My Yandere Wives are Transcendents-Chapter 81 He always looking at me

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81 He always looking at me

Eli looked at both Zera and Mia who had shocked expressions.

'They have the same reaction...' Adriana thought as her body cooled down and was about to stand up but Eli pulled her into his embrace.

"What are you doing?" She asked indifferently but inwardly her heart beat faster, 'My daughter is here.....' she mumbled.

"I don't think, I can stand up....for now" Eli whispered as he pulled her near his hard and long crotch where she could feel his hardness and hotness through the dress.

Adriana's face blushed a little but soon return to an indifferent face but she didn't move her body.

Adriana leaned her head on his chest as she looked at two girls who were stunned.

Eli patted her head but when she glared at him. He stopped his hand and hugged her as he put his head on top of her head and said, "Hello" with a smile.

Both girls snapped out of their thoughts and looked at Eli. Their eyes twitched as they walked near him and sat beside him without saying a word.


Eli didn't know what to do because they simply sat beside and looked at Adriana who was hiding her smiley face on his chest.

An awkward silence was maintained.

Finally, Eli asked,

"Don't you guys have Classes?"

"Hmph, Because of someone they postponed today's class" Zera said with irritation she didn't why she felt like that, while Mia only glared at Adriana.

"...." Again awkward silence.

"So?" Adriana broke the silence as she moved her head a little away from his chest.

"W-Well, we thought Eli would be home now, so we came to greet him" Zera said awkwardly.

"B-Big Brother, did they...hurt you?" Mia suddenly asked with hesitation.

Eli glanced at her and sighed inwardly, "No, I am fine" Eli still tried to act indifferently to her.

Mia's body trembled a bit while Zera snorted and said, "I can see that" as she glanced at the neck where she could see blood signs.

"...What? You want my blood?" Eli asked casually without knowing his actions, he got two different responses.



Eli was dumbfounded due to their reactions but he just shrugged it off and changed the topic, "Tomorrow?"

"..." Zera didn't catch it quickly, she thought he was asking for her drink tomorrow as she was about to answer when,

"No, from Tomorrow onwards everything will return to normal" Mia said as she nodded her head.

Eli nodded his head and waited.

'Damn...' Zera thought as her face turned red.

Then only silence descended.

After a few minutes, Mia asked, "Is there any problem, big brother?" with worries.

"Hmm?, everything has been dealt" Eli flatly said.

Mia sighed in relief while Zera was hesitating for some reason.

Looking at her actions, Eli asked with amusement,

"What happened, Zera?".

Zera suddenly flinched but looked at her mother and then Eli; Then sighed and said, "Nothing" as she waved her hand.

"Is that so?" Eli squinted his eyes while Adriana frowned at her daughter's actions.





Again awkward silence but this time,

"If nothing else, you can leave" Adriana suddenly said firmly.

"..." Both of them frowned at first but soon they also sighed because they couldn't speak anything due to Adriana with him so they decided to leave. As they stood up and left alone Adriana and Eli.

After they left,

"What's with them?" Eli suddenly asked with doubt.

"..." Adriana looked at Eli for a few seconds and said, "Maybe they worried about you".

"I know that but..." Eli pondered and said, "There is something else...".

Adriana didn't say anything as she was about to stand up again but again he pulled her.

"....They already left" Adriana frowned.

"So?" Eli said as he put her ass on his crotch which was still hard and hot.

Feeling his hotness through the dress, Adriana tried to push him away but Eli gently caught her chin and made her look at his eyes as her face started to blush.

He then looked at her eyes and slowly left his hand towards her backbone and slide it towards her butt crack.

Feeling his hand, she felt a funny feeling inside but when he reached again asshole but he didn't insert his fingers still, she suddenly flinched.

"W-What are y-you doing p-pervert?" Adriana acted like a little girl in front of him which was totally different persona she showed earlier.

"Don't know" Eli said casually as he tried to insert his finger again.

"N-No, STOP!" Adriana was scared as she shouted and closed her eyes even though her dress was in the middle still she could feel his fingers.

Eli suddenly stopped his hands. Feeling no hands Adriana suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Eli either with disappointment or....excitement?

Eli smirked at her and asked, "What? Do you want it?" as he licked his fingers.

Adriana clenched her back as she shuddered, "N-No, W-Why w-would I-I act like a pervert?"

Eli smiled a little and took her hand placed inside his pants where hard and long crotch looking for waterfall cave.


Adriana didn't say anything when he took her hand but when placed her hand directly on it. she, petrified as she felt for the first time directly touching Eli's.

Soon she came out shocked as she said with a blushing red face, "W-What are yo.."~mmff~""

But before she could finish her words, Eli slide his hand inside her panties and gently rubbed on her small crack. She covered her mouth with her other hand still her hand tightly gripping his manhood.

Adriana's eyes turned red in shame but before she lash out, Eli said, "This way we can satisfy ourselves without doing it alone.." with a small grin.

Adriana's eyes widened in shock as she lowered her head in shame, 'How did he know?...' Adriana thought, as if Eli heard, he answered,

"There is nothing to worry about, It is just a normal reaction where both of us are aroused"

'There is nothing normal about you..' She screamed in her heart but still, she didn't do anything until,


Eli again rubbed her crack as she moaned but he didn't stop there he continued to rub around.



Adriana moaned in pleasure as she felt his fingers playing with her little sister, she tried to stop him but she felt her energy being left from her body.

Unaware of her action, Adriana moved her hands up and down.


Feeling her soft touch on his little bother, Eli groaned,


His voice woke her up from her trance as she looked at Eli's red face while groaning...he showed his vulnerable state.....suddenly her mind went to the time when he first meet her and how they interact first with doubt and awkwardness, and how she felt attracted to him the moment he didn't affect from her Dark Mana and how he fought against her daughter and how he trained with her and how he sometimes treats her like a little girl and patted her head though she will never say it out that she liked his head he went to every length for her just because her name being inexplicable feeling aroused from her heart.

But suddenly she felt an amount of hatred for someone who stole him from her...she didn't say it or show it on the outside but whenever 'that bitch' clung to him, an immeasurable pain come to her she clutched her heart and tried to control herself.

When Lilith and Scylla know about his suffering and help him to get through....but she didn't know anything at all, she just enjoyed herself being with him and that was enough for her. She felt really worst than her parents who until the end can't realize how she felt just like how she didn't realize Eli's feelings even though he said it was fine but to her...not everything was fine.

'Yes, I am the kind of person, who needs no one, I will suffer for eternity' Adriana thought though her hands still moving. Her eyes lost their gradient colour when,


Eli who was having pleasure from bloody beauty suddenly felt something wrong as he looked at her face which had a self-loathing expression and then he realized, 'she must have been guilty of not speaking up for me before....heh, how cute, my cute little vampire' Eli thought as he gently looked into her eyes as he stopped his hand and warmly kissed her forehead and stayed for few minutes like that. After that he didn't say anything, he looked at her warmly and then leaned his head on her shoulder as he started to lick and bite her neck while inserting his fingers inside the small crack as it started to leak its liquid.


Adriana was stunned and her eyes became teary when he kissed her. She felt immense love for her and how much he cared for her even without saying a single word from her as if he saying 'I know you....' it struck her heart.

'....He, He always looking at me....I,I don't kn....he is, MINE! ONLY!.....I am the one who found him first, so I have my own right to take him....yes that's right, I am the first one and I will be the only one...I will be the one who clings him....'that bitch king' I will deal with her when I reach her level....' Adriana's eyes slowly turned dark as she also leaned on his shoulder and started to lick his neck while moving her hand as she started to enjoy the moment.



Eli didn't know what he just caused....he just created another Lilith.


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