze to Huo Jingshen, “Mr. Huo, as the heir of the Huo family, and since this incident involves Wanwan’s reputation and considering your upcoming marriage with her, I hope you could clarify this in front of the reporters.”

Huo Jingshen remained expressionless.

Indeed, this request was fair. After all, to everyone, the whole incident was a misunderstanding, and it would be most convincing if Huo Jingshen, one of the parties involved, clarified it. Yet…

He brutally refused!

More than that, he slightly tilted his head, looking towards Su Wanwan as if…

He was seeking his girlfriend’s opinion. fr

But Su Wanwan was not in the mood for romance. Her beautiful eyes were coldly fixed on Su Yuntang, her tone mocking and derisive, “So in the Su family, my reputation needs to be cleared by an outsider.”

“If you hadn’t been staying out all night, getting your picture taken in that kind of place and published in the newspaper, would all this mess even happen?” Su Yuntang’s face was tense, “If you had a shred of self-respect, if you remembered your last name is Su, you should always be aware of your status and not always overstep bounds, causing me to lose face!”

Su Wanwan scoffed.

Her father, for the sake of so-called ‘face’, was willing to ask an outsider for help rather than clarify the situation for his daughter himself.

It was utterly ridiculous.

She should not have cooperated with Huo Jingshen just now to put on that performance. She should have waited for the journalists to come over, burst out the door and loudly admit that everything was true…

Would he be furious enough to go insane then?

“You’re still laughing?” The attitude Su Wanwan always had especially irked Su Yuntang.

She was always carefree and sarcastic.

Except for Su Xueqin, she never took anyone seriously!

Enraged, he blurted out harshly, “I should not have kept you, an ill-begotten child in the first place! Tomorrow you’re getting out of here, back to M Country. Never come back!”

Su Wanwan looked at him. Her rising rage was suddenly doused as if by a bucket of cold water, she was whelmed head to toe in coldness.

She lifted her head and released a light sigh, “What to do, I don’t want to return to M Country. Besides, this ill-begotten child of yours, feels she can get a better match than your beloved daughter!”

Whether it in looks, wealth or background… where could Xing Yuyun outshine Huo Jingshen?

Under the jealous, resentful, or shocked gazes of everyone, Su Wanwan extended her hands to clasp onto Huo Jingshen’s arm. Her smile bright yet resolute, “I accept your proposal, let’s get married!”

The mature and handsome man slowly curled his lips, “Alright..’

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